Brooke Williamson’s Plastic Surgery is Trending But Is It True?


Brooke Williamson's Plastic Surgery is Trending But Is It True?

Learn all the facts behind Brooke Williamson’s plastic surgery endeavors on her face, notably nose job aka rhinoplasty as well as Botox injections. Check out the chef’s before and after pictures.

Brooke Williamson, who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California, has amassed an impressive list of prominent positions and accomplishments, most notably the youngest female chef to ever serve at the James Beard House and coming out victorious at Top Chef Season 14 in Charleston.

Most recently, she was named the first recipient of the Tournament of Champions accolade in spring 2020. Brooke finished second on Top Chef season 10 in Seattle, and she also participated on Top Chef Duels.

Lately, this talented chef is the subject of plastic surgery speculations among fans on the internet. So, what’s the tea? Let’s get to bottom of it.

Brooke Williamson’s Plastic Surgery – Did the Chef Make Changes to Her Face?

Brooke Williamson before and after alleged plastic surgery.

Brooke Williamson before and after alleged plastic surgery.
Image Source: Weight & Skin

Since Brooke Williamson made a return to our TV screens, fans began noticing something different about her appearance. Did she make some artificial enhancements?

Many fans appear convinced that the popular chef did undergo plastic surgery. So, what’s the truth? Did she genuinely go under the knife?

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Besides the obvious curiosity surrounding her plastic surgery, many fans were perplexed when Brooke Williamson was announced as a competitor in the inaugural season of Tournament of Champions.

She finished runner-up on Season 10 of the popular reality competition Top Chef, but she was still relatively unexplored on Food Network.

That explains why she was seeded seventh in the West Coast bracket in her first tournament. In the debut episode, she took the disclosure well, but she felt she should have been placed higher given her multiple achievements.

Williamson entered the first round as a heavy underdog versus fellow Top Chef challenger Michael Voltaggio, the #1 seed in the West. Williamson would sweep the West section by defeating Jet Tila and #1 seed Antonia Lofaso.

Williamson then beat Amanda Freitag, the champion of the East Coast, to be crowned the Tournament of Champions’ first-ever victor. It was a conventional underdog moment that made for a rather fun tournament.

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Away from success and fame, the reality star is currently at the forefront of plastic surgery accusations. To get to the bottom of this, we tried contrasting her latest appearance with how she looked in the past.

After careful inspection, our experts at Weight & Skin believe Brooke Williamson has performed a nose job aka rhinoplasty as well as Botox injections.

There’s an argument to be made for potential lip fillers, but we’re willing to give the benefit of the doubt to Williamson as she could be using lip gloss.

Can Brooke Williamson Win ‘Tournament of Champions’ Season 2?

There remains no doubt that Brooke Williamson will enter the competition as the top overall seed. When you couple that with the fact that everybody knows who she is and how awesome a chef she is, the path to back-to-back wins becomes much more difficult.

Depending on the outcome of the play-in tourney, her first-round fight could be simpler than last season. However, being the top seed is no guaranteed success. Just ask Alex Guarnaschelli how that panned out for her during the previous season.

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Without a doubt, the other participants in the competition overlooked Williamson. But that could be down to unfamiliarity with her approach and skills rather than a belief that she wasn’t a talented chef.

It’s been a year, and you can’t find a foodie anywhere in the world who hasn’t heard of Brooke Williamson’s accomplishments.

As for us, we’re quite confident Antonia Lofaso is likelier to win the Tournament of Champions season 2. She is motivated, eager to make amends, and hates losing. All of this being said, if there is one chef who can dethrone her, it is Williamson. After all, she’s done it before.

For the second season, everything about the reality competition has been taken to another level. There is no doubt that Brooke Williamson is skilled enough to triumph again, but it will be difficult.

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Her quest for a second title begins on 7th March with the premiere of the show on the Food Network.

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