Did Ghost Nations’ Steve Gonsalves Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?


Ghost Nation star Steve Gonsalves before and after weight loss surgery.

Learn all the details of Steve Gonsalves’ alleged weight loss surgery and diet plan.

Steve Gonsalves, a former cop, has been a public speaker and lecturer on paranormal events for nearly two decades. The paranormal icon laid the groundwork for a global preternatural boom being a key cast member of the hit TV series “Ghost Hunters,” which featured the spin-offs “Ghost Hunters Live” and “Ghost Hunters Academy.”

Gonsalves began his work in paranormal research at a very early age and is well trained in the area, having investigated more than 1,000 allegedly haunted sites. He had the luxury of working closely with the well-known detective and paranormal pioneer Dr. William G. Roll (Poltergeist) at the Rhine Research Centre.

Along with his numerous roles on a number of ghost series, Gonsalves served as an executive producer of the horror short “The Captured Bird” along with popular writer and director Guillermo Del Toro.

He was also a regular on several TV shows and radio programs, including “The View,” “Fox and Friends,” “Steve Harvey,” “Larry King Live” and “Katie” starring Katie Couric.

In addition to his work on video, Gonsalves has been creating and distributing material for TV, has an untitled book series in the works, and has created and directed a feature-length documentary that was published in 2019.

Recently, fans are curious about Steve Gonsalves’ physical appearance, more than his professional career. Did he undergo weight loss surgery? What’s his diet and exercise routine? Let’s find out.

Rumors of Steve Gonsalves’s Weight Loss Surgery, Diet Plan & Exercise Routine

Taking a quick glance at his before and after pictures, Steve Gonsalves appears to have lost a fair amount of weight. Although he’s yet to address his weight loss, fans are convinced he shed some pounds.

Unfortunately, the details about his change in physique are few and far between. In the meantime, many viewers are curious to learn about his diet and whether or not, he performed weight loss surgery. But there’s no luck as the TV personality is yet to break his silence on this topic.

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Back in 2013, Steve tweeted:

Best exercise to lose weight? I’ve been jogging but looking to add something else to the routine.

Gonsalves looks noticeably slimmer, so understandably many people are seeking information of his alleged weight loss surgery. So, what exactly is this procedure? Let us provide you a bit of an insight.

Weight loss surgery lets patients with severe weight issues lose significant pounds. It could be an alternative if you can not lose weight by diet and exercise or have severe health issues due to obesity. There are various forms of weight loss surgery available. They also limit the amount of food you can consume.

These types of surgery often affect the way you ingest food and consume nutrients. There are dangers and complications of all sorts, such as cancers, hernias, and blood clots.

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A lot of people who have the surgery lose weight fast but get back weight afterward. If you follow your diet and workout guidelines, you can keep much of your weight off. You’ll still require a medical follow-up for the remainder of your life.

Although we cannot say for certain whether Steve Gonsalves performed this surgery, there’s no doubt he’s managed to achieve an impressive weight loss transformation.

What is Ghost Nation’s Steve Gonsalves Up To?

The popular Ghost Hunters show has finally been revived. A&E Network agreed to reboot the SYFY series as part of a drive for more supernatural programming. “Paranormal worked really well for us in the past,” Elaine Frontain Bryant, Executive VP and Head of A&E Network programming, told The Hollywood Reporter.

She added,

It feels like it’s a time in the country where there’s a trend for people to be spiritual without being overly religious. I think paranormal programming can feed that while being entertainment-forward.

The long-running show centers on OG cast member Grant Wilson and his new team of professional ghost hunters as they search for the truth behind unexplained phenomenons. “I don’t chase ghosts,” Grant states in the show’s trailer. “I chase the truth.”

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Though Ghost Hunters is ready to haunt people with new episodes, many crazy fans ask what happened to the original band, including Steve Gonsalves.

Yes, paranormal investigator Steve is still looking for ghosts. And he’s going to compete against his former co-star Grant’s new show. As per his social media activity, the television personality is reportedly working on Ghost Nation, a Travel Channel show.

The statement on Steve’s Instagram read:

The trio formerly of Ghost Hunters (Jason Hawes, Steve Gonsalves, and Dave Tango) return to television by popular demand for all-new explorations of the other side. [The team] will attempt to uncover paranormal evidence like never before, while also debunking false claims.

But on these bigger and bolder investigations, the team also will endeavor to track down the true source of hauntings and restore peace and order among the living … and the dead.

The native of Massachusetts was is in the middle of shooting the new Travel Channel show at the time. On 12th June, he tweeted a screenshot of their camera crew shooting video for the new fall season.

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In addition to working on Ghost Nation, Steve is taking part in a variety of meetings and fan events. He tours around the United States, participating in numerous paranormal conferences and ghost hunting activities.

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