Weather aficionado and healthy diet advocate Stephanie Abrams weight loss journey, learn all the facts.

Stephanie Abrams is known for her time on The Weather Channel. She started working for the network in 2003, and since then, she has become a trusted voice in weather reporting. But weather news is not the only thing she brings to her audiences, Stephanie Abrams is a huge advocate of healthy eating habits.

Anyone who has seen the meteorologist on-air or in-person knows the perfect shape she is in. But nothing you see is either genetic or happenstance, Stephanie Abrams works on her body with healthy eating and exercise, something which has allowed her to go help others in their weight loss journey.

Stephanie Abrams Weight Loss – Hard Work and Passion

Stephanie Abrams has been in the public’s eye for almost two decades now, and through all that time, she has managed to look good without compromising on her health. If you type Stephanie Abrams weight loss on Google, most of the search results will say she lost more than 200 pounds. Well, they are wrong; it is just a case of mistaken identity between two people with similar names.

Stephanie Abrams never got to 300 pounds + bodyweight, and though she has gone on a weight loss journey, not on a 200 pounds as search results would show. Stephanie Abrams weight loss has been in the low double-digit figure. She was never that big to have to undergo a drastic weight loss program.

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Most of the weight loss she has managed is through constant work and sensible eating habits. Stephanie talks about exercises on her Facebook and Twitter posts while also encouraging her fans to go on a carb-free diet with her. She mentioned in a post about eating fruits, vegetables, and protein while getting rid of processed and carbs.

Stephanie Abrams Weight Loss Diet Plan – What does She Eat in a Day?

The common questions on Stephanie Abrams posts about weight loss are about diets and what she eats to keep herself in shape. Stephanie’s simple answer is cutting bread and processed foods from your daily diet, making sure you are eating fresh fruits and cooking vegetables as well as protein.

The diet is simple and works for her. She recently mentioned on Twitter about going vegan. One of the fans asked her about dieting, and she mentioned she was a vegetarian, so she is getting plant-based proteins to go along with her diet of vegetables and fruits. She mentioned how eating vegetables made her body feel “zillion” times better.

If recipes for what Stephanie eats in a day are something you want to look at, then head on over to her Instagram page. There are numerous pinned highlights where she explains her eating habits and the food she chooses to put in her body. You can either watch her recipes or learn from the food she cooked. If you are serious about weight loss and healthy eating, then Stephanie on Instagram is a good follow.

Stephanie Abrams Husband – Relationship Status of the Meteorologist

Stephanie Abrams was married to her ex-husband Mike Bettes, according to Google. The couple met during their time on The Weather Channel, and it appears they were married for a while. The exact date of their separation is unknown, but Mike has been married to Allison Chinchar since 2012.

Going through Stephanie Abrams’ Instagram page, we found a man with whom Stephanie seems pretty cozy. They are seen vacationing together and most of the comments on those pictures are of fans gushing over how good they look together. We could not ascertain the name of the mystery man but Stephanie seems happy with her partner. You can find pictures of Stephanie and her “boyfriend,” here.

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