‘Lucifer’ Star Lauren German’s Plastic Surgery – The Untold Truth!


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'Lucifer' Star Lauren German's Plastic Surgery - The Untold Truth!

Everything you need to know about Lauren German’s plastic surgery procedures.

As Michael Jackson once said, if all the celebrities in Hollywood who have gotten plastic surgery went on holiday, there wouldn’t be a person left in the world.

Almost every other celebrity is known to undergo cosmetic surgeries, so we’ve seen several cases before, while many such facts are yet to be addressed.

Advanced surgical techniques and the overwhelming desire to appear excellent and sexy in front of the camera compels every one of the actors out there to undergo plastic surgery.

Of the overall number of individuals who decide to go for cosmetic operations, women are usually higher than men and displayed a great deal of value in going under the knife.

The industry is also a catalyst for this, placing more emphasis on female performers. At the same time, the declining opportunities with a rise in age are the reasons that lead more people to participate in plastic surgery.

Today we’re going to discuss Lauren German‘s cosmetic endeavors.

Did Lauren German Have Plastic Surgery?

Lauren German before and after plastic surgery.

Lauren German before and after plastic surgery.
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Lauren German – subject to weight loss – is believed to have gone under the knife, but to what degree remains a mystery.

The famous American actress featured in several films and TV shows. Her popular movies include A Walk to Remember, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and several others.

She starred as Leslie Shay on Chicago Fire TV show, and as Detective Chloe Decker on Lucifer. Raised in California, the actress played a big part in several films and TV shows. Unfortunately, though, she’s in the news over the accusation of plastic surgery.

The Celebrity Magazine held a poll on whether or not she received plastic surgery procedures. The findings are quite significant. 65 percent of the voters claimed she had a plastic surgery operation.

So, we began to contrast her current look with her photos taken over the years. We can see some significant improvements in her appearance right now, relative to her past.

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If you look closely at her face, you can see there are specific improvements around her nose. It seems more pointed than it was before, which doesn’t look natural.

So, she must have done something to her nose to make it more pointy. It could be achieved by widening the nasal bridge and can be performed by a professional surgeon.

From her appearance, we began to note she may have undergone a facelift and a botox injection as well.

Meanwhile, the actress is yet to admit anything about her plastic surgery. Therefore, this will remain mere speculation until she sheds light on it.

Fans Often Speculate Lauren German’s Plastic Surgery on Reddit

Fans often debate about Lauren German’s plastic surgery procedures on social media. There are usually lengthy debates about what sort of operations she underwent on Reddit.

One user said,

She’s had too much Botox so her face doesn’t move when it should. It annoys me too.

Another claimed,

Just found this post after Season 4 just hit Netflix and her lips are atrocious. She’s hit the point at which she’s had too much surgery and is starting to look really unnatural.

The third stated, “Lauren German looks so so different? Like her face is stretched back and not moving when she talks as well as her top lip? Is it just me, or is this actually what she looks like now? I’ve always thought she was so beautiful.”

There were some supportive words for the actress as well despite the changes. One fan said, “Definitely botox and lip fillers, she still looks really great though. Whatever makes her happy, I’m okay with.”

Who is Lauren German?


The 41-year-old California actress, Lauren German, belonging to Dutch and English ancestry, began acting in 2000 but received her first major break in 2002 when she appeared in the romantic film A Walk To Remember.

Once viewers knew Lucifer wasn’t going to get the sixth season, she urged them to make their voices heard on Twitter. Following this, fans launched a successful petition that ensured there would be season 6.

Lauren portrays the romantic interest of Lucifer, Chloe Decker, a murder detective in the Los Angeles Police Department who encounters Lucifer as she appears at a crime scene.

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There’s definite chemistry between the two of them in the show, and Chloe reveals her love for Lucifer in season 4. But instead, he returns to hell, keeping Chloe on Earth.

A year after appearing in A Walk To Remember, Lauren played a part in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Initially, she auditioned for the role of Erin. However, Jessica Biel bagged the character, and Lauren was cast as a different one.

Later, German appeared in Hostel: Part II and received her last film credit in 2012. She’s worked on TV ever since. She’s been working in the American drama Chicago Fire for three years. Since 2016, she’s featured in the Netflix urban series Lucifer.

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