Complete Details of ‘General Hospital’ Actress Risa Dorken’s Weight Loss and Diet


Complete Details of Risa Dorken's Weight Loss and Diet

Learn all the facts about Risa Dorken’s weight loss journey and diet.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Risa Dorken completed her graduation from the St. Paul Conservatory for Performing Arts in 2009.

Risa subsequently admitted into the 2-year advanced music theater curriculum at Circle In The Square Theater School in New York City, completing the program in the spring of 2011. Three years later, Risa moved to Los Angeles to pursue film and television.

The actress is best known for the portrayal of Amy Driscoll in the soap opera General Hospital (2016-2020), appearing for a total of 82 episodes.

Lately, fans are wondering if Risa Dorken underwent weight loss. Is there any truth to it? Let’s find out.

Did Risa Dorken Undergo Weight Loss? What’s Her Diet?

Risa Dorken’s got a stable acting career and has achieved much impressive stuff in her life. Since the TV actress regularly appears on-screen through General Hospital, the changes within her body remain visible. Recently, fans can’t help witness a change in her physique.

Looking at her recent Instagram pictures, it’s quite obvious Dorken has slimmed down lately. On 19th August 2020, the actress uploaded a photo on the picture-sharing platform looking much leaner than before.

Fans were quick to notice her slim appearance, taking to the comments section.

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One user wrote, “You look amazing!!! What is your secret? Any weight loss tips?”

Another said, “You were beautiful then and still are! I’d love to know what health plan you followed- asking for my daughter.”

The third claimed, “You look fantastic on GH today! More beautiful than ever. We need you on GH more often.”

Risa Dorken has undoubtedly made changes to her lifestyle to achieve her goal of losing pounds.

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A weight loss plan is only successful if the individual adjusts his or her dietary habits and is more physically active. These two factors are extremely crucial for someone wanting to undergo weight loss.

Risa Dorken was, in fact, more cautious of what she consumed and what she drank. Avoiding heavily refined food products is one of the critical steps that need to be performed to lose weight.

Similarly, food products with added sugar and high nutritional values should be consumed in a limited or no quantity at all.

Low carb items, such as fresh organic fruit and veggies, with an effective diet plan, should be given the highest priority. Risa likely took such steps to achieve a healthier, fitter body weight.

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Dorken’s weight loss technique is less effective without a fitness routine. She certainly welcomed an intense fitness regime to engage her body in physical activity.

Risa Dorken lost a substantial amount of weight by incorporating a workout routine to her diet schedule.

Previously Posted Amazing Message After Being Called ‘Fat’

Risa Dorken posted a photo on Instagram of herself in the pink scrubs of her role to address the detractors who shamed her. She wrote in the post:

My body is curvy, always has been. To me, curvy means so much more than ‘fat.’ It means powerful, strong, feminine, beautiful, and human.

Dorken urged her fans to avoid judging people and to stop seeking to determine what is right and natural.

I am learning to fall in love with my body. I work out 5 days a week, I watch what I eat, and the truth is… I’m healthy.

She was also thanked on Twitter for her post of self-love.

Originally from Minnesota, Dorken grew up playing in local plays and relocated to New York City to pursue musical theatre.

She then shifted to Los Angeles and managed to land the role on General Hospital. And things are going well in personal life as well: she is married to her boyfriend turned husband, Bo Clark since June 2017.

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The actress’s flourishing personal and professional life is the reason Dorken said she was “more than what the public decides is ‘beautiful.'”

Risa Dorken Opened Up About Her Bipolar Diagnosis

Risa Dorken, who portrays Nurse Amy in the soap opera General Hospital, went on Instagram in April to discuss her mental health journey over the past few months, including her diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

While celebrating her 30th birthday, the actress read out a statement in a video where she announced her discovery she was bipolar.

I was hesitant to share my story at a time like this when everyone is struggling with anxiety, loss, grief, and more. But perhaps that is the exact reason to share it. Because you are not alone.

Dorken admitted she had always been regarded as a sunshine ray and thought she had never struggled with depression outside some of her loved ones. She confided:

In February 2020 I was restrained and put under two involuntary holds. The first one was 72 hours and the second one was for 48 hours. Both a week apart and both I was let out two hours shy for ‘good behavior’ even though I was not stable or better.

The GH actress added the for-profit facilities charged $1700 a night without mental health coverage and, in her opinion, not only didn’t help but made her condition worse. She confessed:

I was ignored, laughed at, endangered, bullied, and terrified. The experience was something I would never wish on anyone but was my only option.

Dorken’s voice broke as she became tearfully nostalgic of using her acting to get through the episodes, transforming the grasp into something that wasn’t true, merely theatre.

I am sharing my experience because as I continue to get in touch with reality and find my way back to myself, back to Risa, I feel helpless. I feel alone. I am now taking a drug I’ve never taken before after a life-changing experience I’ve never experienced with a mental illness I didn’t know I had.

To ensure nobody else felt as alone as she did, Dorken profoundly explained she shared her personal experience to encourage those who could feel the way she did.

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“As with any illness, I ask that you please seek out a professional or tell a trusted loved one,” Risa Dorken urged.

“I still have a lot to learn about all of this. But for now, I’m happy to be safe at home, counting my blessings. May you all be well.”

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