Full Story on Former NFL Star Joe Staley’s 50 Pounds Weight Loss Journey


Full Story on Joe Staley's 50 Pounds Weight Loss Journey and Diet

The offensive lineman in the NFL is expected to hold a lot of extra weight. Given the physique of players in today’s league, ends, guards and centers usually weigh in at 300 pounds or higher.

Meanwhile, Joe Staley recently explained in an interview how he managed to undergo substantial weight loss, 50 pounds to be precise. Let’s grab all the details.

Joe Staley Underwent Weight Loss Following Retirement, Losing 50 Pounds – What’s His Diet?

Upon retirement, the former San Francisco 49er offensive tackle, Joe Staley seemed excited to get in shape, joking he was going to experience a weight loss transformation like Joe Thomas.

He could not have been overstating much, because 13-year-old NFL player Emily Kaplan told ESPN he has now undergone 50 pounds weight loss after he ended his football career, dropping from a waist size of 40 to 36. What does he plan to do with all his old clothes? Staley has already made a donation of five garbage bags and restored new belts to his closets.

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“As an offensive lineman, you’re always known as this big, humongous, unathletic blob,” Staley told Kaplan. “Offensive linemen get casted in a movie, and they’re always 500 pounds. Then you get the opportunity to be healthy again, and all of the effort you used to put into football, you put into that. It gives you a focus once you retire. It’s a little bit vain, but I’m starting to see abs that I’ve always wanted. And it’s kind of exciting.”

Staley cut out unhealthful carbohydrates and tossed out enticing food from his house, which contained a range of snacks. They have been supplemented by safer options such as fresh broccoli and Bitchin ‘Sauce — a healthy dip focused on almonds. Now, Staley is eating smarter and in moderate amounts throughout his weight loss journey.

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“In the NFL, I always ate when I was hungry and whatever was available,” the retired offensive lineman said. “If it was salmon, great. If it was frozen pizza, I’d eat that too.”

Prior to his weight loss, Staley had made great strides since looking to add weight at Central Michigan, where he shifted from a tight end to an offensive lineman, rising from 215 lbs to 295.

“I had these premade weight-gainer shakes; they were probably 2,000 calories each,” Staley said. “I’d wake myself up in the middle of the night, down that, go back to bed.”

Around the moment, Staley wanted to make sure he maintained “good weight.” However, he thought that excess body fat and unhealthy dietary patterns had taken a toll, making him eager to undergo weight loss.

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“I was bloated for four years straight,” Staley said. “You know when you overeat after a really nice dinner at an Italian restaurant, you just eat all these courses and leave feeling gross? That’s how I felt the entire time in college.”

Joe Staley Announced His Retirement from NFL in April

Joe Staley poured his heart out while announcing his retirement on 49ers.

“After 13 incredible seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, and many recent months of consideration, it is with very mixed emotions that I am announcing my retirement from the NFL. The game of football has been a true passion of mine since I was 8, but my body is telling me it is time.

Football is a physical sport and I have given my all to the game and pushed my limits. Last season was a dream to be a part of, having the opportunity to chase a Championship. But, it was by far the most difficult on me and my family. My body was breaking down with a variety of injuries and a deteriorating neck condition, and the constant discomfort affected every aspect of my life.

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I have two young daughters, Grace and Audrey. They are my world. To choose to play another season when my body says it’s done, and risk my future with them and my ability to be the father I want to be, would be selfish and reckless.

I want my daughters to know that I will always choose them, no matter what.

I want to thank so many people who have made my career so fulfilling. Starting with the York family – It was my wish to deliver the Lombardi Trophy to you in my 13 years here, and it hurts to have fallen short. I will be forever grateful to your family for allowing me the opportunity to represent the franchise and wear the red and gold my entire career. I thank you.

To all the coaches that I have played for – Each of you had a huge impact on how I shaped my game. I learned so much from you and would not have been the player I was without your time and commitment. You all made coming to work each day a blessing and challenged me to achieve more. I thank you.

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To all the players I shared the field and locker room with over the years – Coming to work each day was enjoyable because of the bond we shared. This time has granted me friendships and memories that will last me a lifetime. I thank you.

To all the support and operational staff – Your countless hours and sacrifices to make sure the players are ready to perform on gameday are truly appreciated. You are not told enough how important and integral these roles are. I thank you.

To the 49er Faithful – You embraced this kid from Central Michigan, with a loud and obnoxious personality, with open arms, and I am grateful.

I hope I made you all proud with my effort and commitment every time I took the field. While I wish we had won at least one of the Super Bowls I was fortunate enough to play in, this franchise has never been in better hands and had more promise. Stay committed and loud, the players hear you. I thank you.

Finally, to my wife Carrie – You have been the calm and loving support I have needed since the moment we met. You have been selfless and patient with me and our family throughout my career and handled the stresses with graceful ease. You make me a better person and are a beautiful mother to our children. I look forward to writing the next chapters of our life together. I thank you and I love you.

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I hope to be present with the organization moving forward and will always have a deep love for the San Francisco 49ers and the Bay Area. While I am sad and disappointed my time has come to step away, I leave with my head held high, knowing I gave my all to the game.

I fulfilled the dreams I had as a kid. Now, I will turn my attention to helping my daughters cultivate and achieve dreams of their own.”

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