Grab all the details of Matthew Johns aka Matty Johns’ weight loss journey. The Australian commentator strictly follows intermittent fasting. Check out his before and after pictures.

Born on 27th July 1971, Matthew “Matty” Johns is an Australian rugby league commentator and ex-pro. Johns played at the club level mainly with Newcastle Knights, along with his younger brother, Andrew Johns.

Since March 2011, Johns has been one of the presenters of the Triple M Sydney breakfast show The Grill Team with Mark Geyer. Johns is involved in the Fox Sports NRL coverage since 2012.

He ran his own program on Channel 7 for a season back in 2010, The Matty Johns Show, and has anchored a rugby league commentary and light entertainment program on Foxtel since 2013.

Lately, this media personality is making rounds over his apparent weight loss. Did Matty Johns shed some pounds? If you’re curious to find out, you couldn’t have come to a better place.

Matty Johns’ Weight Loss – What’s His Diet Plan & Fitness Routine?

Matty Johns before and after suspected weight loss.

Matty Johns before and after suspected weight loss.
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With Australia’s New Rugby League season starting on 11th March, one of NRL’s busy personalities is heading out of hibernation – Matty Johns.

Following his appearance on TV, the commentator is the subject of weight loss speculations amongst fans. Did he lose some weight? Fans seem convinced he did.

To be fair, all it takes is a quick glance at his recent images, and there remains no doubt that Matty Johns does indeed look slimmer than before. This raises the curiosity over his diet plan and fitness routine.

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Johns is well-known to follow intermittent fasting and this could be one of the major reasons for his apparent weight loss.

As per Health Line,

During the fasting periods, you eat either very little or nothing at all. These are the most popular methods: The 16/8 method: Also called the Leangains protocol, it involves skipping breakfast and restricting your daily eating period to 8 hours, such as 1–9 p.m. Then you fast for 16 hours in between.

It can take two to four weeks until the body becomes used to this fasting style. You may feel hungry or exhausted when you’re getting accustomed to a new schedule.

Besides intermittent fasting, the sports commentator is yet to address other techniques that may have helped in his weight loss journey.

Meanwhile, Mediaweek recently talked to Johns about his three Fox League shows, his podcast, and his radio job prior to the new rugby league

Face to Face with Matty Johns broadcasts on Wednesday nights. On the new program, Johns takes a seat with key players in the Rugby League game and the Australian community for what’s been presented as a candid discussion.

The show replaces the space left by his Matty Johns Podcast and adds up to a lot of the podcast features.

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Johns said,

You sort of work on it and develop a bit of technique on how you talk to people. My podcast was originally bringing people from the outside in like Craig Johnson who I interviewed for over two hours and I am still getting people from Northern England getting in touch about how much they enjoyed it.

He added,

It is very hard to sit there with people and just talk through their whole careers, which most people already know. This show focuses on one little part of their career and taking that apart.

Johns claimed Face to Face was an extension of what he’s trying to achieve through his podcast. Besides, he expects to be podcasting in some way this year.

The commentator continued,

I am continuing with the family podcast which was also born out of necessity through Covid.

When questioned about his dream interviews, Matty Johns said he needed to keep his eyes open for everybody.

I want to interview Tim Tszyu, I am lining up Peter V’landys at the moment and the theme of that is men that like a fight. There is a hit list going around of who we are after but there will be something for everyone.

As for whether his brother, Andrew Johns, would feature on his news program, Matty had a straightforward answer, “I said interesting people.”

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Matthew Johns Says ‘The Matty Johns Show’ is Still the Main Program

The one show that continues to make good money is The Matty Johns Show on Thursday and Sunday nights. Johns said it’s better to do a TV show such as this now since the standards of him have shifted.

Those shows are pretty easy because back in the day when I first started doing TV, I was the guy trying to provide a laugh, but now my role has changed. I host and make sure everyone is having a good time and stimulate some of the chemistry with the boys but Fletch and Hindy provide that other stuff now.

During the pandemic, The Matty Johns Show mostly persisted, albeit with a vacant studio, but was helped by the fact that much of the comedy routines were pre-filmed before the disease outbreak.

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This time, Johns stated they’re not all shot, but they’re trying to get through without interruptions this year.

How it stands at the moment we will get them done but who knows what will happen next week. Our producers don’t get enough credit; they do an incredible job. A fella called Ben Hogarth is as good as anyone that I have worked with in TV.

He’s even projected a celebration for The Matty Johns Show in 2021, but not one he’s going to be fond of.

I turn 50 this year and I am not looking forward to it.

To be fair, you can’t blame him for not enjoying aging.

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