Grab all the details of Miesha Tate’s alleged plastic surgery, notably nose job. How does her face look now in 2021? Check out her before and after pictures.

Miesha Tate, an American MMA star, rose to prominence in a short period of time. Her popularity skyrocketed after she won the Bantamweight Championship. It goes without saying, the 35-year-old is constantly vying for multiple titles in her UFC career.

On a personal front, Tate is currently making rounds over her alleged cosmetic enhancements. Did she really have several plastic surgery procedures performed on her? Let’s dig deep.

Miesha Tate’s Plastic Surgery: Did She Get Nose Job Following Injury?

Miesha Tate before and after alleged plastic surgery.

Miesha Tate before and after alleged plastic surgery.
Image Source: Weight & Skin

Injuries have plagued the MMA fighter’s career in recent years. The UFC’s ‘cupcake’ severely injured her nose.

Miesha Tate even needed to have nose surgery to correct it. Fans and supporters have been awaiting updates on her rhinoplasty procedure aka a nose job.

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Despite her terrible injury, she assured the world that she will return to the UFC in top form. In addition, she had earlier experienced some breathing problems.

So, according to some reports, she will also use the chance to have a plastic surgeon correct a deviated septum.

Many individuals have also highlighted her unexpected changes in looks to the notice of the public. These modifications have fueled speculation about other cosmetic treatments the fighter may have undergone.

Not long ago, the MMA fighter also began a weight loss regimen. She lost a vast amount of weight with regular exercise and nutrition preparation. People were taken aback by her new body after she had lost weight.

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Her breast implants of a reported 4 pounds were also in the headlines at the time. Likewise, several other physical improvements were heavily speculated.

Miesha Tate’s Other Plastic Surgery Enhancements

Viewers have pointed out that Miesha Tate has undergone more cosmetic surgeries after comparing her before and after images.

Taking a glance at her contrasting pictures, she seems to have taken full advantage of her nose situation to undergo multiple surgical improvements.

According to specialists, she has had cheek and chin implants. However, the operations haven’t gone as well as she had hoped. In fact, she’s developing a cat-like expression.

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Some suggest the UFC star underwent a few plastic surgery procedures, while others believe the alterations in her face are the result of makeup. Her bout with Marion Reneau just a few days ago sparked past rumors after her entrance into the arena.

To summarize, her injuries resulted in Rhinoplasty, and she may have undergone further surgeries as well. Furthermore, her weight reduction and boob job made others curious if she had undergone further cosmetic improvements.

Miesha Tate Previously Spoke About Breast Implants Rule

Miesha Tate, the former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion, previously revealed her views on the New York State Athletic Commission’s restrictions regarding competitors who get breast implants.

A strawweight bout between Cynthia Calvillo and Pearl Gonzalez was nearly scrapped at the last moment at UFC 210 in Albany in April owing to Gonzalez’s breast augmentation.

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Gonzalez was informed shortly that her match had been canceled owing to her breasts. However, the UFC approached the board, and the contest went ahead.

Speaking on this, Miesha Tate said:

I think that’s silly. That shouldn’t even be a possible discussion. I think that a man made that rule and it’s extremely stupid.

MMA was only recently authorized in the state of New York. Because the state has only just begun to regulate the sport, many of its laws have been adapted from boxing.

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