Did American Actor Val Kilmer Ever Undergo Plastic Surgery?

By Chandler On August 3, 2020
Did Val Kilmer Ever Undergo Plastic Surgery

Here’s everything you need to know about Val Kilmer’s plastic surgery speculations.

As he prepares to go back to the big screen, Val Kilmer assures fans he is doing just fine.

The actor, 60, features in Paydirt, his first movie since he recovered from throat cancer that led to tracheotomy. His speech was greatly impaired by the treatment, but Kilmer confirmed he remains in good spirits.

Meanwhile, there’s been ongoing speculations amongst fans on whether Val Kilmer underwent plastic surgery. Without further ado, let’s dive into the details.

Did Val Kilmer Undergo Plastic Sugery?

Val Kilmer spent nearly two decades providing unforgettable moments amid stories of unpleasant conduct on set until time took its toll on his once-boyish good looks.

No longer a part of Hollywood’s leading stars, Kilmer’s reputation has faded significantly in the years since, but he has remained consistent in his unwillingness to undergo plastic surgery.

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Always quite undoubtedly “a looker,” Kilmer is aging like a fine wine, amid reports he has suffered severe ill health in recent years.

Kilmer might have maintained a lid on these matters for years, but the cat was finally out of the bag when the Top Gun star admitted he had been battling throat cancer and underwent a tracheotomy – a medical operation through which a gap is formed in the anterior wall of the trachea to assist with breathing.

Back in 2017, Kilmer appeared to deny these claims, though, insisting he had surgery for another, undisclosed medical condition. Well, he was clearly concealing the truth. Nevertheless, he’s aging gracefully, given the circumstance.

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Back on June 22, 2018, Kilmer took to Facebook to share a selfie. He captioned the post, “What’s happening to my face? I get a hair cut and suddenly I have a cleft chin???? Is that the right spelling… I don’t think I’ve written the word cleft in 25 years…”

Clearly, it appears unlikely Val Kilmer went under the knife. In fact, there’s no concrete evidence he ever underwent plastic surgery.

Val Kilmer is Learning New Way to Communicate After Tracheotomy

Thirty-four years after portraying the role of Iceman in Top Gun, Val Kilmer made his presence felt with a new character in Paydirt.

The movie, which is just as action-packed as when he featured alongside Tom Cruise, is out in August 2020 and is a remarkable one for an actor who fought throat cancer and had a tracheotomy, which he opened up in his autobiography, published back in April.

“I’m doing great, I feel a lot better than I sound,” Val said in an interview that aired Monday on Good Morning America.

The tracheotomy made communication complicated and the actor’s job challenging, but he insists nothing has been impossible.

“It’s just like any other language or dialect,” Val Kilmer said. “You have to figure out a way to communicate that’s no different than any other acting challenge but it’s just a very unique set of circumstances.”

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Paydirt represents Kilmer’s unique return to the big screen as he meets his 28-year-old daughter, Mercedes, who also plays his offspring in the movie.

“Playing his daughter was so trippy and perfect,” Mercedes, 28, told GMA.

“I’m so proud to have been in this film and to have worked on this film like not just because my dad is my actual dad, but because I know you don’t really lead with this but you do have now a disability with your voice, and it really meant a lot to me to be able to be involved in this film that centers a disabled actor, or an actor with a disability.”

Although acting is in her blood, Mercedes does not let comparisons with her father faze her.

“It comes up when other people bring it up at me,” she said. “I actually didn’t even know what that was in reference to for a long time.”

On the subject of Top Gun, the actor’s fans are curious about what is going on with the widely awaited sequel, Top Gun: Maverick, in which Tom “Iceman” Kazansky would play again, next to Tom Cruise.

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But the actor’s been keeping mum.

“All I can tell you about the film is that my hair is not the same length,” said Val Kilmer, adding that “Iceman has not become Ice Monk.”

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