Complete Details of American Rapper Missy Elliott’s Weight Loss Journey and Diet


Complete Details of Missy Elliott's Weight Loss Journey and Diet

As singer Missy Elliott posted a pair of snapshots in 2018, the fans were in for a huge shock as the diva flaunted her brand new appearance.

Interestingly, Missy earned her right, as she went on a tight timetable for four months, and the diligent work certainly paid off. Surprisingly, it was not the first time that the rapper had tried to undergo weight loss as she had achieved a similar goal back in 2014.

The Virginia-based singer does not require any introduction because she was one of the popular female singers with over 30 million album sales. Known as ‘Misdemeanor,’ Missy Elliott is well recognized for her hit songs ‘Da Real World’ and ‘Miss E…So Addictive.’

The 48-year-old has gained all the professional acclaim in her life through her inspiring voice and artistic abilities, so what was the motivation behind her weight loss? And how did she managed to achieve it? Let’s find out.

Missy Elliott Underweight Significant Weight Loss Twice

Missy Elliott before and after weight loss.

Missy Elliott before and after weight loss.
Source: Hollywood Life

The famous singer, Missy Elliott, became devastated after she learned she was dealing with Graves’ disease in 2008.

The autoimmune disorder causes more thyroid hormone than the body requires, and is dangerous enough to cause complications such as cardiac disease and stroke. Since then, she has felt the need to be serious about her health and began to exercise and diet.

Unfortunately, this became a recurrent illness that would affect Elliott for the remainder of her life. Initially, the diva used to feel dizzy, mood fluctuations, hair loss, and a strong heart rate, but luckily, it was under control due to the minor lifestyle adjustments.

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Alongside the exercise, she had been taking drugs for more than a year on the recommendation of her doctor, who supported her to a large degree.

Missy Elliott’s severe disability indicated that she had to work constantly to lead a healthier life. As a result, she set off on a quest to achieve weight loss and become thinner and healthier.

As per Daily Mail, she gained more than 70 pounds in 2014. There was an image on Instagram that stunned her entire audience because she appeared totally different from her former self.

When the 48-year-old suffered from the condition, her performance was always influenced as she did not compose songs. While she quit opioids in 2012, she never abandoned the gym and a healthy lifestyle.

Luckily, all the midnight oil she burnt had paid off as the thyroid started to function again, but that did not mean she would get complacent now. Since the disease remained permanent, Missy vowed to remain solid throughout her weight loss quest.

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As a result, the American singer became concerned for her own wellbeing rather than for others. Elliott unveiled another image of herself in 2018, appearing brighter and happier with sparkling looks.

Impressively, the figures backed the changes as she kept encouraging all those who are cynical about losing weight because she went four months on a busy schedule, dropping 30 pounds.

What is Missy Elliott’s Diet?

Losing weight is tougher than you would imagine. Anyone that visited the gym and really went through the cycle may find themselves relating to the award-winning artist Missy Elliott who gave up some of her favorite food products. She phased out all the foods that were rich in calories over four months.

The singer cut down her bread and consumed just beer, no drinks, or soda. Since she was not much of a water drinker initially, it was challenging, but she demonstrated substantial changes in her appearance with weight loss and healthier skin.

All the workout fanatics know that diet alone isn’t enough to lose weight. Luckily, Missy was aware of that, so she complimented her new menu with an intense workout and exercise schedule, which saw her at the gym most of the time.

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Elliott has not had to sacrifice junk food yet. In spite of that, she said she would give them up, if necessary, showing her drive and commitment. The singer never got married, but she has millions of fans by her side who love her through thick and thin.

In return, the Grammy-winner sends encouraging updates to her fans with the main intention of inspiring them with her positive attitude.

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