Real Truth About US Senator Kamala Harris’ Plastic Surgery in 2020


Kamala Harris before and after plastic surgery 2020 on Twitter

Grab all the details of Kamala Harris’s plastic surgery speculations on Twitter in 2020.

Kamala Harris is a renowned activist who hurled her hat at the presidential ring in January 2019.

While she reportedly fell out of the December primary race, the California native has been speculated to be one of Joe Biden‘s future vice presidents.

Whatever happens in the near future, viewers appear more concerned on how she should look like.

This is because, in July 2020, Twitter was ablaze with the same question: What happened to Kamala Harris’ face? Did she undergo plastic surgery? Let’s find out.

Kamala Harris’s Plastic Surgery in 2020 – What Happened to Her Face?

Kamala Harris featured on MSNBC on Saturday, July 18, to speak about John Lewis, the former leader in civil rights and a lawmaker who passed away a day prior.

Meanwhile, the only aspect that people could concentrate on was Harris’s face, alleging potential plastic surgery — and they clearly honed in on the senator’s cheeks. Have a peek at the clip below to see whether you can tell something is “off” about her face.

She seems odd, doesn’t she? And a number of hypotheses began swirling around on Twitter shortly after Harris’s MSNBC show. Some audiences flat-out declined to accept that it was Kamala Harris at all.

One person tweeted, “That is not Kamala Harris, the question is…. where would she be???”

Another Twitter user wrote, “This is not what I recall Kamala Harris looking like… what is going on here?”

Another Twitter user gave a side-by-side glimpse at what the “before” Harris seemed like and how she appeared in her July 18 interview — making the changes in her features much more apparent.

Some people believed that Harris may have had Botox, and some assumed that the lawmaker may have actually undergone full-on cheek implants.

Some, though, claimed that her teeth, too, looked distinctly different. Many reckoned some sort of plastic surgery or dramatic reform has suddenly taken place after the previous public presence.

This is when a few voices of reason came to clarify what was really going on with Harris’s look. And now all of a sudden, all of it makes complete sense.

“This is literally the same recording,” said one Twitter user, adding a far clearer clip of the conversation. “Al Sharpton always records his segments on a phone from the television and posts it on his feed.”

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Another Twitter user claimed the illumination was still partially to blame for the fact that Harris’s face appeared too “off.”

“They put her in poor lighting and with a different facial expression,” they tweeted.

“Anyone who knows anything about cameras, angles, lighting, or with common sense can tell nothings [sic] wrong with her.”

It appears the response to “What happened to Kamala Harris’ face?” is simple: nothing.

The low-quality video of the MSNBC interview appears to have blurred the image of the senator. And if you glance at a better picture of the same conversation, Harris seems more like herself.

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That paired with far less-than-ideal lighting may clarify why so many fans took a double-take on July 18—and why they were all but certain that Botox was responsible for Kamala Harris’s drastically different-looking appearance.

Some Twitter Users Have Had Enough of Kamala Harris’s Plastic Surgery Speculations in 2020

Kamala Harris has been a target of social media harassment and misinformation about plastic surgery. However, some members on Twitter have been swift to dismiss these statements.

Celebrities and content makers are frequently blamed for their appearance, clothes, marriages, and so much more.

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And ever since celebrities entered the social media platform, it seems like this has created a fresh forum for haters to actively mock them.

Now, the internet bullies are insulting Kamala Harris because she featured on TV.

Kamala Harris became a subject of plastic surgery speculations following a recent interview with her called ‘Kamala Harris on the life and legacy of John Lewis’.

Shortly following her appearance, viewers took to Twitter to express their feelings on Kamala’s face, and users littered the platform with their speculations.

Social networking may be a very cruel environment, and although online bullying lasts for a few days, some do not understand the magnitude and harm of their tweets.

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Several Twitter users have slammed the rumors asking people to concentrate on more important issues.

One user said: “Why are conservatives or anyone, in general, bashing Kamala Harris for Botox or more likely, Filler? Every woman in this city and most men have had Botox before or will eventually. Everyone does this. Literally. Please stop.”

Check out more comments below (note the harsh language of certain users).

It’s fair to say some people are not impressed by the constant speculations of Kamala Harris’s plastic surgery.

Who is Kamala Harris?

Kamala Harris is an attorney and US senator. She completed her graduation from Howard University and the University of California, Hastings College of Law.

She also worked with a variety of law companies, including the San Francisco City Attorney.

Earlier in 2016, Kamala was appointed to sit in the US Congress, and thus became the first African American woman to act as attorney general of California.

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Kamala Harris is married to her husband Doug Emhoff, who is also a lawyer.

Meanwhile, she is also the writer of a variety of books, including the 2009 ‘Smart on Crime.’

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