Could Michele Tafoya’s Weight Loss be Triggered by Her Persistent Anorexia?


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Could Michele Tafoya's Weight Loss be Triggered by Her Persistent Anorexia

All the facts behind Michele Tafoya’s noticeable weight loss. What’s her diet plan & fitness routine? The NBC sportscaster battled anorexia as a child.

Michele Joan Tafoya Beaurain, better known as Michele Tafoya, is an American sportscaster who was born on 7th December 1964. She has worked as a reporter for NBC Sports for a decade, mostly as a sideline reporter for NBC Sunday Night Football.

On a personal front, though, Michele Tafoya has recently become the subject of weight loss speculations on the internet. Did she slim down? Let’s discuss.

Did Michele Tafoya Undergo Weight Loss?

Michele Tafoya before and after weight loss.

Michele Tafoya before and after weight loss.
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Michele Tafoya does look like she’s undergone noticeable weight loss over the years. The fact that she’s battled anorexia since she was a little girl might have complicated matters.

Back in 2018, one fan took to Twitter to tag the sportscaster and write:

@Michele_Tafoya you have lost way too much weight. Praying for you.

Another user mentioned the Dan Le Batard Show and replied:

can we talk about why Michelle Tafoya looks anorexic

As per Pritikin, some individuals suffering from anorexia may seek control over food and weight to cover for other aspects of their lives that are harder to manage.

A person’s self-image can also have a substantial impact on general self-esteem, therefore someone suffering from anorexia may wish to adjust their body in order to feel better psychologically.

Anorexic behavior is usually used to cope with overpowering sensations of worry or the inability to articulate emotions.

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Excessive dieting and exercise might become dangerous over time. In order to adapt to cultural norms, ladies may partake in restrictive food or excessive activity.

While teenage girls and young women have typically been the most affected by anorexia nervosa, boys and men can also be affected. Eating disorders are also becoming more prevalent in older women.

Having said this, we’re not sure anorexia is the cause for Michele Tafoya’s weight loss in recent years, but she does look healthy. So, we don’t see the need to worry about her well-being. All the power to this gorgeous sportscaster!

Michele Tafoya Battled Anorexia As a Child

Michele Tafoya – who is currently the subject of plastic surgery – discussed her childhood struggle with anorexia during a 2011 interview with iVillage, which you can see above.

Tafoya, who was the youngest sibling in Manhattan Beach, California, said growing up among some of the pretty women of Southern California put a mounting burden on her to resemble the body shape of the lean, “popular” ladies who looked wonderful in bikinis.

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Tafoya claimed she dropped down to about 80 pounds at one time, and she considers herself blessed to have lived to tell the story.

She told iVillage:

I was just feeling a lot of peer pressure as a teenage girl growing up in Manhattan Beach, California, where all the cute, popular girls wore really great bikinis and tight jeans. And I wound up being about 5-foot-5 and getting all the way down to 80 pounds and battling anorexia and scaring the you-know-what out of my parents. I’m sometimes grateful that I lived through it ’cause it was pretty bad.

Moreover, she provided words of wisdom for parents of young people battling with disordered eating, as well as those dealing with anorexia themselves.

She says if you’re a parent of a child, a parent of an adolescent, or even a parent of a 20-year-old or 30-year-old coping with an eating problem, interfere and give them care because in some circumstances they struggle to help themselves.

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And, particularly if it’s your child, don’t let them fool you into thinking they’ve got it sorted because they don’t. So, you ought to take the initiative. And if you are alone in this and believe you have an eating issue, whether bulimia or anorexia, don’t be hesitant to get help from someone other than your doctor.

How do I start? I know this is unhealthy I know this is wrong. There’s gotta be a better, easier way to feel comfortable about myself. Just do it, because you’d be surprised how many people are in that boat with you, and you’ll find a lot of support.

It’s fair to say, Michele Tafoya’s words couldn’t be more inspiring!

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