Get all the info about the American businessman and reality TV star Chumlee’s weight loss.

Austin Lee Russell, better known as Chumlee, is an American businessman and reality TV star. He is a part of the reality series ‘Pawn Series’ on History Channel. The show follows the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas.

Chumlee started working in the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop five years before the production of the debut season. His childhood buddy Corey Harrison‘s dad, Rick Harrison, and his grandfather, Richard Benjamin Harrison, opened the store in 1989.

In recent years, Chumlee has earned popularity for stuff other than his role in the reality show: weight loss. Here’s how the 37-year-old reality star lost a large amount of weight to a much fitter frame.

Chumlee’s Weight Loss Journey – How Did He Lose 100 Pounds?

Chumlee before and after weight loss.

Chumlee before and after weight loss.
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Throughout childhood, Chumlee grappled with weight issues. At the peak of his obesity, he weighed more than 300 pounds, which is an astounding number to note.

He tried to get the extra fat out of his body a few times in his career, but he never really achieved much success. In 2014, he managed to get up to 225 pounds from the previous year’s 320, but he was unable to keep that and he regained all the weight he had lost.

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Chumlee knew he had to take some extreme steps to achieve weight loss later in life. He had no choice but to settle for weight loss surgery to accomplish it.

In 2018, Chumlee underwent lap-band surgery, a medical technique requiring the placing of an elastic belt over the upper part of the stomach using a laparoscope.

The procedure decreases the size of the stomach and the quantity of food it can hold. Essentially, it makes a person get full quickly after eating a certain amount of food.

What is Chumlee’s Weight Loss Diet?

Chumlee went from 344 pounds to 305 lbs following surgery in 2018. However, he didn’t take a breather. He understood he needed to manage his weight by taking healthy lifestyle decisions for his own well-being.

With the aid of his girlfriend, Tanya Hyjazi, Chumlee started to adopt a rigorous diet and workout schedule.

Tanya is a chef and diet specialist who made her partner drink healthy food items, such as vegetables and juices, and prohibited everything red meat. In addition, Chumlee hits the gym six times a week to get a dose of intense exercise.

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About 10 months after his first positive weight loss, all due to his latest lifestyle improvements, he fell to 230 pounds, a major turnaround he had created in that amount of time.

And Chumlee continues moving forward, with the end target of hitting 170 pounds.

Chumlee was the Subject of Death Hoax

There appears to be no explanation for Chumlee’s most recent death speculation. On the Internet, any news is always going to be viral when netizens post it out of emotions without testing the facts behind stuff.

However, the result is that we fall victim to death hoaxes like these. When it comes to the case of Chumlee, one may find that his health concern earlier throughout 2020 contributed to the speculation.

Chumlee was admitted in March 2020 with extreme stomach discomfort and difficulties breathing. There were concerns it could be coronavirus, but it was confirmed negative. Later, he went on to reassure the supporters that there was nothing significant about it.

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A fan commented RIP under one of his Instagram posts that prompted many to refute the fake news, in the thread itself. While Chumlee did not discuss the most recent death speculation, he had previously been linked to celebrity death hoaxes.

An uproar emerged in 2013 after a newspaper announced that he had died following an overdose of weed. The same platform had reported fake reports regarding the detention of Chumlee with pot in his hands.

The alleged fallacy of someone dying of excessive weed caused the theory to be dismissed almost instantly. Nevertheless, the tale was resurrected again in 2017, to be quashed soon afterward.

Apart from the apparent mishaps of Chumlee with marijuana, a more serious death hoax emerged in 2014. It said that Chumlee had died of a heart attack.

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Fans took this to their hearts because Chumlee had been struggling with weight issues for a long time and even underwent weight loss surgery.

It would not be beyond the realm of belief that Chumlee had suffered a fatal heart attack. In reality, this theory received so much attention that the ‘Pawn Stars’ cast member had to put out a post to refute it himself.

As things stand, the new speculation is Chumlee ‘s fourth death hoax. He is doing all right, so he is focused on the new candy store he is opening. You often see him talking about it on Instagram.

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