‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ Star Jaz Sinclair’s Weight Loss & Diet Plan – The Untold Truth!


Jaz Sinclair before and after weight loss.

Learn the actual truth about Jaz Sinclair’s weight loss speculations. Fans are keen to know the diet plan and fitness routine of this marvelous Roz actress from the Netflix show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Born on 22nd July 1994, Jaz Sinclair is an American actress, well- known for playing Angela in the romantic mystery comedy-drama film Paper Towns (2015) and Anna in the erotic psychological thriller When the Bough Breaks (2016).

Most notably, she’s known as Rosalind Walker in the popular Netflix supernatural horror show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Recently, this gorgeous star is the subject of weight loss queries on the internet. Did she really shed pounds? What’s her diet plan and fitness routine? Let’s dive deep into the details.

Jaz Sinclair’s Weight Loss & Diet Plan – How Many Pounds Did She Lose?

Four seasons have come and gone, and the gang has kept doing their things. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina returned for season 4 on New Year’s Eve, as fans got to witness their favorite stars on screen.

The series, first launched by Netflix in October 2018, has introduced several rising talents onto our screens. Jaz Sinclair is one of them who is lately the subject of weight loss speculations on the internet.

The Roz actress from Sabrina Jaz Sinclair's apparent weight loss is gathering curiosity amongst fans.

Jaz Sinclair’s apparent weight loss is gathering curiosity amongst fans.
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While this 26-year-old keeps dazzling her fans, there’s no mystery surrounding her appearance. She’s just the same individual that we all are.

Making a special schedule for the diet and workout is one thing, but not having to do much to maintain her slim physique, is what she does perfectly.

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Jaz Sinclair is not the sort of person who has any intention to undergo weight loss. She doesn’t need to do it. In fact, she strives to keep herself as far away from the diet as she can, though she still chooses to eat healthily.

Speaking to Rolling Stone in September 2016, the actress claimed no diet can persuade her to pursue losing weight.

I eat healthy because I like to but I try and stay away from the word diet in all its forms. I feel like rules are meant to be broken and the more rules you set for yourself, the more likely you are to break them. I think of the things that I can eat versus the things I can’t eat.

“Rules are made to be broken” might sound cliche for the time being, but that’s what she tells. When selecting a weight loss strategy (more specifically, weight management techniques), there are bound to be guidelines for yourself, and it’s not that straightforward to abide by them absolutely.

As you can see, Jaz Sinclair is quite satisfied with her body and does not find it appropriate to make any improvements. She is physically fit and healthy and keeps her body in order by doing some basic routines and workouts on a regular basis.

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In order to maintain her appearance, she does not follow a strict diet schedule. Jaz is reluctant to take any kind of food that is junky or processed with chemicals. Rather, she insists on eating a nutritious diet full of green veggies and ripe fruits.

Jaz Sinclair Talks About Finding More of Roz’s Witchy Outlook on ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’

If there’s something Jaz Sinclair wishes you to learn about the latest season of the Supernatural horror show Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, it’s the fact that Roz has turned into a witch.

After showcasing her mystical savvy side in prior seasons, Roz is now joining forces with Tati Gabrielle‘s Prudence Blackwood and Skye Marshall‘s Mambo Michele Marie LeFleur for some Black Girl Magic.

It’s such a delight in the Netflix show that Jaz admits it’s a crowning glory for her in filming the series.

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In an exclusive interview with Seventeen, Jaz said:

I loved it so much. Those scenes with me, Skye, and Tati are definitely the scenes [that I’ll always love].

We covered celestial magic, earth magic, and others. The three of us are just so different in our essences in general as well as our characters are.

She added,

But when you bring them together in the name of sisterhood, in the name of power, and the fact that we’re all beautiful Black women who look different, feel different, are different, was such a true pleasure for me.

Not to mention, Skye and Tati are just phenomenal actresses and bring their A-game every single day.

Moreover, the actress admitted it’s sort of a life-long dream come true to act as a witch, thanks in particular to her affection for Harry Potter.

Sinclair continued,

I’m also a huge nerd and love magic, especially Harry Potter.

When I found out that I was a witch, I told everybody who would listen to me on set. I was like, ‘Did you hear Ross is witch now? I don’t know if you knew that, but it’s a really big deal.’ I loved it a lot.

Although it’s disappointing that we’re not going to see more of Roz on her witch adventure, at least we’ve gotten to experience it for a while and watch her evolve into one of our favorite characters.

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Jaz Sinclair Previously Confirmed Her Relationship with Costar Ross Lynch

It seems like Chilling Adventures of Sabrina‘s multiple love triangles have influenced the stars.

After lots of speculations and vivid Instagram posts, actors Ross Lynch and Jaz Sinclair, who depict Harvey and Roz in the Netflix series, announced their dating endeavors taking to social media in January 2020.

This included the fun TikTok—because let’s face it, being Instagram Official just doesn’t cut it anymore.

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The duo often revealed how close they’re to each other on Instagram, and the pair were sharing coy images together prior to their relationship going public.

The fact that they were dating on-screen made it all the more confusing on the fine line between what’s genuine and what’s all for the sake of the fandom. However, they later made obvious posts leaving no doubt they’re, in fact, a couple.

In Lynch’s TikTok clip, the duo is gearing up for the Balmain Menswear show at Paris Fashion Week. As Bruno Mars‘ “Treasure” jams in the background, the two head out in dresses only to high five and switch to their full high-fashion dresses.

They stroll the halls like a red carpet, and Lynch draws Sinclair into a passionate twirl, and the lovebirds nearly kiss for the camera.

In the images captured by the photographers and shared by the pair themselves, both of them are shown holding hands to the event and generally looked pretty partnered, even though they never spoke openly about their speculated relationship.

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In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jaz Sinclair said:

Me and Jaz, and a few other of the actors [on Sabrina] really just hit it off, and we would spend every day together.

So, Jaz is like, my closest friend right now. I’m the favorite’s favorite, that’s what we always say… because she’s everyone else’s favorite, but if I’m her favorite, then it’s like, ‘OK cool. I can deal with that.’

Check out their complete relationship timeline here.

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