‘The Karate Kid’ Star Ralph Macchio’s Plastic Surgery is Trending But Is It True?


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'The Karate Kid' Star Ralph Macchio's Plastic Surgery is Trending But Is It True

Learn the real truth about The Karate Kid star Ralph Macchio’s plastic surgery speculations.

Time moves on. Faces change. Wrinkles appear. Hair, if you’re a guy, shifts from the top of your head to less attractive areas. The body declines, and what you thought was young invulnerability transforms into accelerated deterioration. You’re going to perish unless you’re a performer.

We don’t wish to claim plastic surgery is the sole reason for their youthfulness, but certain people know how to appear young. Ralph Macchio is definitely one of those individuals.

Do you realize the Karate Kid might still qualify as the Karate Kid? He had been away from the public spotlight since his glory days, but you’d be forgiven for mistaking he’s just been freezing himself, momentarily defrosting to do My Cousin Vinny, the awful Artie Lang’s Beer League, and the odd public presence to showcase how he still looks like a kid bullies would feast on.

Ralph Macchio’s Plastic Surgery Speculations – Did The Karate Kid Star Go Under the Knife?

Ralph Macchio is often the subject of plastic surgery through before and after pictures.

Ralph Macchio is often the subject of plastic surgery through before and after pictures.
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Ralph Macchio is often accused of undergoing plastic surgery just like his Cobra Kai co-star Martin Kove, but do the accusations carry any legs?

Needless to mention, celebrity watchers and fans around the globe are curious to learn how Macchio somehow manages to look ageless for a 58-year-old man.

Taking a peek at the before and after pictures, Macchio hasn’t looked much different over the years. His forehead is completely smooth, but he’s got some crow’s feet around his eyes, probably a result of botox injections.

In an odd chance we conclude he’s reluctant to perform plastic surgery, Ralph clearly follows a balanced lifestyle, exercises a lot, uses a great moisturizer, and, of course, he’s fortunate with strong genes!

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In the meantime, what about the professional plastic surgeons? How do they view Ralph Macchio’s alleged plastic surgery?

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Nassif stated:

Ralph Macchio does not appear to have had any plastic surgery. His look is natural, and he would not benefit from any procedures at this time.

Likewise, plastic surgeon Dr. Salzhauer claimed:

Ralph Macchio appears to use Botox on his forehead, but that’s about it for cosmetic enhancements.

In conclusion, whatever plastic surgery operation Ralph Macchio adopts, it obviously works for him as he appears perfectly natural. No wonder he’s aging gracefully.

Ralph Macchio Showed Up at New York Premiere and Amazed Fans With Youthful Look

Back in 2017, Ralph Macchio made a surprise red carpet appearance for Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2‘s New York premiere – appearing shockingly young for the then-55-year-old.

The Karate Kid star grinned at the fans as he arrived at the Whitby Hotel after-party in New York.

Ralph doesn’t feature in the Marvel action movie, but it’s filled with a ton of nods to the 80s.

Fans were swift to compliment Ralph with one tweeting: “Ralph Macchio is like 50 something and still looking good.”

Another wrote: “I just wanna thank Ralph Macchio for being my childhood crush & sparking my interest in Italian men ???.”

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The Karate Kid in 1984 was a worldwide hit that saw Ralph’s character, Daniel LaRusso, learn martial arts with trainer Kesuke Miyagi (played by Pat Morita) to take on some neighborhood bullies.

One eagle-eyed viewer wrote on Twitter: “Ralph Macchio (The Karate Kid) is currently 4 years older than Pat Morita (Mr Miyagi) was when that film was released.  #WTF.”

The film produced two sequels – released in 1986 and 1989. In 2014, when the original movie hit its 30th anniversary, Ralph spoke about the continuing success of the iconic movie.

It reminds me of the impact the film has had for three decades and that it continues to resonate across generations… and that I am getting seriously much older.

The actor acknowledged many people are fascinated by his timeless good looks. “We are entering the ‘Stay Golden Years’ but looking damn good. I blame my parents—good genes.”

Ralph Macchio Reckons Will Smith Reboot Should Have Been Called ‘The Kung Fu Kid’

Ralph Macchio claims the 2010 remake of The Karate Kid, created by Will Smith, would have been better off called ‘The Kung Fu Kid.’

Macchio, who portrayed Daniel LaRusso in the original 1984 movie, stated to The Guardian the new version was supposed to have a different title in line with the change in setting.

The reboot, which shifts from Los Angeles to China, should have been called The Kung Fu Kid because there is “no such thing as karate in China.”

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The film earned mixed reviews when it was released, but Macchio believes the reboot enhanced the prestige of the original movie.

Speaking of his own experience in the franchise, the actor said almost every day he recalls his part in the film.

It’s a rare sporting event I go to when I don’t hear [the Joe Esposito song] You’re the Best Around.

Referring to a scene in the movie in which his character traps a fly with a chopstick, the actor said:

And if I’m in a Japanese restaurant and a fly is in the building, I have about nine seconds to get out.

Meanwhile, The Karate Kid Universe is growing as Cobra Kai dropped on Netflix on 28th August, a series developed by super fans Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz, and Hayden Schlossberg, placing Daniel 34 years on from the incidents of the first film, in front of his archenemy Johnny.

On the filmmakers, Macchio said:

Jon, Josh, and Hayden know way more about the films than I ever did. We’ll be shooting a scene and they’ll say: ‘Remember that time you lifted your left arm? The way you pointed that finger was definitive to my childhood!’ I’m like: ‘Dude, I was just saying a line!’ Oh, it’s really wonderful.

Cobra Kai is currently streaming on Netflix.

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