Kirk Franklin’s Plastic Surgery is Horrifying Fans on the Internet


Kirk Franklin's Plastic Surgery is Horrifying Fans on the Internet

Kirk Franklin’s plastic surgery is giving birth to all sorts of absurd conspiracy theories on online forums. Check out his before and after pictures and make up your own mind.

You won’t believe some fans on the internet are genuinely buying into the conspiracy theory that Kirk Franklin somehow got cloned.

Everybody appears positive it’s not the same person anymore. That’s how obvious and ridiculous his multiple plastic surgery procedures have been.

The 51-year-old choir singer looks way different now than he used to, so fans are reluctant to accept that it’s merely aging that’s causing it.

It definitely seems like he’s got some sort of facelift done along with a wide array of cosmetic surgeries. The majority, unsurprisingly, reckon he looked way better before.

Kirk Franklin’s Plastic Surgery – What’s the Tea?

Kirk Franklin before and after plastic surgery.

Kirk Franklin before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: Weight & Skin

Kirk Franklin is at the forefront of plastic surgery speculations among fans on the internet with some suggesting he looks different while others are even more shocked, claiming he might have gotten cloned.

Well, the cloning part seems too far-fetched, but you can’t deny the fact that he’s made several cosmetic enhancements on his face.

It’s quite obvious that Kirk’s had some form of plastic surgery. So, the question is, what changes has he made?

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One fan harshly said,

horrible!!!!!! he looks like he had an allergic reaction…and it wont go away.

The second suggested,

His nose looks a lot bigger but idk if it’s an age thing. I used to see him around town 7-8 years ago and he didn’t look like that. His features look swollen.

Besides his over-contoured nose, we believe his eyes look far more stretched than they used to while his cheeks look much fuller.

The apparent work performed on his face makes it quite clear that he might well be one more visit to the doctor away from botching it. It’s not our words, though. This is what fans are saying on Lipstick Alley, and honestly, who can blame them?

In addition to obvious facelift surgery as well as a potential eyelift, fillers, and cheek implants, fans have been noticing countless other changes over the years.

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After witnessing his latest picture, one such internet user was left astounded.

Who is that??? The eyebrows start at different points and they are shaped differently. The nose is different. The hairline is in different places. Eyes look different. And Kirk had slight dimple and angular cheeks. And the real one was showing age. That is a completely different person.

Meanwhile, one fan tried to shed light on his transformations by claiming he had to undergo reconstructive surgery following a car accident.

He almost died in a car crash, and I believe he had to have reconstructed surgery on his face. He has never looked the same since the accident.

Another, however, countered,

I never heard of an accident, only that he fell off of a stage??! Definitely has had an upper blepharoplasty. His voice also seems a bit raspy. But still love him.

We couldn’t find any verifiable sources mentioning Franklin’s accident, so this reminds us of the time many fans felt Carrie Underwood (allegedly) faked her own accident to perform plastic surgery on her face.

Kirk Franklin Underwent Thumb Surgery in June 2020

Kirk Franklin was alongside his wife, Tammy, when he had mild thumb surgery last year. His demeanor before and after the operation could be seen in clips he posted.

The choir director took to Instagram in his hospital attire to announce that he was about to experience a 30-minute operation on his thumb. He chose not to go into specifics, but he trotted to his wife, Tammy, who was by his side for moral support.

In the clip, Kirk said he was there for minor surgery on his thumb.

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Shortly after, the nurse arrived and banged on the door. Tammy grinned at the camera as her partner told his fans she’s by his side. Kirk pretended to be afraid to make light of the situation before he left for surgery.

Franklin was sat in a wheelchair leaving the hospital in a second video taken by his wife following his treatment. He was wearing pants, a hooded jacket, and a mask. His left hand was hidden.

As she stands in the background, hearing her spouse sing as he is wheeled out, Tammy tells viewers:

A mess, a complete mess. Pray for me.

Earlier in the same month, Kirk set a milestone when he achieved his seventh #1 on the gospel charts with his single Just For Me. Former record-setters James Fortune & FIYA and Tamela Mann (subject of weight loss), both had enjoyed six No. 1 singles.

Franklin spoke to Billboard after learning of his achievement, where he said:

Wow, I am truly humbled by this. The fact that so many people would still support my music…truly means a lot to me, [and] that God would even lend me his songs and that people would still find comfort in them.

Tammy was undeniably delighted with her husband’s honor. In fact, she has previously acknowledged that she is indeed a fan in addition to being his wife.

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Kirk also mentioned that their marriage has remained strong even after 25 years because it is based on their faith. He said,

I’m clear that God’s hand and God’s grace flows through her.

The gospel singer has recovered well since his surgery.

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