All the facts about Lauren German’s weight loss journey and diet.

Lauren German is best known for playing the role of Chole Decker in the Netflix series Lucifer. After season 6 hit the streaming platform on 21st August 2020, fans began to notice a few changes in the appearance of this actress.

Earlier, fans couldn’t help notice if Lauren German underwent plastic surgery, and now, they believe she underwent weight loss too. Is there anything to it? Let’s find out.

Lauren German’s Weight Loss – What’s Her Diet Plan and Fitness Routine?

While Lauren German is hesitant to speak publicly about it, her fans claim she’s had weight loss.

We subsequently looked at several of her most recent pictures and compared them to the past photos. Following a careful review of these images, we found that she seemed to be thinner than before.

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Therefore, it’s safe to imagine Lauren German achieved some form of weight loss, although it’s not evident because the Lucifer star’s been perfectly fit ever since she began her career. She’s rarely ever looked out of shape.

With this in mind, we’re fairly confident you’re wondering how she manages it. The key to Lauren’s perfect body is her balanced lifestyle. Believe it or not, there’s not a lot of training Lauren does to retain her fitness.

The 41-year-old loves going for runs, but there’s not much else about Lauren German’s fitness program. She’s rarely seen in the gym while her Instagram page doesn’t give away her exercise schedule, although there were photos of her biking and jogging. During an interview, she mentioned how she wants to be busy and play outside.

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The entire credit to Lauren German’s physique belongs to her diet plan. She likes to eat a lot of nutritious food, mostly vegetables and low carbs. She drinks a lot of water every day, too. Back in 2015, Lauren stated she was not vegetarian through a tweet, although she confessed she had reduced meat intake.

Lauren German Recently Made a Return to Netflix’s Lucifer

Former Chicago Fire actress Lauren German is officially appearing on our television screens with Lucifer season 5 premiering on Netflix.

The first eight installments of the fifth season are available for streaming. However, the other eight episodes will be introduced to the streaming platform sometime in the future.

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Season 5 is predicted to be massive for the fan-favorite drama since the main character (played by Tom Ellis) has abandoned Los Angeles and gone off to Hell. However, what does this mean for his crime detective friend, Chloe Decker (played by German), who is the person he loves?

A really entertaining series, Lucifer is only gaining more cult following since FOX canceled the show after season 3 before getting saved by Netflix.

Aside from German, who portrayed paramedic Leslie Shay in the first two seasons of Chicago Fire before being murdered, the show featured guest appearances from Chicago Med alums Brian Tee and Louis Herthum.

Kevin Alejandro directs the latest episodes upon his return behind the camera since season 3. Alejandro plays Dan Espinoza, Chloe’s ex-husband, and the father of his daughter Trixie (Scarlett Estevez).

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In addition, the main cast features DB Woodside and Rachael Harris (both from Suits), Lesley-Ann Brandt (Spartacus), and Aimee Garcia (Dexter).

Meanwhile, this season is going to be a fantastic one for Lauren German, because the show needs to resolve the most prominent issue about what Chloe is going to do now that she’s confessed her emotions, and what’s going to happen when Satan comes back.

Is Lauren German Married?

Although Lauren spends much of her time in the media spotlight, the actress appears to enjoy maintaining her private life hidden from the media and, thus, her marital status is uncertain.

Back in June, Lauren was confirmed to have removed her Twitter page. The star reportedly deleted her account after getting criticism and offensive comments from Twitter users. Nevertheless, the actress always interacts with her fans via Instagram.

German frequently features her dog Pepper in her Insta account, but often keeps her personal life lowkey.

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In an interview with TV Guide, Lauren offered a snapshot into her love life.

The actress talked about the on-screen relationship between Lucifer and her character Chloe prior to the season five release. Lauren said:

The fact that Lucifer and Chloe have never been together or dated — when that happens in life with someone, we’ve all been there, where you may want to be with someone but for whatever reason, you can’t.


If you love the person and they’re still in your life, it forces you to get to know them better and love them in a different way than maybe just a physical way.

Lauren also clarified how the on-screen pairing had a close bond. She added:

So I think, luckily, through our trials and tribulations, Chloe and Lucifer have been forced to get to know each other in a way that brings so much more depth to the friendship and the love and the respect.


[The fact that we’ve gone down that path] for so long — it just feels like it means so much.


As opposed to maybe in Season 2 or something, if we just started dating — then it becomes about that.


This feels so tender and precious and beautiful because it’s been kept at arm’s length a bit. I love that.

Back in 2009, Lauren was linked to American actor Ashton Holmes after the pair were pictured together.

The couple apparently dated for a year before separating in 2010. Since then, not much about German’s love life has been learned.

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