‘Cobra Kai’ Star Martin Kove’s Plastic Surgery – What’s the Secret to His Good Looks?


Martin Kove before and after plastic surgery.

Grab all the details of Cobra Kai actor Martin Kove’s plastic surgery speculations through before and after images.

Martin Kove is an American actor most renowned for his performance in the 1984 martial arts drama film The Karate Kid, where he played the role of John Kreese. As a television star, he became renowned for his appearance in Cagney & Lacey.

For a 74-year-old, Kove looks amazing for his age. This has prompted speculations of plastic surgery towards the actor. So, is there any truth to it? Let’s find out.

Did Martin Kove Perform Plastic Surgery to Retain Youthful Looks?

Martin Kove is the subject of plastic surgery speculations lately. Fans appear curious to learn whether The Karate Kid actor went under the knife to alter his appearance over the years.

Although Martin is undoubtedly most prominent for his performance in The Karate Kid, he’s also acted in a lot of other major hits.

Kove played roles in movies such as Rambo: First Blood (1982), Wyatt Earp (1994), and more. Provided he has been acting since 1971; you can imagine how many projects he’s been part of in his career so far.

Martin Kove is suspected of undergoing plastic surgery, through before and after pictures.

Martin Kove is suspected of undergoing plastic surgery, through before and after pictures.
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Besides film projects, Kove’s been seen on small screens a number of times. Beginning in 1974, Martin played guest roles in shows such as The Incredible Hulk (1978), The Twilight Zone (1985), Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (1993-94), Criminal Minds (2015), and The Goldbergs (2017).

Perhaps his best role on TV was the portrayal of Detective Victor Isbecki on Cagney and Lacey (1982-1988). He made appearances in a total of 113 episodes during the six seasons of the program.

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And now, he’s made his return to TV with the Netflix series Cobra Kai as he reprised his character John Kreese from The Karate Kid franchise.

Away from the professional scene, Kove looks great for his age. You wouldn’t think he is currently in his mid-70s.

In fact, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s merely been a few years since we last witnessed him because of how good he looks. This has naturally brought allegations of plastic surgery, just like his Cobra Kai co-star Ralph Macchio.

Contrasting Martin Kove’s before and after images, we suspect he’s had Botox and fillers for his more youthful appearance.

Besides cosmetic enhancements, we reckon the reason the 74-year-old still looks so young is probably down to the martial arts he’s practiced all his life.

There’s just so much you can pretend while you’re trying to represent a genuine martial artist. Martin Kove has practiced numerous techniques of combat during the course of his life, not just for acting reasons, but also for the sake of learning the art and sports as a whole.

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He practiced Shihan Tak Kubota, Kendo, Tae Kwon Do, and several others. Impressively, he’s got a black belt in Okinawa-te. The actor was trained by Pat Johnson (who practiced under Chuck Norris) for 3 hours every day while filming The Karate Kid (1984).

Martin Kove was Wary of Making a Return to Cobra Kai on Netflix


Irrespective of what holds in the future, Cobra Kai is undoubtedly home to the come back of a number of memorable characters from The Karate Kid franchise.

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Martin Kove is one such actor who reprised the part from the hit movie in the sequel show, now on Netflix. If you assumed coming back to Cobra Kai was an instant “yes,” think again. As a matter of fact, Kove disclosed he was originally “leery” about coming back.

Martin Kove was delighted by viewers when he participated in the final episode of Season 1 as he joined the new Cobra Kai Dojo. Kove didn’t miss a beat as he stepped into the boots of John Kreese.

The part of Johnny Lawrence‘s vicious sensei, who Daniel feels liable for Johnny’s lifestyle, surged back into the center of Cobra Kai.

John Kreese’s come back set up a strong Season 2 plot, as Johnny got back together with his old mentor. At first, Martin Kove was unsure about taking on the role of his legendary character from The Karate Kid films.

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Kove clarified he was hoping to learn from the showrunners when it came to how they intend to handle Kreese’ incarnation in the show, telling THR he was eager to return but in the right manner.

I wanted to come back to the role. I was quite leery to do it as written for the movies, but my basic insistence to the [Cobra Kai] writers was, ‘Are you going to write this character vulnerably? Are you going to give him some versatile situations?’

And they did, they had him coming off Episode 1, Season 2 as if he was a big shot. He portrayed that everything’s cool, and he’s coming back, and he wants to be in Cobra Kai because it’s now big news. He lives in a shelter because he has no money.

Then [Zabka’s character] follows him one day, and they have a great scene in the shelter where I’m in tears, and Billy’s in tears. He takes me back into Cobra Kai. This is after Episode 1, where we had a big fight, and I threw him through glass.

The huge battle between Kreese and Johnny gave the second season of Cobra Kai an intense boost. There was an early softening between the two following their fight in the dojo. In the premiere, Kreese exchanged some truly genuine words with Johnny, apologizing for how tough he was with his prized student back in the day.

Kreese is nothing like Mr. Miyagi indeed. In fact, he’s quite the opposite. Johnny noted, Kreese was like a dad to him, having had an awful stepfather in Sid.

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Johnny’s urge to impress Kreese led him down a dangerous path, as Cobra Kai pointed out numerous times. Still, Kreese along with several other Karate Kid characters discovered a new texture on the now-Netflix series.

It’s one of the several interesting angles that has made Cobra Kai translate so well. Some aspects don’t change, though. As Karate Kid viewers saw at the start of Cobra Kai season 2, Johnny really needed to impress his old sensei like the good old days.

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