Tennis Star Shelby Rogers’ Weight Loss Journey – How Many Pounds Did She Shed?


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Learn all the details of tennis star Shelby Rogers' weight loss journey, diet plan, and fitness routine.

Learn all the details of tennis star Shelby Rogers’ weight loss journey, diet plan, and fitness routine.

Born on 13th October 1992, Shelby Rogers is an American tennis star from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

She captured the Girls National Championship when she was just 17 years old. Her best career result arrived at the 2016 French Open, where she made the quarter-finals. Likewise, her best career WTA single ranking is No. 48, while her best double ranking is No. 101.

She’s won 6 singles titles and two doubles on the ITF Tour. Her successes over high-ranking players include Simona Halep (#4) at 2017 Australian Open and Serena Williams (#9) at the 2020 Top Seed Open in Lexington, Kentucky.

Lately, fans are noticing a slight change in Shelby Rogers’ physique. Has the tennis star undergone weight loss? Let’s find out.

Shelby Rogers’s Weight Loss Journey – What’s Her Diet?

Though Shelby Rogers hesitates to talk openly about it, her fans say she’s lost a few pounds. We looked at her latest Instagram images and compared them to her past pictures.

After a close inspection of these pics, we noticed she looked slightly thinner than before. It’s fair to say Shelby Rogers indeed had some form of weight loss.

As a means to achieve her goal of losing weight, the tennis star could have made several changes to her lifestyle. The weight loss intention is only effective if the person changes her diet habits and is more physically active.

And these two are the most important things to consider for those contemplating weight loss.

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Taking a peek into Shelby Rogers’ Instagram, she looks to have spent her quarantine working out.  It’s completely expected off an athlete to be spending time taking care of her body. However, Rogers undoubtedly pushed her body to a certain limit, losing a bit of weight in the process.

Additionally, Rogers could have become more conscious of what she was intaking. Avoiding toasted and dry food products is one of the most common weight loss strategies.

Food products with added sugar and high-calorie content should preferably be eaten at a low to no quantity at all.

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Low carbohydrate items, such as fresh organic fruit and vegetables, should be given top priority under a suitable diet schedule. It is certainly one of the measures that Shelby pursued to maintain healthier body weight.

Shelby Rogers Thrives in Coronavirus Bubble at U.S. Open

The Charleston lady at heart, Shelby Rogers often stays extensively in New York City.

Following a three-set win over No. 6 Petra Kvitova, she made it to the quarter-finals of the U.S. Open for the very first time in her career.

Rogers said,

Day 72 in the bubble. It’s been a long time here in New York. I’m happy to be sticking around for some more.

Shelby, 27, ensured the COVID-19 no-fans bubble during the U.S. Open, and the suspension of pro tennis due to the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year, is working to her benefit.

She defeated Serena Williams earlier this summer and her run to the U.S. Open quarters equals her deepest run in the Grand Slam event. She also beat Kvitova on her way to the French Open quarters in 2016.

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These results are impressive, given the knee injury sustained in 2018. It made Shelby Rogers ponder an early end to her career, which started in the courts of Mount Pleasant and Charleston.

I think the low moment was six months after my surgery, where I didn’t think I’d be able to play. I wasn’t confident in my knee. I wasn’t able to move like I thought I should. Here I am two years later as fit as I’ve ever been and moving really well.

Back in 2019, the tennis star returned from injury at her hometown event, the Volvo Car Open. However, this year she began as a No. 174 ranked player, down from her career-high of No. 48.

She came out victorious at the ITF tournament before the coronavirus put a halt to everything in mid-March.

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The time she spent away from the stress of the WTA Tour worked out pretty well for Rogers.

Shelby said,

I think (working) smarter is a good way to put it. Listening to my body, knowing what works for me. It also helped that I was home cooking all my meals, not traveling. Just less stressed all around.


Honestly, I really enjoyed my time at home and the time away. I think that all made this perfect package, helped me being really healthy coming into this event.

In the quarter-finals, Rogers is scheduled to meet No. 4 seed Naomi Osaka at Arthur Ashe Stadium Court on Tuesday. Osaka, 22, is a winner of two Grand Slam titles to her name, including the U.S. Open two years ago.

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Shelby’s career record stands at 3-0 versus Osaka, including a 6-4, 6-2 win at the 2017 Volvo Car Open.

Speaking of Osaka, Rogers said:

She likes to play first-strike tennis, for sure. She likes to go for her shots, be in control of the points. Maybe I can be a little crafty at times. She definitely has all the shots as well.


I think you have to respect what she does on the court, especially if she’s serving well. She likes to dictate with her serve.

Rogers typically thrives on the encouragement of the crowd, particularly on Daniel Island, where she worked as a ball kid at the Volvo Car Open. However, she’s gotten familiar with playing with the enthusiasm of a small group of friends and family.

At the end of the day we’re entertainers, right? Most of us love the crowd. We love putting on a show. We love getting feedback. Especially me, I love the cheers. You hear your name, you get a little extra energy from that.


I mean, of course, I really miss the fans. I would love a packed stadium. At the same time, I’m just as thrilled to get through that match. It was a good mental victory for me today. I’m happy that those that I care about and are pretty close to me were able to be there in the stands. So I’ll take that for sure this tournament.

Shelby Rogers has earned $425,000 at the Open; a semi-final spot is worth $800,000 and could raise her career earnings by more than $3 million.

It would also mark the greatest accomplishment of her professional career, going one round further than her 2016 French Open run.

I’d like to do one, two better than I did last time at the French Open. It’s nice to be back there. I told myself coming back after injury and quarantine, ‘You can get back to where you’ve been before, you’ve done it, and go even farther.’

The Tennis sensation concluded, “As far as exceeding expectations, I don’t think so. I knew I could always do it. It was a matter of head down, working hard to get back to that point. Being here, I want to push past it, really see what I’m made of.”

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