Real Truth About Jill Biden’s Plastic Surgery Speculations


Real Truth About Jill Biden's Plastic Surgery Speculations

All the facts you need to know about the ongoing speculations surrounding Jill Biden’s plastic surgery.

Jill Biden served as the second lady of the United States when her spouse Joe Biden was the vice-president for eight years from 2009 to 2017.

Recently, she is a preeminent supporter of her husband during the 2020 presidential campaign, appearing alongside him, holding events as well as fundraising them.

When it comes to her public appearances, she couldn’t look more stunning for a woman in her late 60s (69 to be precise), which often begs the question – How much of it is natural?

Did Jill Biden really undergo plastic surgery? What’s the secret to her flawless skin? Let’s find out.

Jill Biden’s Plastic Surgery Rumors – Did She Go Under the Knife?

Jill Biden before and after alleged plastic surgery.

Jill Biden before and after alleged plastic surgery.
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The former Second Lady of the United States is usually at the forefront of plastic surgery rumors on the internet. But do the allegations carry any legs? Did the American educator genuinely go under the knife?

Jill Biden is often in the news for her vocal remarks on several political issues. However, when it comes to her plastic surgery rumors, she is reluctant to address the allegations, as you would expect.

We took the responsibility ourselves to contrast her current look to her previous images.

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After close examination, it looks likely she underwent some form of plastic surgery operations, but it is difficult to claim the precise procedures. If you’re a betting person, Botox and facelift would be the safest odds.

It comes as no surprise most people are keen to learn about Jill Biden’s plastic surgery. We believe the educator who is married to Joe Biden since 1977 most likely takes botox injections.

A Bit on Jill Biden’s Personal Life

Jill Jacobs was born in New Jersey, USA, in June 1951 as the eldest of the five kids, interestingly all sisters. She was raised in the neighborhood of Willow Grove, Philadelphia.

Before exchanging vows with Joe Biden, she was previously in a marital relationship with her first husband, former college football player Bill Stevenson.

Joe Biden lost his first wife, Neilia Hunter along with an infant daughter in a car crash in 1972. His sons Beau and Hunter had both managed to survive the accident.

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Jill claims she was introduced to Joe by his brother in 1975. He was a congressman at the time when she was still attending college.

I was a senior, and I had been dating guys in jeans and clogs and T-shirts, he came to the door and he had a sport coat and loafers, and I thought: ‘God, this is never going to work, not in a million years.’ He was nine years older than I am!

“But we went out to see A Man and a Woman at the movie theatre in Philadelphia, and we really hit it off,” she told Vogue of the couple’s first date.

She said Joe got down on his knees five times before she finally gave a ‘yes’. She explained:

I couldn’t have them [Joe’s children] lose another mother. So I had to be 100% sure.

The couple tied the knot in New York City in 1977. Ashley, their daughter, was born four years later in 1981.

Joe’s son Beau Biden passed away due to brain cancer in May 2015, at the age of 46.

Jill spoke about her family and the challenges they had to endure when she backed her husband for president in a recent speech.

“I know that if we entrust this nation to Joe, he will do for your family what he did for ours – bring us together and make us whole, carry us forward in our time of need, keep the promise of America for all of us,” Jill Biden said.

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