Full Story on Drag Queen Roxxxy Andrews’ Weight Loss Journey


Full Story on Drag Queen Roxxxy Andrews' Weight Loss Journey

Get all the info concerning the weight loss of American drag star Roxxxy Andrews.

Michael Feliciano, known professionally as Roxxxy Andrews, is an American drag artist. He received global recognition through RuPaul’s Drag Race season five and RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season two.

Apart from his position in these television competition shows, viewers are always excited to know about the private life and other stuff in the world of Roxxxy Andrews.

One of the most significant accomplishments of his career was his apparent weight loss. Let’s dive into the facts behind Roxxxy Andrews’ physical transformation.

Roxxxy Andrews’ Weight Loss Journey – What’s His Diet?

As per Brawny Bombshell Fitness in 2013, Roxxxy Andrews underwent 70 pounds of weight loss in a quest to show off his healthier body.

Since then, he has already lost a few extra pounds and is far away from the level that is medically regarded as obese. He regularly monitors his food and workout to ensure that he does not pack on any extra weight.

There is no mystery to Roxxxy Andrew’s weight loss since it is pretty widely known to most people. Managing your food and fitness are the key things that determine what body type you are going to get.

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It’s always in the interest of an individual to decide if he or she implements the weight loss techniques. Without strong determination and devotion to actively changing the body, no one will excel in reducing weight.

Roxxxy was eager to expose his body to the public that weight loss was a must. He established a strong desire to make a positive difference in his body and to maintain a balanced and comfortable body image.

He embraced a balanced diet strategy and kept to it, restricting caffeine, unhealthy food, and high-calorie foods. Similarly, he was involved in an intensive exercise regimen to ensuring his body remained fit.

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After offering consistency to these two patterns, Roxxxy was eventually able to lose more than 70 pounds.

Roxxxy Andrews Looked Back at ‘Drag Race All Stars’ Season 2

During an interview with Billboard in 2018, Roxxxy Andrews talked about the behind-the-scenes that he was surprised didn’t make the television edit.

On the first episode, I eliminated Coco [Montrese]. It didn’t seem that she was that upset and, when all the girls came back to fight their way back into the competition, it seemed that she was okay with everything.

Roxxxy Andrews continued, “Then when we wrapped filming and everything came out, it was more so that she was extremely upset and she was on social media letting people know how upset she really was when in person, it wasn’t like that at all.”

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The Drag Queen added, “She was tweeting and saying I chose ten thousand dollars over our friendship and things like where when they came back on the season, it was more, ‘Oh, no, girl! I’m not mad at you. I understand.'”

A Bit on Roxxxy Andrews’ Early Life

Roxxxy Andrews grew up on North Miami Beach, Florida. He belongs to Puerto Rican and Cuban-American descent. His mother left him along with his sister as kids at a bus stop. The two of them grew up with their grandmother, Sonja.

Roxxxy is a part of the House of Andrews, created in 1986 by Miss Continental winner Tandi Andrews (1964-1995). The drag mother of Roxxxy was Erica Andrews (1969–2013).

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He launched his journey in the Parliament and Pulse nightclubs in Orlando and later began performing in the drag pageantry program. In 2010, Andrews received Miss Continental Plus Pageant in 2010.

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