Mischa Barton Journey From Thin to Too Thick!


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Mischa Barton Journey From Thin to Too Thick!

weightandskin.com – Mischa Barton has openly discussed her battles with weight and body image throughout her career. As per her, drastic dietary changes, such as quitting smoking & beginning a new stringent diet are the reason behind her overweight body.

Mischa Barton, best known for her role on ‘The O.C.,’ has been outspoken about her battles with body image and weight changes throughout her career. In her early twenties, she was chastised for her small figure. As the actress grew older, her weight has gained, and admirers are curious about the reasons. Well, we’ve got you! Here is everything you need to know.

Mischa Barton’s Criticized for Being Both Too Thin & Too Thick

Mischa Barton has openly discussed her battles with weight gain and body image throughout her career. Her weight has fluctuated, and the media and public have criticized her for being both too thin and too overweight.

Barton was often labeled as too skinny by the media and public in her early twenties due to her tiny physique. She was a size zero when she appeared on The O.C. As her celebrity grew, so did harsh criticism of her tiny physique, with bloggers accusing her of being ‘too thin’ and setting a negative example for the show’s young followers.

The actress, who was young and naturally small, fell victim to the body bullies, and as her partying looped out of hand, the stage was set for her terrible breakdown. Things came to a head after the show ended, and she was arrested for driving under the influence and having marijuana in 2007, culminating in a court order requiring her to attend rehab and see a sober coach.

But it didn’t work, and Mischa Barton was admitted to a psychiatric ward in 2009 on an involuntary hold by her frightened parents. She focused on taking care of herself and getting healthy following her breakdown, only to face even harsher criticism as she gained weight. As she grew older, she was exposed to further scrutiny and body-shaming.

Mischa Barton is working hard to maintain her weight. weightandskin.com

Mischa Barton is working hard to maintain her weight.
Image Source: Instagram

In recent years, Mischa Barton has gained some weight but it looks good on her. Yet, she has accepted her body and spoken out against body shaming. The O.C. star has stated that she is now more concerned with her health and happiness than with fitting into a particular mold. She has spoken out against Hollywood’s high beauty standards for women and emphasized the necessity of body positivity.

The British-American star has collaborated with a few companies to assist her in living a healthier lifestyle and controlling her weight. Back in 2020, she collaborated with Hydroxycut on a diet and fitness plan to help her lose weight. She seems to be doing a lot better physically and mentally in 2024. She doesn’t seem to have gained any weight recently.

Here Are the Possible Reasons Behind Mischa Barton’s Overweight Physique!

Mischa Barton’s recent weight could be attributed to his growing age. The changes slow with age, making it easier to gain weight. She has turned 38. Moreover, ingesting more calories than you burn throughout your daily activities can lead to gain mass. This can be related to some factors, including portion sizes, dietary preferences, and eating habits.

Barton may not be watching what she eats. A sedentary lifestyle with little exercise might reduce calorie expenditure and promote gain in weight. Furthermore, drastic dietary changes, such as quitting smoking or beginning a new stringent diet, can have a transient effect on her weight.

Drastic dietary changes, such as quitting smoking & beginning a new stringent diet are the reason behind Mischa Barton's weight gain. weightandskin.com Mischa Barton after gaining weight.
Image Source: The Sun

In addition, inadequate sleep can disturb hormones that control appetite and metabolism, thus affecting weight. Likewise, chronic stress can raise cortisol levels, a hormone associated with increased hunger and fat storage. Hypothyroidism can inhibit metabolism and cause overweight.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome can cause hormonal imbalances that make it difficult to lose weight. Certain drugs may cause a gain in weight as an adverse effect. On the other hand, some people are genetically predisposed to gain weight more easily. This could also be her case who knows!

In the end, it is important to remember that the above information is just our speculation. We’ll get back to you soon after we receive further information about Mischa Barton’s overweight.

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