‘New Amsterdam’ Janet Montgomery’s Weight Loss is Trending on the Internet


'New Amsterdam' Janet Montgomery's Weight Loss is Trending on the Internet

Grab all the details of New Amsterdam star Janet Montgomery’s weight loss speculations. Check out before and after pictures of the Dr. Lauren Bloom actress.

Born on 29th October 1985, Janet Montgomery is an English actress, who initially rose to fame with her role as Ames in the Fox action-drama Human Target (2010–11) and also for her performance in the straight-to-DVD movie The Hills Run Red (2009).

She was the leading star in the CBS legal drama Made in Jersey (2012), which got canceled after eight episodes. More recently, she had a starring role in the supernatural horror Salem (2014-17) as Mary Sibley. Since 2018, Montgomery is portraying the role of Lauren Bloom in the NBC medical drama New Amsterdam.

Lately, this gorgeous actress is at the forefront of weight loss speculations on the internet. Did she shed some pounds? Let’s find out.

Did Janet Montgomery Undergo Weight Loss?

Janet Montgomery before and after supposed weight loss.

Janet Montgomery before and after supposed weight loss.
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It’s nothing new to witness actors being the subject of weight loss curiosity amongst fans. Janet Montgomery is the latest name whose physique is gathering plenty of queries on the internet.

The New Amsterdam star appeared on our screens in the latest episode of season 3 looking a bit slimmer than usual, or at least that’s what the fans perceived. This begs the question – did she lose some weight?

When it comes to Janet’s on-screen adventures, Dr. Lauren Bloom has had a rough time in New Amsterdam. She survived the devastating ambulance crash, as well as a brief relationship with a fellow addict on rehab.

Still, though, her childhood substance addiction is returning and tormenting her in a serious manner. Janet Montgomery’s Bloom is looking for advice after grappling with her memory, and she wants a lot of help.

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Away from the reel life, Janet Montgomery is quite active on social media, in particular Instagram. Following queries over her weight loss, we contrasted several of her before and after pictures, in an effort to analyze her supposed change in physique.

After careful inspection, we can conclude Janet Montgomery does not appear to have undergone significant weight loss. If anything, her change in physique is marginal, which is quite normal for just about everyone.

While she does look a bit thinner than her usual self, there’s no worry over her health as she is perfectly fine.

‘New Amsterdam’ Star Janet Montgomery on Her Gradual Rise to Stardom


Another starlet might be bashing her luck for not securing an initial audition with Matt Damon for what could have been a career-defining part ten years ago.

But New Amsterdam‘s Janet Montgomery, 35, has been able to play a lengthy career game since she made her way to Hollywood from the United Kingdom.

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She said,

I look back now and I’m like, ‘Oh, great—I’m glad I didn’t get that because I wasn’t the actress I am now.’ I’ve gotten to learn quite a bit on the job and build up my body of work.

The delayed, jam-packed journey has taken a highly accomplished dancer from movie displays like Black Swan (2010) to leading roles in TV shows like Salem (2014-17) to head-turning outings like Entourage (2010-11), Downton Abbey (2013), and Black Mirror (2014), among many others.

In 2018, she enjoyed a central turn on Matthew Weiner‘s highly lauded anthology The Romanoffs, on top of her starring role as Dr. Lauren Bloom in the NBC medical drama series New Amsterdam.

Speaking of her most prominent role, the actress said:

It’s not something that I thought would interest me. [But] I’m getting to learn things that I would never get to learn otherwise. I’m around real doctors who are actually teaching me—that’s a really fascinating part of this job.

Back in January 2019, Montgomery was about to embrace motherhood for the first time, and she admitted to remaining positive that her professional career won’t go downhill, something many actresses fear.

As a matter of fact, she thinks such a rich life experience can only enhance her skill.

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Janet explained,

It’s [going to] offer me so much more. I thought, ‘Oh, if [you] were casting a character who has children, you’d always want to cast the actress who really has children!’ Wouldn’t you?

As far as her personal life is concerned, the actress started dating creative copywriter Joe Fox in 2017. In November 2018, Janet confirmed she’s pregnant with their daughter, Sunday Juno, who was born in March 2019.

The new parents exchanged vows in Jamaica on 29th November 2019.

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