‘Life Below Zero’ Star Sue Aikens’ Weight Loss in 2020 – Did She Undergo Surgery?


'Life Below Zero' Star Sue Aikens' Weight Loss in 2020 - Did She Undergo Surgery

‘Life Below Zero’ star Sue Aikens is the subject of weight loss surgery speculations amongst fans in 2020.

Sue Aikens is one brave lady on National Geographic Channel’s Emmy-nominated show, Life Below Zero — risking her life and occasionally sacrificing her body to preserve the remote Alaskan lifestyle she enjoys at her Kavik River Camp 200 miles north of the Arctic Circle.

The popular series Life Below Zero is reality TV at its finest, showing us all the intense lives of rugged Alaskans living off the grid. The series follows six people as they struggle over territory with the lowest population density in the United States.

Sue Aikens is gaining lots of buzz over her professional career as well as her personal life lately. One such query concerns her physical appearance. Did Sue Aikens undergo weight loss in 2020?

It looks to be the case, so we’ve got you covered with all the details you need about her highly speculated weight loss surgery.

Sue Aikens’s Weight Loss Surgery Speculations in 2020

Fans are wondering whether Sue Aikens underwent significant weight loss in 2020. Taking a look at her latest appearance and comparing them to her past ones, it’s fair to say there’s a noticeable change in her physique.

Viewers of Life Before Zero are curious to learn if the reality star performed some form of weight loss surgery to look leaner. However, there’s no concrete evidence to suggest she did. So, it’s merely fan speculation at this point.

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Meanwhile, Aikens did undergo Lumbar spine surgery back in March 2020. She took to Instagram to share a picture from the hospital bed and update her fans. Sue wrote,

Spinal time! L1-S1… but i am healing like a badass! Walked out of hospital under own steam within hours and still racking up miles! #spinehealth #sueaikens @sueaikens #alaskabreedsemtough #wheee

Earlier in September 2019, Sue Aikens revealed she had undergone a massive weight loss and that fans would get to witness her new body in the season 15 of Life Below Zero. Speaking in an interview with Monsters and Critics, the reality TV star said:

One of the things you’re going to see in this upcoming season, I’m a chunky little monkey, there’s no doubt. There’s fat and sassy, there are all kinds of things. But you will notice that I’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight this year.

Previously back in 2016, she spoke with Channel Guide Mag, where she admitted she was “overweight”. Perhaps it was a hint to the future when she would strive to achieve a certain weight loss to remain fit and healthy.

In December, I decided a birthday present to me was I told myself, ‘In 6 months, I will not be where I am today. I’ll be better.’ Now it’s 5 months. Then it’ll be 4 months.


I put on a lot of weight because I couldn’t exercise. Not so much that I was eating incorrectly — although there’s a lot more foods that I’m not used to — but I’ll be going back into Kavik again the middle of this month.


My mindset is forward thinking and fast thinking and growth. When I go back in, it’s going to be construction, growth.

It goes without saying Sue Aikens did undergo significant weight loss over the last year. However, it doesn’t look like it’s got anything to do with surgery.

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If it’s not weight loss surgery, fans are naturally curious to learn her diet plan and fitness routine. Hopefully, the reality star fills up her fans on this topic in the near future.

Sue Aikens Talks About Her Lighthouse On Top of the World

Away from the speculations of weight loss surgery, Sue Aikens, who stars in the hit reality series Life Below Zero on Nat Geo, always wished to be a lighthouse keeper. And she’s accomplished her goal in certain respects.

Aikens runs Kavik River Camp, which is situated at 69.4N x 146.54W in the upper reaches of Alaska. For those who are struggling to work out the location on a map, go as far as you can on a map of the United States. Go a bit further.

That’s where Aikens has been living for decades, and her exploits in the mountains, saving fuel and holding the local grizzly community at bay, have reached the audience and proven to be wildly popular.

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Today, Sue Aikens – not just talked about for her weight loss – is a formidable force on social media, and several of her tag lines have reached the vernacular of her loyal TV followers.

In one of her recent phone interviews, Sue said:

I’m right here bumping the edge of winter now. I’m in the 30s, off and on snow and freezing. I’ve got grizzly bears just within a couple miles, a couple of them within a few hundred yards, so it’s definitely life below zero right now.

Grizzly bears are indeed a source of fun, as well as an alarm to Aikens. She calls a group of them the Rat Pack, and local wildlife authorities informed her there are 83 bruins marked, tracked, and labeled within 10 miles of her camp.

And some of those fall off the radar, and there’s probably two, three times that amount that are not tagged and monitored.


But the grizzlies here are living to a fairly ripe old age. Marty, before she was poached a few years back, she was 42 years old and had a set of cubs, so they’re monitoring them to see what in the world helps a bear in this kind of conditions live so stinking long and be so healthy.

Sue Aikens continued,

It is a part of everyday life, but you know I’ve got a little sow with a new cub. And there’s a boar, a male grizzly, and he’s pretty sizable. But baby cub is boar’s favorite food. They don’t like competition, so they eat them early. So it’s a full-circle thing going on out here right now.

While Aikens owns a secondary property other than Kavik, she gave this interview while sitting in her beloved house, a spot she’s lived in her 30s, 40s, and 50s.

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The reality star who recently shocked fans with her weight loss receives clients during the year — mostly hunters and scientists who research these northern areas. Most days, she’s glad to be home, except, of course, when the Nat Geo squad comes calling.

Speaking of the filming process, the TV personality added:

It’s not a spur of the moment thing,” Aikens said of the filming for the series. “We talk about it a little bit ahead of time, and we kind of gauge each other’s interest. They’re really respectful, and I enjoy the process really of how it all goes down.


They don’t tell me what to do. They ask me, ‘Hey, we want to come out during this timeframe. Are you doing anything of interest?’ And I’ll go, ‘Yeah, you know, I’m doing this and this and this.’ ‘Oh, wow, would you mind if you we film that?’ And sometimes it’s, ‘Heck no, get out here.’


Other times it’s like, ‘Well, I actually have to get it done super-quick, so yeah that one’s out.’ It’s the old joke of how many cameramen does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

Although the filming has only taken place in the last few years, Aikens is living in Kavik for much longer. The big myth that fans of Life Below Zero carry is she came to the top of Alaska to be a reality star. That’s not even close to the truth.

I’ve been here longer than some people realize. We’ve been doing the show for x amount of years, but I’ve been stationary in Kavik in my 30s, 40s, and 50s. And I’m 57 now, so I’ve been here for over 20 years.

Sue added, “Who I was in my 30s is not who I am as I’m kicking 60 in the head, so my own interpretation of what it takes to live here has grown exponentially.”

Sue Aikens Sheds Light on ‘Life Below Zero’ Season 15

Sue Aikens is rather numb about her change in physique and the apparent weight loss, but she loves to chat about her experiences on the show, which displays not just her life, but also the lifestyles of other Alaskans in remote areas. She’s also one to keep secrets unspoiled.

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Still, she was able to share some information about the new season of the show, which will premiere on Monday, Sept. 7, at 8 p.m.

There’s something that I’m doing this season, and there is a specific way that I have made this item last over 20 years, which is kind of unheard of.


But there’s a unique way of doing it, and the only way to do that is learning, being here and seeing 100-miles-an-hour winds, 100 below zero, and things with teeth and fur attack it to learn how do I manage and take care of this item so that it lasts.


And it can be difficult, and I’ve learned a lot of wisdom about how to do this, how to live this lifestyle differently than I had anticipated.

Aikens claimed she’s no longer the 30-something who strolled up to Kavik with a six pistol on her hip, threatening to take the line. She’s different from those early days (and it’s not just her transforming physique thanks to weight loss).

In the process of her journey, after all, she fractured her legs, damaged her hips, and was ambushed by a bear. Speaking of her earned wisdom, Sue said:

This spring I had from my thoracic all the way down to my booty spinal surgery, so I approach it a little bit differently. But I’m nonetheless the force to be reckoned with out here.

Occasionally, TV audiences are able to see Sue Aikens’ kids and grandkids on the program as they make a special trip to the north. Children are, in fact, a remarkable part of her life. Of all the talents she has (and there are plenty of them), supporting children is at the top of the list.

I have a passion for helping children. I think it started maybe a season a go where I’m actually getting more emotional.  I’m not sure why.


I went through menopause eons ago. I was fixed over 30 years ago, so instant menopause. It’s not like you get a second dose of it, but … I have a passion for helping children. I lost one of my own grandchildren … and I donate and do a lot for children with cancer.


I close the camp down for autistic children and their parents to come out, and they learn to hunt, they learn animal husbandry, they learn all about nature.

She added:

I don’t try to be a role model, but I try to be the best me that I can be every day. And I know I’m six eggs shy of a dozen. I’m firmly convinced I can whip a hell of an omelet with the six eggs I’ve got left.


If anybody can get something valuable from anything I do that’s what we’re supposed to do as human beings, lift each other up, and I may do it with swear words and a sledgehammer, but if I’m doing it, then that really makes me happy.

Aikens had to take a break from the interview while sharing a tough truth surrounding Kavik, and that’s the possibility that she might lose her estate in the near future.

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A public sale is planned for the site she never possessed, and this could mean her time at the cherished camp is coming to an end.

Fighting back the tears, Sue Aikens said:

It’s actually really difficult for me to speak about it without getting emotional. Your vision of your social place gets a little skewed, and we all go bushy out here in the remote world. … I call the foxes out here my foxes, my river, my camp, my land, my runway when in actuality these things are borrowed, and I live with them.


They’re not mine, but I take it to heart. I always wanted to be a lighthouse keeper, and in effect what does a lighthouse keeper do, they keep the lights on, they’re a safe haven, they mark safety for people.


So in my own way I guess Kavik is a lighthouse of a kind, and, yeah, it is difficult for me to think about the day when I won’t be at Kavik. And I have to accept that it may be coming soon.

Sue, who most recently made rounds over speculations of weight loss surgery, concluded, “We all have an ending date. I’ve looked all over my body. I have no idea where the big cheese wrote it on my body. I can’t find it, but one day there’s not one of us that gets out of this gig alive. The only thing I can do is surrender the fact that hopefully whoever takes over what I’ve done here continues the vein of keeping it a safe port for the pilots and the people that want to learn.”

The documentary TV series Life Below Zero premieres Monday, September 7 at 8 p.m. on Nat Geo.

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