All the facts behind Phil Mickelson’s plastic surgery procedures on his face, most notably Botox injections and facelift surgery. Check out his before and after transformation.

Phil Mickelson, probably the greatest left-handed Golfer in history, has won 45 times on the PGA Tour, notably six Major championships. Most recently, he impressed once more as he became the oldest player to win a major title.

Away from professional life, however, this legendary golfer has become the subject of plastic surgery on the internet. Did he really go under the knife? Let’s find out.

Did Phil Mickelson Have Plastic Surgery on His Face?

Phil Mickelson before and after alleged plastic surgery.

Phil Mickelson before and after alleged plastic surgery.
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It’s not unusual to see famous stars becoming the subject of plastic surgery on the internet. Golfer Phil Mickelson is no different in this regard. Since his recent appearance on the golf course, fans have become curious to learn if he went under the knife.

Mickelson has never addressed his alleged cosmetic enhancements nor has he openly expressed his desire to make artificial changes on his face. The player, though, looks fantastic even at the age of 50, which might have raised the curiosity surrounding his looks.

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In the recent PGA Tour, there seems to be noticeable weirdness around his facial region. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to contrast his present appearance with how he looked in the past. Upon close inspection, it looks like he’s definitely made some adjustments on his face.

Our experts at Weight & Skin reckon Phil Mickelson has had Botox injections and facelift surgery to enhance his looks as he enters his 50s.

Phil Mickelson Made History By Becoming Oldest Major Winner

Phil Mickelson etched his name into the annals of golf. When he won the PGA Championship this week, the 50-year-old thus became the oldest golfer to claim a major title. Julius Boros, who captured the 1968 PGA Championship at the age of 48, was the previous owner of the record.

Mickelson finished his 73 with a par on the 72nd hole, eliciting wild applause from the Ocean Course crowd. Mickelson raised his hands in victory after making the deciding putt, then embraced his pal, Tim, who was his caddie. Mickelson ended the tournament with a score of 6-under 282.

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Second place was shared by Louis Oosthuizen and Brooks Koepka. Oosthuizen shot a 73, while Koepka, who was leading after the first hole, shot a 74. Mickelson shared an inspiring quote on Twitter 12 days earlier, and everything seemed to fall in place after he won the PGA Championship.

Mickelson wrote,

I’ve failed many times in my life and career and because of this I’ve learned a lot. Instead of feeling defeated countless times, I’ve used it as fuel to drive me to work harder. So today, join me in accepting our failures. Let’s use them to motivate us to work even harder.

Mickelson’s win was his second on the PGA Tour and his sixth major victory altogether. He has become the first player on the PGA Tour to win two tournaments separated by 30 years.

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He won his first of 45 championships in 1991, while still a junior at Arizona State. Mickelson also became the 10th player to claim a major over the course of the last 30 years, joining Harry Vardon and Tiger Woods on the list.

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