Camilla from Siesta Key Weight Loss – What’s Her Diet Plan?


Siesta Key star Camilla Cattaneo's weight loss journey and diet plan.

Learn everything about Siesta Key star Camilla Cattaneo’s weight loss journey and diet plan.

Last season of Siesta Key introduced fresh faces, and a couple of them are back this season. One such lady is the girlfriend of Brandon Gomes, Camilla Cattaneo.

Lately, fans are curious to learn about the physical transformation of Camila from Siesta Key. Did the reality star undergo weight loss? Let’s find out.

Siesta Key Star Camilla Cattaneo’s Weight Loss Journey – What’s Her Diet?

While Camilla Cattaneo hesitates to speak publicly, her fans assume she has lost some weight. We analyzed some of her new Instagram photos and placed them in comparison to the previous ones.

We noticed she looked slightly thinner than before after a closer analysis on these images. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude Camilla Cattaneo has definitely undergone some form of weight loss.

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In fact, Camilla may have been more mindful of what she was eating as well as what she was drinking. One of the most crucial strategies to shed weight is to minimize fried and dry food.

Nutrition products with added sugar and high calorie should also be avoided as much as possible. The most significant focus for a successful diet should be given to low carbohydrate products such as fresh organic fruits and vegetables. It is one of the initiatives Camilla took to maintain a healthier weight.

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It’s necessary to perform the regular exercise for any weight loss strategy to be successful. The intense fitness routine must be incorporated to stimulate physical movement in the body. You can reduce a significant amount of weight by complementing fitness program with dietary habits.

Brandon Gomes Admitted to Cheating on Camilla Cattaneo on ‘Siesta Key’

Brandon Gomes delivered a major shock on the 25th August reunion show that left a number of the cast flabbergasted and angry. Holding back tears, the MTV star admitted he had cheated on his girlfriend, Camilla Cattaneo, and recently became a parent.

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Brandon shared with host Jeannie Mai:

I’m really not myself right now. Ten months ago, I hooked up with this girl and she told me recently that I have a kid with her. I’m going through a lot and I’m dealing with a lot.

According to Camilla, however, that’s not the complete story. During the virtual reunion, she claimed:

Brandon, you were with her for five months while we were dating. He was with her for five months while we were f–king dating. I saw the texts. You literally couldn’t even tell the truth. I had to find out from her. You’re a pathetic person.

Camilla later added,

He tells me, ‘Oh, I had a one night stand with this girl and she’s telling me that she has a kid and it’s mine.’ I’m like ‘What?’ I decided to reach out to the girl because I felt like there were missing pieces…So I talked to the girl and she tells me that Brandon knew the whole time that she was pregnant and he decided to block her when she said she was keeping the baby so that’s what kind of person he is.

In the course of the show, Brandon refused to admit being with the mystery woman for five months. Around the same time, he confessed to making mistakes that had upset Camilla.

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Tearing up, Brandon shared:

I made some extremely bad decisions. It’s on me. I’m responsible for it. It’s my responsibility. I made some mistakes. I’ve hurt some people that don’t deserve to go through this. I’ve hurt some people that were the most loyal. I’m talking about Camilla. The best girlfriend I could possibly have I’ve hurt.

Brandon said he remained in California to focus on music to attempt to reduce his fear regarding this incident. He told audiences he was going to “step up” and be the best guy he could possibly be for his child and everyone he cherished.

For the last time, the singer professed his devotion to Camilla while pleading for forgiveness.

I love you. I’ve been horrible to you and I haven’t been honest. I’m just incredibly sorry. I love her, I love her so much and I’d love to be with her. I just feel so bad about myself that I feel as if I’m a monster and I don’t want anybody around me right now.

Siesta Key airs every Tuesday at 8 p.m. on MTV.

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