Belinda Carlisle’s Plastic Surgery: What’s the Tea?


Belinda Carlisle's Plastic Surgery: What's the Tea?

Grab all the details of The Go-Go’s vocalist Belinda Carlisle’s alleged plastic surgery endeavors. She admits to using Botox. Have a look at Belinda Carlisle’s before and after pictures.

Belinda Carlisle achieved full-fledged American stardom twice in the 1980s, first with the all-female band The Go-Go’s and subsequently as a solo performer on a global arena, which was something she had always desired.

This year, the famous band finally got nominated into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. It’s fair to say this recognition was long overdue for this incredible group.

Meanwhile, the rock band’s vocalist Belinda Carlisle is currently making rounds over the accusations of plastic surgery. Has she gone under the knife? Let’s find out.

Belinda Carlisle’s Plastic Surgery Efforts Remain Unclear

Belinda Carlisle before and after alleged plastic surgery.

Belinda Carlisle before and after alleged plastic surgery.
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The Go-Go’s rock band is widely regarded as the most popular all-female group in, well, history, and Belinda Carlisle was at the center of everything. Putting together the ensemble was the proudest thing she’d ever done.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of gloom in her life that one can only fathom in the years following her peak of popularity. Her downfall from prominence, however, didn’t take place after The Go-Go’s went almost entirely dormant; her cocaine habit started during the band’s early years of stardom.

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As a matter of fact, her drug consumption lasted around three decades, and it took the product’s influence to lock her in place.

Carlisle claims that her substance issue was so severe that she reckons she should not have the look she’s got now. And, more often than not, celebs will opt for plastic surgery in order to maintain a certain shine in their looks. Is that likely in her case?

There is a general understanding that cocaine dependence takes a significant toll on the person’s nose, for obvious reasons. And Belinda Carlisle says she should not have had hers after three decades of being involved in a similar situation.

In numerous instances in interviews, she has laughed off a lot talking about her nose. Following 10 years of sobriety, she spoke with The Guardian in 2017, where she said:

I can’t believe I’m not dead. I should actually look like the Phantom of the Opera with just two holes in the front of my face.

In another interview, Carlisle said:

I’m surprised I still have a nose on my face and that I don’t look like I’m a million years old.

Has she ever thought about getting it fixed with plastic surgery? So many of her interviews have seemingly confirmed this, as she has stressed it repeatedly, albeit obliquely.

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It’s also clear from her attitude toward plastic surgery that she did indeed go under the knife.

Belinda Carlisle Admits She’s Had Botox Injections

There’s a phrase you don’t often hear. And there’s no basis to doubt that. Belinda Carlisle believes in Botox since she frequently uses it to keep a decent face, albeit cocaine and booze didn’t do anything to help.

And, although the soon-to-be 64-year-old has yet to go under the knife on her face or have any “genuine” surgery, she is thinking about getting plastic surgery in the future.

That, however, was over 10 years ago, and it’s unclear whether she’s already had cosmetic enhancements. Nonetheless, her feelings are unlikely to have altered.

She told the UK’s Closer Magazine in 2010:

I’m not opposed to tweaking every now and then, although I haven’t ‘cut’ yet. I’m thinking about it! Yes, I have Botox. Anybody in this industry who says they don’t is lying! I get it every six months, just a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with tweaking — you just have to be careful you don’t go too far.

In any case, she seems to have a good technique to keep her face looking as young as she would have liked even after years of substance abuse. She claims that one of such procedures frequently removes her makeup, even after getting high or inebriated earlier in the day.

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She believes her bad-girl fantasies got the best of her. But, aside from the hallucinations, she’s back on the right path thanks to a variety of elements, one of which is Buddhism. The band’s travels are also resuming.

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