Chinenye Ezeudu’s Weight Loss on Sex Education Season 3 is Incredible!


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Chinenye Ezeudu's Weight Loss on Sex Education Season 3 is Incredible!

Chinenye Ezeudu’s incredible weight loss on Sex Education season 3 is making fans amazed. Check out Viv actress’ before and after weight loss pictures.

There are several reasons Sex Education has turned into one of the most popular series in Netflix history.

There’s the candid and innovative attitude to love and sexuality, sex encounters that feel as genuine as they are amusing, the gorgeous rural environment, the loveable people, Gillian Anderson! The list is endless.

Chinenye Ezeudu was one of the throngs of people who binge-watched the series on Netflix during 2019. Ezeudu, a young performer from East London, had just secured her first small-screen role in Harlan Coben‘s The Stranger when she opted to take matters into her own hands.

After a successful year of planning, Chinenye joined the second season as Viv, a bright but rule-abiding new student at Moodale High.

Her warm friendship with the school’s popular senior, Jackson, boosted her self-esteem while inspiring Jackson to pursue his true interests. When Season 2 ended, their friendship had taken on a more will they or won’t they ring to it.

You gotta binge season 3 to know what happens to her on-screen character. In real life, however, Chinenye Ezeudu is currently making rounds on the internet over her weight loss speculations. Did she shed some pounds? Let’s discuss.

Chinenye Ezeudu’s Weight Loss – How Many Pounds Did Viv Actress Lose on Sex Education Season 3?

Sex Education's Viv actress Chinenye Ezeudu before and after weight loss.

Sex Education’s Viv actress Chinenye Ezeudu before and after weight loss.
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Chinenye Ezeudu aka Viv on Sex Education has undergone dramatic weight loss in season 3. As soon as the third season of the popular Netflix show hit the streaming platform, fans couldn’t help but be amazed by her stunning change in physique.

As you can witness in the before and after comparison above, the actress looks visibly slimmer that it’s almost difficult to recognize her.

Such incredible transformation is only possible through the immense dedication and hard work. So, there remains no doubt this talented star was determined to lose weight over the course of the last 12 months.

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While the precise pounds she lost are not specified in any public domain so far, you can easily guess it must be a really high number. Besides, Ezeudu herself is yet to address her physical transformation to the media, so until she does we can only speculate on her diet plan and fitness routine.

Chinenye’s weight loss makeover is undeniably inspirational to many folks who are looking to drop pounds. Here’s hoping she sheds light on how she managed to pull it off soon. Fans are definitely pretty eager to hear it.

In the meantime, many users on social media feel the Viv actress looks healthier than she has ever been. Needless to say, they are delighted about her weight loss and couldn’t be happier for her.

Elsewhere, Sex Education co-star Mimi Keene is the subject of a boob job plastic surgery.

Chinenye Ezeudu Gives the Tea on Sex Education Season 3

In a new interview, Chinenye Ezeudu disclosed her favorite moment on Sex Education season 3. She said they were filming these bus sequences and trying to create a surreal environment; it was thrilling for her because the entire group was present and they were able to have a lot of fun together.

The actress says the entire cast of Sex Education is hilarious, but Jim Howick, who portrays Mr. Hendricks, had her in fits of laughter. He was putting his own spin on each scene, and it shows in the funny way he handles the bus scene.

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As for how Chinenye Ezeudu landed her part on Sex Education, she said she binge-watched the first season and thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s hilarious in the way it brings up uncomfortable talks, which is a good thing since it encourages open discussion about relationships and sex.

It’s a great starting point for addressing those issues, and it’s also a lot of fun. Ezeudu added,

I didn’t have an agent at that point, but I knew they were casting for the second season, so I was like, OK, how do I get onto that show? I approached this agent at Curtis Brown (who now is my agent!), and I was like, ‘Hey, they’re casting for Sex Ed. Can I be seen for it?’

The actress continued,

I was being very bold, but luckily it paid off. He said yes and he got me the audition the next day! There’s a video of him coming to my house to tell me I’d got the part.

Chinenye says the thing she loves the most about her character is the fact that Viv has a strong personality and isn’t afraid to say what she thinks. She has a lot on her plate, and that’s why they clicked.

She also has a tendency to be clumsy in certain situations. She thinks it’s normal for teenagers to go through a phase like that, and she felt for her.

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When it comes to season 3 of Sex Education, Viv is forced to examine her principles and allegiances, and she believes she does it admirably.

Her relationship with Jackson grows throughout the season, and there may be more push and pull in it… that’s all she’s saying for now because she does not like giving away spoilers.

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