S*x Education Actress Mimi Keene’s Boob Job Plastic Surgery: Is There Any Truth to It?


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S*x Education Actress Mimi Keene's Boob Job Plastic Surgery: Is There Any Truth to It?

Mimi Keene’s boob job plastic surgery is currently trending on the internet. Did S*x Education’s Ruby Matthews star perform surgery on her breasts? Check out Mimi Keene’s before and after transformation.

Ruby Matthews, the notorious mean girl of Moordale, may have surprised a few fans when S*x Education season 3 premiered. We all know how much we love Otis (Asa Butterfield), but can you blame him for being a little impulsive?

However, his suspicions were confirmed accurate when Ruby swaggered out of the finale as one of the season’s centerpieces, a humorous and nuanced character no longer confined by her elitism or superficial remarks.

Actress Mimi Keene, one of the show’s most underrated talents until now, is totally responsible for that transformation.

Away from her smashing performance on S*x Education Season 3, Mimi Keene is currently making rounds over her alleged plastic surgery endeavors, notably a boob job. Did she really go under the knife? Let’s find out.

Mimi Keene’s Plastic Surgery Apparently Includes Boob Job

Mimi Keene recently said she is looking forward to learning more about Ruby’s character now that her flawless arrogance has been revealed.

For the most part, things are going fairly smoothly in her life right now. She told Glamour, Otis (Asa Butterfield) helps her character open up.

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Ruby (Keene) was once a comic foil to Maeve‘s (Emma Mackey) laconic rationalism, but she develops into a love interest with remarkable emotional depth thanks to Keene’s acting prowess.

Her connection with Otis—or rather, lack thereof—becomes one of the season’s most heartbreaking progress by the finale.

Needless to say, Mimi has got fans intrigued with her wonderful portrayal of Ruby Matthews. However, it’s not just her on-screen performance that fans are interested in. Many couldn’t help but notice her physical transformation, most markedly plastic surgery, in the form of a boob job.

So, has the actress gone for breast implants? While there’s no official confirmation on it, our experts seem to concur with the fans’ suspicions. Mimi Keene does look like she’s had a boob job.

In the meantime, it’s unlikely that the Ruby Matthews actress from S*x Education would address her change in appearance anytime soon, so all of these rumors will merely remain speculations that can neither be confirmed nor denied.

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Having said this, our plastic surgery experts at Weight & Skin seem pretty positive that she’s had lip fillers and Botox, too, in addition to an evident boob job.

Elsewhere, Keene’s co-star Chinenye Ezeudu is the subject of an impressive weight loss transformation!

S*x Education Star Mimi Keene: Ruby Matthews Actress’ Early Life & Career

The now London-based actress has lived her entire life in England, but Mimi Keene was raised primarily in Hertfordshire, a county just north of the city.

The area is home to slightly more than a million people, and is arguably best known for the renowned St. Albans Cathedral, which boasts some of the county’s most spectacular architecture, going back to the 11th century—and likely built in the 8th century.

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For three years, Keene attended the 110-year-old prestigious London performing arts school. In addition to Naomi Campbell and Russell Brand, the notable former students comprise Julianne Hough and Tracey Ullman.

It was in the drama Kin, revolving around a girls’ boarding school in the ’90s, that the S*x Education actress made her professional theatrical debut in 2010.

Guardian theater writer Michael Billington praised the storyline as one of the greatest cases for public education he had ever come across.

Keene portrayed 10-year-old Janey, a young character who was humorously Ruby-lite but had a startling bullying streak. Speaking of her portrayal, Billington wrote:

Mimi Keene as Janey and Ciara Southwood as Mimi, watched over by Annette Badland as a perceptive teacher, are unnervingly good.

As Keene rose through the ranks of British soap drama, EastEnders, she became even more well-known in the public eye. She portrayed Cindy Williams, a character that was first introduced in 1998 and has been performed by four different actresses over the period of 17 years.

The most famous storylines involving the character were her being pregnant at the age of 14 and subsequently being accused of being involved in a murder. After all, it wouldn’t be a soap opera if there weren’t any of those stereotypes.

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When it comes to Netflix‘s S*x Education, Ruby and Keene may not share many personality traits, but they do have a similar sense of style when it comes to dressing up and going out in strange places.

She likes to dress up and wear heels in extremely inappropriate settings, Keene says of her fashion tendencies. She adds, that playing Ruby is always a blast, but this season has been especially so since some of her dresses are out of this world.

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