Grab all the details of Tennis player Victoria Azarenka’s weight loss journey and diet plan.

Victoria Azarenka is a tennis star from Belarus, who is the former world No. 1 in singles, and was previously the year-end No. 1 in 2012. Azarenka won 21 WTA singles, eight WTA doubles, and three mixed-double titles.

She’s come out victorious at two Australian Open singles titles (2012 and 2013). She became the only Belarusian player, male or female, to win the Grand Slam singles crown.

The rest of her major accomplishments include claiming six Premier Mandatory events, including the 2016 Sunshine Double, the singles bronze medal at the 2012 London Summer Olympics, and two mixed double Grand Slam titles.

These consist of the 2007 US Open with Max Mirnyi and the 2008 French Open with Bob Bryan as well as a gold medal in mixed doubles at the 2012 Summer Olympics with Max Mirnyi.

Besides making rounds in the ongoing U.S. Open 2020, Victoria Azarenka is recently creating buzz for her apparent change in physique. What’s the deal with the tennis star’s weight loss? Let’s find out.

Did Victoria Azarenka Undergo Weight Loss?

Fans are wondering lately if Victoria Azarenka underwent some form of weight loss. She looks a bit leaner than before, so this is a definite possibility. However, she’s yet to address this topic, so it’s anybody’s guess how many pounds she lost.

If the Tennis star did achieve weight loss, she must have made some adjustments to her diet plan and fitness routine. The precise details of which remain a mystery as she’s yet to speak about it publicly.

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Back in April 2016, Azarenka was pregnant when she captured the Miami Open title, but she didn’t know she was expecting then. She said she now had a more profound sense of curiosity about the number of things that women are capable of.

With the amount of physical change and emotional change that you go through, I think women are so strong. Going through that experience, now I understand how strong women are, how strong moms are. It’s really incredible. You never think about it, but women’s bodies can do so much.

Azarenka carried on playing tennis on a casual basis until she was pregnant for seven and a half months, only quitting on the doctor’s instructions.

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The relentless activeness, she said, kept her body closer to a fit shape than she had known was realistic during pregnancy. Following her weight loss, Victoria got thinner than she had in previous years prior to getting pregnant.

I think a lot of women will probably not like me for this, but I lost a lot of weight compared to what I was before, actually. I didn’t lose much muscle mass because I kept being active while I was pregnant.


Obviously, I had to rebuild my muscle, rebuild the repetition, but overall, I was in really good shape right after.

Endurance proved to be an early obstacle, but with night feeding and other infant-raising challenges, Azarenka found solace in her practice. Azarenka said, separating tennis from the rest of her life had become simpler in her motherhood.

Victoria Azarenka is Looking to Become 4th Mom in History To Win Grand Slam

Victoria Azarenka could only become the fourth female tennis player in history to win the Grand Slam tournament since becoming a mother.

Azarenka, who is a mom to 3-year-old son, Leo, will battle Naomi Osaka on 12th September in the women’s final at the U.S. Open.

The 31-year-old starlet from Belarus came from behind to beat fellow mother, Serena Williams, in their semi-final game on Thursday night.

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Following her victory over Williams in the US Open quarterfinals, Azarenka said:

Hopefully, it inspires women to go after their dreams. I feel like you can’t always identify yourself as just one thing. You have many things you can do in your life.


Being a parent is the most important thing in my life but I’m a tennis player on the court, I’m a fighter on the court and, when I go after my dreams, inspire my child and I hope that women around the world know they can do anything because being a parent is the toughest thing so once you can balance that you can do anything.

Defeating Osaka on Saturday will earn Victoria Azarenka her third Grand Slam title and her first U.S. Open title.

It will also grant her entry into a pretty small group of female tennis player mothers who earned Grand Slam titles, joining only Margaret Court, Evonne Goolagong, and Kim Clijsters.

The last mother to earn the Grand Slam title was Clijsters at the Australian Open back in 2009 as per the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA).

Victoria’s three-set victory over Williams Thursday night halted not just Williams’ bid to win her first Grand Slam title since welcoming her daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., in 2017, but also her 24th Grand Slam championship, which would equal her with Court for single major titles.

The four Grand Slam tennis competitions are the U.S. Open, Wimbledon, the French Open, and the Australian Open.

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Williams, who landed her first singles title in January since welcoming her daughter, characterized becoming both a professional athlete and a parent as “living a double life.”

“How do you do it? You play a match, and you go home, and you’re still changing diapers. It’s like a double life,” she said, according to Reuters. “It’s really surreal.”

The Tennis Star Revealed Why She Wanted to Quit the Sport

We saw Victoria Azarenka making a spectacular return at the 2020 US Open. After a lot of years, it actually feels like she’s finding her groove as she’s thrashed a lot of her rivals.

It’s nice to see the Belarusian back in shape, but it wouldn’t have been possible if she had hung up her boots. She recently confirmed she tried to do this a number of times, and she also disclosed the reason behind it.

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After winning her bout in round 16, Victoria Azarenka answered a series of questions in a post-match interview. There, she revealed how she decided to quit tennis, but she was initially attempting to evade the reasoning behind it. In the end, though, she opened up on her thought process.

My personal situation with my family. That had to be resolved, so… I’m not going to get into that more because that’s not a public matter. It’s my family. That’s always going to stay private.

Her personal struggles are the reason Victoria Azarenka missed her spot at the top of the charts. Back in 2012, she looked invincible, having won two Grand Slams and an Olympic Bronze Medal. She hasn’t accomplished much in a long period of time, and that’s what motivates her at the 2020 US Open.

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This year, the Belarusian wants to lay her hand on the trophy in New York, but her road was anything but plain sailing. Now that she is in the final, however, she pretty much expects to win the entire thing.

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