KTLA News Anchor Lynette Romero‘s weight loss surgery is one of the most talked-about stuff in 2020. But did she reveal her secret to fans? Or was it the result of weight loss surgery?

What would you do if you decide to lose weight, go for a diet schedule and a gym card, or resort to medical care? We may not know about you, but Lynette picked the former, and by the looks of it, it worked like a charm.

Stick with us to learn more about the Canal 5 News reporter’s weight loss journey.

Fans Couldn’t Help Notice Lynette Romero’s Weight Loss Journey

Lynette Romero before and after weight loss.

Lynette Romero before and after weight loss.
Source: Pinterest

During the tail end of 2019, the fans of the KTLA anchor Lynette Romero seemed to find some changes in her appearance. Yes, the last holiday season, she looked a little thinner.

Although many people tend to add weight during this time of year, Lynette Romero looked slimmer. The first thought that came to our attention – is Lynette sick? Oh, luckily, she is not. How is she slim, then? The only response to that question, she is losing weight!

On December 13, 2019, Lynette took to her Instagram to post a snapshot of her KTLA5 News squad, and there she looks a little leaner than she used to! She shared a collage on the same day and claimed the same thing, a lean feel!

This, however, wasn’t when fans started to take notice. People have been watching the change in her physique since way back in 2016. One of her followers, Holly M. Cleary, noted Romero’s weight loss and questioned her on Twitter if she had really lost her weight.

Despite this, a multitude of her followers started to ask Romero about her transformation and the mysteries of her lean body. One of the Twitter followers, Bonnie Toblesky inquired,

Lynette, you look great! Please share your weight loss secrets! Thanks! Bonnie

Likewise, another of her followers, Josie asked her the secrets of dropping her weight! Dottie P, also her fan, laughed about her disappearance (yes, Lynette’s weight loss program is working!) and posed the query everyone needed to talk about.

What’s your secret?

Fast forward three years to 2019 and the fans were already posing the same question! Mommashig posted on Lynette ‘s picture on October 10 and asked what helped her achieve the weight loss! On the same post, Elisha Taytay also asked the 52-year-old reporter to share her healthcare program for her fans.

Seems the anchor got a number of concerns about her weight loss but did she say anything about it?

What Did Lynette Romero Say About Her Weight Loss Journey?

Well, first of all, she replied to the very first fan who asked her about her weight loss. After Holly’s tweet asking whether she had shed pounds, Lynette thanked her for remembering, and then replied, “The struggle is real.”

In the same post, Romero thanked her Twitter follower Susanna, who loved her look and positive personality.

No breakthrough so far, and you are already disappointed? Do you recall the article of October 10, 2019, and the responses we spoke about earlier? This was when Lynette finally talked about her weight loss ambitions.

A comment by SandraMarquez16100 about why her weight loss was a huge mystery, and that several of her fans had the same issue that Lynette was pressured to respond!

Lynette wrote,

No secret, I’ve said a number of times that I got serious about taking care of me and my health. I’m still working on it and not really in a position to give advice. But you know I share everything and I will just please give me a chance to get to where I’m going.

There you have it! The response was not as many of us expected, however, at the very least, she responded! Check out the comments and responses to this Lynette’s post.

What is Lynette Romero’s Secret?

So, what can we learn from Lynette Romero’s answer? Well, the first thing we found was that she already had body goals; she strived to get to that level, and she is still working on it.

Next thing, she feels (and she is undoubtedly right) she is not in the best place to offer suggestions about weight loss. You gotta know everything’s different, people. What worked for her does not mean it is going to work for you!

The last thing we want to talk about is the secret of her weight loss! And this is just her balanced lifestyle, and nothing more, no diet tablets, no weight loss operation, nothing! Her fans can certainly follow her footsteps? Just concentrate on leading a good life, and this is going to do the job for you!

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