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May 27, 2023

Julie Goodwin’s Weight Loss: She Accidentally Lost 20 Kgs

Julie Goodwin has made headlines in the past for her dramatic 20 kg weight loss. She insists that she doesn’t...
May 26, 2023

George Karl’s Weight Loss: Battle With Cancer; Health Update 2023

George Karl has experienced significant weight loss due to his battle with cancer and subsequent radiation treatments. He is better...
May 23, 2023

Annette Badland’s Weight Loss: Surgery or Natural? How Did She Lose Weight?

Annette Badland, 72, appears to have undergone a significant weight loss journey. While she has yet not revealed how she...
May 21, 2023

Patricia Arquette’s Weight Gain: She Did It for the Role!

Patricia Arquette is once again said to have had weight gain. Looking at her before and after photos, you will...
May 21, 2023

Sally Obermeder’s Weight Loss: Breast Cancer and 36kg Weight Loss

Sally Obermeder has opened up about her weight loss struggles and how fighting the condition changed how she eats. Back...
May 21, 2023

Ethan Payne’s Weight Loss: Fitness, Surgery, and Gymshark

Ethan Payne had a tummy tuck to remove his loose skin after shedding 30 kg of his weight. He has...
May 20, 2023

Prince Edward’s Weight Loss: He Lost Pounds Due to Stress

Prince Edward’s recent appearance has sparked concerns from Royal fans over his health, most notably, his apparent weight loss. He...
May 18, 2023

Rachel Reilly’s Weight Gain: Post-baby Body and 2nd Child

Rachel Reilly has experienced a noticeable weight gain over the years. She appears heavier and different in comparison to her...
May 16, 2023

Jelly Roll’s Weight Loss: How Much Does He Weigh Now?

Jelly Roll made an announcement at the end of the previous year that he would begin a weight loss journey...
May 16, 2023

Debbie’s Weight Gain in Puberty Blues Season 2: Was She Pregnant?

Debbie’s weight gain was so visible in Puberty Blues Season 2 that many people assumed either the character or the...
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