‘Life After Lockup’ Cast Sarah Simmons’ Unbelievable Weight Loss Transformation


Sarah Simmons' Unbelievable Weight Loss - What's Her Diet Plan & Fitness Routine

Grab all the details of Life After Lockup cast member Sarah Simmons’ dramatic weight loss.

Since the beginning of the year, Life After Lockup cast Sarah Simmons (the former wife of Michael Simmons) is flaunting her revenge body online. Many fans were curious to see what the young mother has been up to since she split from Michael.

However, when the reality star made her dramatic weight loss public, several viewers found it hard to believe and accused her of faking it. So, what’s the actual truth? Let’s find out.

Did Sarah Simmons Fake Her Weight Loss?


Love After Lockup cast, Sarah Simmons, regularly shared her weight loss journey with her social media followers over the last few months. When we first encountered Sarah Simmons on Love After Lockup, she was a mother to a single child.

Sarah Simmons made her return to WeTV for Life After Lockup merely a few months after welcoming child number two with estranged husband, Michael. Viewers ridiculed the young mother over her excess weight from the previous season, since obviously “baby weight” isn’t really a thing anymore?

Sarah lost a significant amount of weight since Life After Lockup began airing. And, not just her baby weight, it seems like she’s dropped over 80 pounds kicking cheating Michael Simmons to the curb.

Sarah is enjoying her best life during quarantine. Whether or not she’s faking it, she appears to be in a much happier position, both psychologically and mentally. However, there will always be a few people who have nothing good to say.

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Sarah Simmons’ weight loss is indisputable unless she’s got a better photo editor than Kim Kardashian. But, there are a few bullies who are certain she’s editing her images on Instagram and pushing the angles a bit too hard. And, they took to her comments section to accuse her of faking the entire thing.

Do we believe Love After Lockup cast uses filters, strong lighting, and appealing poses? Well, of course. Who doesn’t do that? However, a few decent images and IG filters can’t make a lot of weight vanish.

And, as far as photoshop is concerned, although she is a qualified expert, the images display no evidence of warps in the background that may suggest she altered her figure or blurred her shape.

Here’s hoping Simmons shares her impressive diet plan and fitness routine in the days to come.

Fans Debate Sarah Simmons Weight Loss on Reddit

Fans often speculate Sarah Simmons’s weight loss on social media platforms. One such user took to Reddit to express his opinion on the issue and whether everybody else felt the same.

The user asked,

Sarah Simmons Weight Loss – Legit Or Photoshopped? Sarah’s getting roasted for photoshopping her pics, but I’m leaning towards real on this one. But, deff heavy on the filters.

The comment section was filled with mixed replies. Some were positive about her change in physique, while others felt it seemed fake.

One user said,

In the quarantine specials, she looked heavier than she did last season.

The second added,

It’s possible she lost a lot of weight and gained even more back. It happens to me often.

The third stated,

I saw her in Walmart during the pandemic (March maybe?), she looked good, but not super skinny or anything.

The fourth said,

She faked a big weight loss in the past I think, this seems like a mix of both. The photo in all black…her leg isn’t shaped right. Good on her though if she lost at least 140lbs…

Well, fans are clearly split on how genuine Sarah Simmons’ apparent weight loss is.

Sarah Simmons Slammed Trolls Doubting Her Change in Physique

Love After Lockup star Sarah Simmons recently hit back at the haters criticizing her new transformation. She seemed to be slimming down on social media. But, it looks like she still carries the pounds in the episodes currently airing. As a result, viewers wonder if she’s faking it.

Sarah Simmons apparently managed to lose a significant amount of weight since filming for WeTV. In addition, she recommends numerous weight management products to her fans.

But the Sarah on WeTV is vastly different from the one off-camera. That’s probably because the show was shot months ago.

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Simmons is barely recognizable compared to her look on the latest episodes of the Love After Lockup lockdown spinoff. And, the extreme discrepancy is confusing some fans.

This is particularly convincing when it comes to the timeline of events linked to her slimming down. In the meantime, Sarah recently clapped back at her haters.

She stated in the most recent episode of Life After Lockup she got scared of a potential pregnancy following a hook up with Michael Simmons, and it served as a wake-up call for her.

It looks like that was enough of an unsettling experience to get her in shape. And, since then, she has made several dramatic lifestyle changes. Along with tossing the known criminal aside, trying to jump-start her weight loss was part of it, too.

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The reality star boasts a huge number of fans. But this doesn’t mean she doesn’t have haters. Sarah recently said she’s raising a toast to those who love her. And, she’s pointing her middle finger to all Love After Lockup watchers who condemn her and drag her down. So, it feels like she remains unfazed despite all the criticism.

According to Love After Lockup’s mother, Sarah, she’s not exactly bothered by all the animosity she’s received. She appears to be concentrating on herself and her girls. In the meantime, the latest episodes reveal she met a new guy. So, it seems he’s keeping her occupied as well.

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