Full Story on Rapper Gunna’s Weight Loss Journey and Diet


Full Story on Rapper Gunna's Weight Loss Journey and Diet

Grab details of rapper Gunna’s weight loss journey and diet.

Rappers are on a fitness spree recently. More than ever, we’re seeing rappers heading to the gym, cutting off pounds left and right. Gunna is one of the more recent ones to display weight loss.

Born on 14th June 1993, Sergio Giavanni Kitchens, best known as Gunna, is an American artist, singer, and songwriter.

Well-known for his associations with Young Thug and Lil Baby, he’s affiliated with Thug’s record company, YSL Records, as well as 300 Film and Atlantic Labels.

The rapper released his debut studio album, Drip or Drown 2, on February 22, 2019, preceded by his second studio album, Wunna, on May 22, 2020, which made its debut on Billboard 200.

Lately, fans appear curious about Gunna’s apparent weight loss. Did he actually shed weight? Let’s find out.

Rapper Gunna’s Weight Loss Journey – What’s His Diet?

While Gunna himself is not yet bothered about it, his fans thought he had experienced a substantial weight loss. We looked at some of his latest Instagram photos and compared them with the previous ones.

After close analysis of these images, we believe he appears a tad thinner than before. It’s safe to say the rapper underwent a noticeable weight loss.

Back in December 2019, a user on Facebook took to the social media platform to display his appreciation for the rapper and his changing physique. He wrote:

Gunna really starting to lose weight so people would stop making fat jokes about him. I’m proud of this mf ?

Meanwhile, fans on Reddit often speculate on Gunna’s physique. One user asked, “Do y’all think Gunna should start losing weight?”

Gunna has certainly made changes to his lifestyle in order to lose his pounds. A weight loss strategy is only successful if the person changes his or her eating habits and becomes more physically active. These two things are incredibly relevant for someone to learn ways to shed a few pounds.

The rapper was actually more conscious of what he consumed. Avoiding heavily refined food products is one of the primary measures that need to be done to lose weight.

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In the same manner, food products with added sugar and high-calorie content can be taken in a small to no amount at all.

Low carbohydrate ingredients, such as new organic fruit and vegetables, should be given the utmost priority on an efficient diet plan. It is possible Gunna took specific measures to maintain a healthy and fitter body weight.

Gunna’s weight loss technique is less effective without a fitness routine. He certainly embraced an intense workout schedule to engage his body in physical activity. Gunna lost a significant amount of weight by incorporating a workout regimen to his diet schedule.

Gunna Says His $100k Rolex Was a ‘Stupid’ Purchase

Gunna is popular for hits like “Drip Too Hard” and “Turks,” and his latest song “Wunna” is already beloved against fans. Gunna recently spoke with Men’s Health for the new episode of Men’s Wealth, where he was transparent on anything from his most expensive buy to his greatest financial regret.

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Gunna said he began making cash for the first time a couple of years ago, around the time his Drip Season 3 mixtape fell. And though Gunna clarified he didn’t invest all of his wealth, he made sure to buy himself a few vehicles, and he bought a house for his mother.

I bought my mom a house before I was a millionaire. That’s one of the things I just had to do.

But his most expensive investment is still a fairly good one since it included his mates.

For my Jamaica trip, I flew the whole crew out. I flew a group of girls out, the girls had their own house. It was like a vibe, I really got a chance to relax.

And while Gunna said he didn’t really regret all of his investments, he clarified his $100k Rolex wasn’t worth what he spent on it.

This watch is a two-tone Prezi Rolex…I had to buy two watches to make this one watch because they don’t make two-tone watches. The only reason I really bought it is because on the song “Oh Okay” I said ‘Two tone Prezi Rolex/ Yeah this drip you can’t catch.’

And though buying a one-of-a-kind watch sounds pretty good, the rapper admitted it wasn’t exactly the right choice, since “the watch isn’t really worth anything because you broke the watch apart [to make it]. And it cost me a 100 racks.”

Gunna said his greatest buy was his $100,000 Level 6 Cadillac bulletproof reinforced car, and he feels he might probably earn a profit of $50,000 if he wanted to sell it right now.

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And while Gunna is scheduled to release more albums in the near future, he said he’s trying to make money from his music career by taking smart risks.

The rapper praises his company associates and accountants for holding his investments on board, as he shared the most outstanding financial guidance he’s ever offered, and it’s a philosophy he’s sticking to today.

Gunna Recently Announced Major Lifestyle Overhaul

Gunna is poised to undergo a clean-up, which would entail a major shift in her lifestyle. The YSL Records rapper announced three significant improvements to his way of life via Twitter on 19th August.

“I’m bouta start a mind body and soul cleansing!” he wrote. “No drugs No sex No media!”

Besides the announcement, Gunna posted a dual video for his songs “200 For Lunch” and “Dirty Diana” on Wednesday. The second half of the visuals showcase drugs and sex for the final time.

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Both tracks feature in the deluxe version of his new release, Wunna, the first No. 1 album of his career. His sophomore LP studio shipped nearly 111,000 album-equivalent units to hit the top of the Billboard 200 list.

Back in May, the initial iteration of Gunna’s Wunna project was released by YSL and 300 Entertainment. Its latest expansion arrived in July, bringing eight additional cuts to the record.

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