Real Truth About White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s Plastic Surgery Speculations


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Real Truth About White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany's Plastic Surgery Speculations

Everything you need to know about Kayleigh McEnany’s plastic surgery speculations.

Born on 18th April 1988, Kayleigh McEnany is an American political analyst, activist, and journalist who is the reigning White House Press Secretary.

Graduating from Georgetown University, followed by Harvard, she started her television career as a reporter for Huckabee on Fox News and then served as an analyst on CNN.

In 2017, she was elected as the national spokesperson for the Republican National Committee. On 7th April 2020, she was named White House Press Secretary in the Trump administration.

Lately, social media users appear to be curious to learn about Kayleigh McEnany’s cosmetic endeavors. Did she really have plastic surgery? Without further ado, let’s find out.

Kayleigh McEnany’s Plastic Surgery Rumors – Did She Go Under the Knife?

Kayleigh McEnany is the topic of major plastic surgery speculations amongst fans in recent weeks. Is there any truth to it? Did the White House Press Security actually go under the knife?

We compared McEnany’s recent appearance with her previous look. After close inspection, she appears to have undergone some form of plastic surgery, but the exact procedure is hard to determine. Botox and facelift is our best bet.

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Till Kayleigh McEnany breaks her silence on this issue, this shall remain complete speculation with no reliable proof to back up the claims of plastic surgery. On the contrary, we cannot deny she might be looking naturally beautiful and that there are no cosmetic operations involved.

However, are we ready to give her the benefit of the doubt? Maybe not, because every celebrity who often appears in the public eye tends to undergo a few plastic surgery procedures throughout their career.

Kayleigh McEnany Shared Story of Her Mastectomy in Convention Speech

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany discussed her experience working with President Trump on the third night of the Republican National Convention and how he embraced her as a young mother and as a “pre-existing” American.

In a heartfelt speech on 26th August, McEnany told a profoundly intimate story regarding her discovery of the BRCAII gene mutation — a mutation that gave her 84% risk of breast cancer — which led her to a preventative double mastectomy in 2018.

“It was days before Christmas, and I was 21 years old when I got a call that changed my life,” she said.

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McEnany clarified the mutation was the same as her mother, which prompted her to undergo a preventive mastectomy. She said the procedure would shield her from a disease that had claimed the lives of so many mothers, sisters, and friends.

“In my family, eight women were diagnosed with breast cancer — several in their 20s,” she said. “I now faced the same prospect.”

Kayleigh McEnany remembered when she regularly visited cancer screening for necessary surveillance.

“During these visits, I crossed paths with brave women, battling cancer, and fighting through chemotherapy. They were a testament to American strength. They are American heroes,” McEnany said.

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She said she adopted her mother’s footsteps” in May 2018, opting to have a preventive mastectomy.

I was scared. The night before I fought back tears, as I prepared to lose a piece of myself. But the next day, with my mom, dad, husband, and Jesus Christ by my side, I underwent a mastectomy, almost eliminating my chance of breast cancer — a decision I now celebrate.


I developed a strength and a confidence that I carry with me.


During one of my most difficult times, I expected to have the support of my family, but I had more support than I knew.

McEnany claimed one of the first calls she received was from Ivanka Trump.

Days later, as I recovered, my phone rang. It was President Trump, calling to check on me. I was blown away. Here was the leader of the free world caring about me.


Though I didn’t personally know the president at the time, I know him well now and I can tell you that this president loves the American people, stands by Americans with preexisting conditions and supports working moms.

Kayleigh McEnany then declared the president’s encouragement for her position not only as a White House press secretary but as a mother.

When I started working for President Trump, my husband and I became pregnant with our first child, I would see President Trump at rallies. He would routinely ask me how my baby was doing. The same way President Trump has supported me, he supports you. I see it every day.

Kayleigh revealed the president had said the “hardest part of his job is writing to loved ones of fallen soldiers.”

I’ve seen him offer heartfelt outreach to grieving parents who lost their children to crime in the streets. I’ve watched him fight for Americans who lost their jobs.


When I look into my baby’s eyes, I see a new life, a miracle for which I have a solemn responsibility to protect. That means protecting America’s future — a future President Trump will fight for where our neighborhoods are protected. Where life is sacred.

She continued in her live speech, “I want my daughter to grow up in President Donald Trump’s America.” Prior to leaving the White House, Kayleigh McEnany worked as a spokesman for the President’s re-election effort.

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Donald Trump appointed her White House press secretary in April.

Kayleigh McEnany Ripped PBS Correspondent Yamiche Alcindor for ‘Unconscionably Dishonest Tweet’ of Trump Remarks

Often at the crossfire of plastic surgery speculations, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany lashed at PBS NewsHour reporter Yamiche Alcindor for taking comments made by President Trump completely out of context.

During a recent press conference, Trump was questioned about a post he made on Twitter made earlier in the day threatening “low-income housing would invade” the suburbs if his Democratic opponent Joe Biden were elected president.

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Trump claimed the steps required to make low-income housing on the outskirts of big cities would destroy suburbia.

And just so you understand, 30 percent plus of the people living in suburbia are minorities- African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans – they’re all minorities, 30 percent. The number’s even higher, they say 35, but I like to cut it a little bit lower. You know why? That way I can’t get myself into too much trouble with the fake news.

In light of this, Trump landed in difficulty, as per a tweet from Alcindor.

A moment to behold. Q: What do you mean by an ‘invasion’ in the suburbs if VP Joe Biden is elected? President Trump: ‘They’re going to destroy suburbia. And 30 percent of the people in suburbia are minorities. They say 35 percent, but I like to cut it lower.’

Kayleigh McEnany later criticized the PBS author, posting her tweet and an extract from the White House transcript.

Yesterday, President @realDonaldTrump said he wanted to protect suburbs for ALL Americans of ALL backgrounds, but the unconscionably dishonest tweet below omitted the vast majority of his actual quote to make it seem like he was saying the opposite.

Others piled on Alcindor.

“You cut the quote in half, @Yamiche,” RealClearNews correspondent Philip Wegmann told Alcindor. “Full quotes make for less Twitter moments to behold.”

“He was not saying what Yamiche is implying. She literally cut the quote off because she is a liar and the biggest liberal hack in journalist,” Daily Caller’s Greg Price wrote.

“It’s telling that I correctly assumed this was a dishonest quote as soon as I saw it based solely on who it was coming from…” conservative writer A.G. Hamilton tweeted. “Yamiche’s tweet is a bad paraphrase that intentionally cuts out the next sentence to mislead people. She knew exactly what she was doing.”

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Back in May, the PBS correspondent fact-checked Trump, who labeled the rioters responsible for the robbery after George Floyd‘s death “anarchists” and accused the president of not providing enough proof for his assertion.

In June, she debunked Trump’s claim that many knocking down monuments don’t really recognize the individuals whose monuments they are pulling down, saying, “Protesters say they understand who the statues commemorate and that images of those people—many who owned enslaved people—should be gone.”

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