Marc Bertrand’s Weight Loss – The Complete Details


Marc Bertrand's Weight Loss - The Complete Details

Learn the complete details of Marc Bertrand’s weight loss and diet plan, along with his before and after analysis.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Marc Bertrand is a sports radio talk show presenter on WBZ-FM in Boston, where he co-hosts Zolak and Bertrand with former professional NFL player, Scott Zolak.

He’s also a frequent fixture on Comcast SportsNet New England, featuring on Sports Tonight. Additionally, he’s the anchor of Pre and Post Game reporting for the New England Patriots Radio Channel.

Marc Bertrand’s Weight Loss is Gathering Speculations

Marc Bertrand is the subject of weight loss speculations amongst viewers on the internet lately. We took it upon ourselves to contrast his present appearance to what he looked like in the past.

After close inspection, it does look like he lost some weight as he looks much leaner now. However, the precise amount of Bertrand’s weight loss (and diet plan, if any) is not revealed as of yet.

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Back in January 2018, the radio personality got injured in an almost fatal crash while heading to the New England Patriots game. He was traveling to Foxborough to host his pre-game show for 98.5 The Sports Hub.

Posting on Facebook, Bertrand said:

I am lucky to be alive.

As you may have already heard, I was involved in a motor vehicle crash on Route 1 in Norwood on my way to Foxboro on Saturday.

While driving down the road, another car exited a parking lot on a straight line at full speed and struck the passenger side of my pickup truck.

I only saw the car for a split second before going for a roller coster ride when my truck rolled and eventually came to a stop on its side.

For reasons I cannot explain, I am relatively OK. I did sustain injuries but I have already been released from the hospital.

Marc added he couldn’t explain in words how grateful he was to the Norwood Fire/EMS and the Police Departments. In what felt like seconds, they arrived on the scene. He was stuck in a truck, and NFD acted swiftly to free him from the jaws of death.

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He reckons every single day, they do incredible work such as this. He thanked all his colleagues at the Sports Hub for covering him, particularly Chris Gasper who hosted the pre-game in a very short time.

Marc Bertrand concluded,

Thank you to everybody who has reached out through texts, emails, tweets, etc. My phone got lost in all of this, so I’ll get back to you soon, but know that I am OK! I hope I’m talking to everybody again on the radio this week.

Following the accident, the New England Patriots fans discussed the unfortunate incident on their forum until the subject of his physique popped up as they couldn’t resist telling Marc how he needs to undergo weight loss for his own good.

One fan said:

I used to not mind him but I find he’s going annoying HAWT take doosh nozzle route.. Hope he’s OK though, really needs to lose weight though, on the verge of morbidly obese.

The second claimed:

He has 3 small children. He needs to drop that weight for their sake.

The third, though, did not seem impressed by the apparent weight-shaming.

LOL, we went from wishing him well to making fun of his weight. Let’s try and focus on the former since he’s fortunate to be alive 😉

Meanwhile, the fourth trolled (sort of),

Isn’t expressing concern over his obvious weight problem wishing him well … sort of? Er … o_O

Talk of equivalency to a back-handed compliment.

A Bit of Info on Marc Bertrand’s Career

Marc Bertrand completed his graduation from Massachusetts University in 2007. When he was enrolled in UMass, he was a play announcer for WMUA.

In 2009, Bertrand was recruited by CBS Radio for the newly founded sports radio station 98.5 The Sports Hub in Boston.

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He operated as the update host and third voice on the Felger and Massarotti program. In addition, Marc presented the Bertrand and Gasper with Boston Globe journalist during weekends.

In February 2014, Marc accompanied Scott Zolak at the newly developed Zolak and Bertrand show. The mid-day program runs from 10 am to 2 pm. Zolak had earlier served as a co-host with Andy Gresh in the same time-slot.

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