Complete Details of American Actress Dascha Polanco’s Weight Loss Journey


Complete Details of Dascha Polanco's Weight Loss Journey & Diet Plan

Grab all the details about Dascha Polanco’s weight loss journey, diet plan, and fitness routine.

Born on 3rd December 1982, Dascha Polanco is an American actress best known for playing the role of Dayanara “Daya” Diaz in the Netflix show Orange Is the New Black.

Polanco strived to be an actress from a young age but always had second thoughts about auditioning because she feared she would be pressured to undergo weight loss.

Dascha graduated from Hunter College with a degree in Bachelor of Psychology. After college, she started working in the healthcare sector with the goal of becoming a nurse.

Polanco received her big break when she got cast in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black as Dayanara “Daya” Diaz, a captive in a women’s prison.

Recently, fans cannot help notice Dascha Polanco’s change in physique. Did she undergo weight loss? Let’s find out.

Has Dascha Polanco Undergone Weight Loss?

Dascha Polanco before and after weight loss.

Dascha Polanco before and after weight loss.
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Dascha Polanco reportedly weighs 174 lbs (79 kgs).  The actress previously talked about the immense industry pressure to undergo weight loss. She said:

A lot of my life as a young girl and as a young adult has been influenced by how people will accept me or feeling that I am not enough to accomplish certain things because of how I look. I was very fearful of going out on auditions and being told, ‘Well you have to lose weight, your hair is curly.’

Dascha may not be an advocate for weight loss to get a skinny body, but she is definitely positive about a fitter appearance. And, that’s exactly what she seems to have achieved in recent times.

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The actress has undergone significant weight loss over the years. Looking at her before and after pictures, there’s a noticeable change in her physique.

Polanco recently uploaded a video on her official Instagram account looking absolutely fit. As expected, the comment section was filled with fans admiring her impressive body.

One fan wrote,

this is my dream body

The second said,

I love you!!!!! Can you post more of your fit journey! Amazing before and amazing after!

The third claimed,

Girl you have lost sooooo much weight your looking greatttttt amazing job!!! ???

The fourth stated,

You are the fckn coolest, everytime i see you on the block i always yell out “ i smell good” and you always look and wave with the biggest smile no matter what you doing or who you talking to. You give us hope in 190…. thank you for being so true to the culture and the community

Dascha Polanco is yet to reveal the secrets of her diet plan and fitness routine. Meanwhile, fans cannot help admire her amazing weight loss transformation.

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To be fair, they loved her as much when she was thick. Like one fan said, “She’s always looked great though. Then and now.” Similarly, the other concurred, “agree loved her when she was thicker and now it’s all love ♥️”

Dascha Polanco’s Inspiration for Workout Comes from ‘Rocky’

Dascha Polanco reveals the secret to her successful fitness goals, and it’s something anyone can strive for.

The Orange Is the New Black star took to social media to provide a glimpse into her workout routine. In the video, the 37-year-old is training on the elliptical. Dascha then reveals watching Sylvester Stallone‘s classic, Rocky, is inspiring her. “Cinematic while cardio,” she said.

The cardio routine of The Perfect Match star appeared to show another significant piece of news for the actress. The star cheered while watching the movie during her workout.

I remember when I was a little girl, now I’m going to get to work with this man.

Dascha and Sylvester are set to star together in the coming superhero movie, Samaritan. No further information on the film has been revealed so far.

The mother-of-two also uses her social media to post her fun workout clips for more than 2 million followers on Instagram.

In her stories, and occasionally in her feed, the fitness-obsessed actress posts clips dancing, meditating, and working out in the gym.

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Back in August, The Cobbler star spoke about confidence and why she’s a proponent of body positivity.

Dascha explained,

I was very careful about what would they think of me if they knew what was going. I was so self-conscious, and now I’m telling everybody you know what, you can f-ck off. Tomorrow we’re here [and] tomorrow we’re not and who the f-ck gives a f-ck. Everybody keeps on going and nobody gives a f-ck.

The actress continued,

I think it’s not a moment of us resisting it’s a moment of us supporting one another, evolving. Knowing the balance of what to accept. It’s okay for somebody to hold the door for you. You deserve for that door to be held. We birth. We are queens. Embrace every part.

Polanco reckons you only fix what you don’t like and you ought to love what you can’t fix.

Dascha Polanco Opens Up About Weight Struggle

Back in 2016, the 37-year-old actress flaunted her curves in the fall issue of the Urban Ink magazine, showing off her body in a green one-piece, shiny shoulder gear, and boots, while also opening up her “life struggle” with her physique.

She explained,

My insecurities came physically, like being fat. So all my life I’m like ‘how can I be an actress when on TV, I don’t see anybody that’s like curvaceous or anybody that’s really fat or that looks like me?

While the movie industry and glamour world is slowly but surely progressing towards the inclusion of women who are not size zero, Polanco is glad to represent “regular” girls in the meantime.

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Polanco told the mag,

I’m trying to do the same way you have a size zero individual on Vogue looking fantastic. You can have somebody that’s a regular size — cause I’m not plus size, so I don’t fit into the plus size, I don’t fit into the petite, I’m right in the middle.

The actress added,

I range from eight to 12; this has been my life struggle. I’m either the eight, when I’m the biggest, I’m a 12. We too can be there, we too are talented, we too can be sexy or whatever, we too can be athletic. We too can be a CEO, we can be as equal as anyone has been for years. That’s whole method of working, of thinking.

Dascha proudly exclaimed,

I’m not like the rest! I’m here to represent all the girls who thought their weight and they’re, well, middle class background meant they had limitations on who and what they could be. Listen to me, that is all bulls–t!

Earlier, Polanco joined New York Fashion Week, wearing a swimsuit and heels, confidently showing off her body in a provocative getup. She claims fashion is an outlet for her.

People always say ‘You always seem so confident. This is a formula. When I’m in a place, a social gathering, I never allow them to know that I feel insecure. Whatever I’m wearing, that’s why I love fashion. That’s my armor, my protection.


You may think I’m insecure darling, but you see I’m not. And once I go home it’s like ‘oh my gawd,’ and I gotta take everything I have off. Ah, gimme that burger and that batta!

To her credit, Dascha Polanco has never been hesitant to speak her mind.

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