Full Story on Outdoors Star Roger Raglin’s Weight Loss Plan and Diet


Full Story on Outdoors Star Roger Raglin's Weight Loss Plan and Diet

How did Roger Raglin manage to undergo weight loss? What’s his weight loss plan and diet? What about the Roger Raglin Outdoors star’s coaching video on losing weight? How are the reviews?

Roger Raglin is renowned for his TV show Roger Raglin Outdoors. The series that has aired on Outdoor Channel for over a decade is an extremely popular program.

Raglin has also created several hunting entertainment videos, rendering him one of the most successful producers of all time. He received three Golden Moose Fan Favorite Awards for his achievements and was named to the National Outdoor Sports Hall of Fame back in 2011.

Roger Raglin is one of the most notable individuals in the hunting industry. In recent years, the actor has received recognition with his impressive weight loss by losing 80 pounds of surplus body fat. How did he manage to achieve it? Let’s grab all the details.

What is Roger Raglin’s Weight Loss Plan?

For the majority of his adult life, Roger Raglin weighed more than what is deemed standard, weighing 300 pounds at his largest. And every month, he used to add a few pounds to his prior weight, allowing him to get heavier as years went by.

The TV star realized he needed to alter his attitude, or else it might be detrimental to his wellbeing, and also to his future. And thus, he went on a weight loss journey.

Roger Raglin introduced just one adjustment in his diet, and that had a huge effect on his lifestyle, culminating in positive weight loss results. The aspect that improved was his nutrition, and after modifying his dietary patterns, Roger Raglin was able to shed a large amount of weight.

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In just under five months, he went from size 50 to 42—losing a minimum of 40 inches overall, which is quite an accomplishment in itself. He managed to lose four inches of fat thickness across his neck.

Roger Raglin fell 10 pant size that is almost 80 pounds while measuring. Impressively, this was 100 percent thanks to his improved diet. Nowadays, the old trousers he used to sport are too large for him.

What is Roger Raglin’s Diet Plan?

In addition to the introductory clip he placed on his website, Roger Raglin outlined everything he had done to undergo such a spectacular weight loss. The site contains information entirely dedicated to Roger’s strategy of dropping pounds, including a lot of descriptive videos.

Roger says that by merely modifying his dietary habits – no workout, no pills – he was able to lose weight. He took a healthy eating schedule and dumped his old habits of overeating.

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He was more mindful of what he ate and when he fed, making sure he was consuming the correct food at the right moment. He also ingested a lot of water and skipped fast food products as much as possible.

Rather than eating foods rich in starch and added sugar, he preferred organic vegetables and fruit. This way, with absolute control of his diet, he was able to achieve substantial weight loss in a short period of five months, even in his sixties.

Roger Raglin’s Story Went to Hollywood in 2015

Outdoor TV icon, Hall of Fame inductee and outdoors celeb Roger Raglin, from Coweta, went to Hollywood, or at least a portion of his story did.

Raglin’s DVD, “The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter,” initially broadcast in 2000, became an inspiration for a Hollywood movie of the same name filmed in Asheville, North Carolina. The movie released in 2018 stars Josh Brolin, Danny McBride, and Montana Jordan.

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In The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter movie, a widely renowned whitetail deer hunter brings his 13-year-old son on his first deer hunt.

As per IMDb, “Jaden, a cool and confident sixth-grade boy, is supposed to be bonding with his father on a hunting trip, but Jaden wants to do anything but!”

Roger Raglin said in a statement, “Reading the script I had to chuckle a bit. In the opening few scenes of the movie, Josh Brolin shoots a number of different bucks and full of excitement and enthusiasm he jumps up and down and yells ‘Jumpin Joseph!’ instead of ‘Jiminy Christmas!’”

The deer hunter added it was going to be interesting to see the premiere and see how it all works out. He always liked being interested in this entire process, because it was quite rewarding. Although it’s a comedy, there is a lot of drama out there, too.

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Roger Raglin was willing to say they are coming up with a star, and he hoped the shooting group as a whole would appreciate the film image. It was going to be the first time he went to the movies, and he knew the end before anyone else did. So, he was not willing to give it away.

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