How Did Maya Jama Reshape Her Nose?


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How Did Maya Jama Reshape Her Nose? – Maya Jama’s before and after pictures clearly confirm that she has reshaped her nose through cosmetic procedures. Previously, she used to have a smaller nasal bridge on the left side. However, it’s not the same anymore. 

The Love Island host, who had just finished hosting the annual music festival, made sure all eyes were on her by wearing a daring, sheer black outfit to the Warner Music after-party.

Maya Jama flaunted her killer hourglass shape in a see-through dress with a plunging neckline held together by lace trimming. The translucent black garment had a totally cutaway back and was embellished with floral and glitter stitch embellishments. She carefully wore flesh-colored underwear to safeguard her modesty at all times.

While there’s no doubt that Maya Jama’s beauty is out of this world, we cannot ignore the fact that there’s something off about her nose. As a result, many people have been curious to know if she has ever received a surgical procedure on her nose. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Maya Jama Might Have Received Surgical Procedures on Her Nose to Balance Nasal Bridge!

Maya Jama has definitely received a nose job. Her before and after pictures suggest that she might received the surgery to balance her nasal bridge. In the past, she had a smaller nasal bridge on the left side. However, it is as big as the right nasal bridge these days.

The Love Island host, along with her hosting ability, is widely known for her beauty. From what we believe, she has a perfectly curved body and her facial structure is on point. However, it wasn’t the same forever. Previously, her nose looked a lot strange because of her smaller nasal bridge.

In addition to having a balanced nasal bridge, her nose also looks way too enhanced, especially in the tip area. This further solidifies our speculation about her receiving cosmetic enhancement to reshape her nose.

Maya Jama before and after a nose enhancement. weightandskin.comMaya Jama before and after a nose enhancement.
Image Source:  MYA

While Maya Jama has neither accepted nor denied receiving a surgical procedure, she previously mentioned that she was heavily trolled because of her nose. In a 2021 interview with, she explained,

Someone called me ‘Michael Jackson nose’. I’d never ever thought about my nose before, but then after hearing that I was in the mirror for a week, like, ‘Does it look like Michael Jackson’s?’ Strangers can make you question things you’ve always been sure about before. Now I can have a laugh about it because I’m used to it and nobody’s ever said anything horrible to my face, luckily.

Well, this confirms that it’s not just us who think Maya Jama’s nose wasn’t the same forever. Considering it has already been around 3 years since the interview, there’s a chance she received a nose enhancement procedure sometime later.

Maya Jama’s Beauty Is Not Just About Improving Her Nose; There’s More to See!

Along with a nose reshaping, Maya Jama has also been accused of receiving several other plastic surgery procedures such as a breast enlargement and other non-surgical treatments. 

Her natural yet full-shaped boobs are certainly admirable, and if they are breast implants, her surgeon took the effort to develop volume that is proportionate to the rest of her figure. However, she has been described as saying that she ‘prayed’ for beautiful breasts during her teenage years and was fortunate, disputing suspicions of cosmetic enhancement. Likewise, many believe she is a regular user of Botox and lip fillers.

Maya Jama is also accused of receiving breast enlargement, Botox, and lip fillers. weightandskin.comMaya Jama is also accused of receiving breast enlargement, Botox, and lip fillers.
Image Source: MYA

Maya Jama, on the other hand, is outspoken about her love of cosmetics and facials to keep her skin clear of imperfections. She has even launched her own range of sheet masks and eye patches to give followers a taste of her luxurious lifestyle.

In conclusion, it is safe to say Maya Jama is aware of what people think about her beauty but isn’t open to admitting it. What do you think? Is she all-natural? Or does she think she is smarter than everyone?

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