Alisyn Camerota’s Plastic Surgery – Did the CNN Anchor Go Under the Knife?


Alisyn Camerota before and after plastic surgery.

Grab all the details of CNN’s New Day host Alisyn Camerota’s plastic surgery procedures. Compare her transformation with before and after pictures.

It used to be the simple, high-definition TV placing ample emphasis on some TV journalists and media figures to fine-tune certain features.

While traditionally only the big-screen stars and celebrities went for cosmetic enhancements, the tide has now shifted.

Popular journalists like Alisyn Camerota have got no place to hide. So, this begs the question. Did she really undergo plastic surgery? Let’s find out.

Has Alisyn Camerota Performed Plastic Surgery?

Alisyn Camerota is one of America’s best journalists who got nominated for the Emmy award twice in news coverage.

Her resume couldn’t be more remarkable, as she serves as the host of CNN’s morning program, New Day. Additionally, the TV star was the host on a variety of shows on the renowned TV network, Fox News, in the past.

Alisyn Camerota is the subject of plastic surgery on the internet.

Alisyn Camerota is the subject of plastic surgery on the internet.
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Over the past five years, Alisyn Camerota has reported some of the biggest incidents on the global stage, such as the Paris and Brussels terrorist attacks and the devastating Parkland School shootings.

Since then, she has been on television quite frequently, and millions of people are very vigilant about identifying the slight changes in her physical appearance, most notably the rumored plastic surgery.

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The involvement of Alisyn Camerota at the highest level of television arrived when she became a part of Fox News in the mid-2000s.

During this period of her network career, she co-hosted a variety of critically rated programs such as Fox & Friends Weekend, America’s News Headquarters, and Fox & Friends First.

If that wasn’t enough, the starlet even launched her own editorial news site named In the Greenroom. Given her position in the industry for more than a decade, people were well acquainted with her physical appearance and character.

It makes sense that Alisyn Camerota’s long stay in front of the television screen, be it Fox or CNN, sparked the speculation about her plastic surgery.

In recent days, her fans have noted a variety of tweaks and adjustments in her face while she reported the news.

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The two-time Emmy nominee host is also popular on Instagram with more than 68,000 followers, where her fans witness changes in her body and face from a similar viewpoint.

Well, as of yet, it’s fair to say there’s no evidence of credible plastic surgery reports concerning anchor Alisyn Camerota.

As a matter of fact, she’s never admitted anything about the differences that her fans noticed in her look.

The 54-year-old never confessed to going under the knife to enhance her looks. Therefore, the alterations in her facial appearance may be due to the TV makeup and her age.

A Bit on Alisyn Camerota’s Personal Life and Family

Alisyn Camerota was born on 21st June 1966 in Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

While the rumors of cosmetic surgery were kind of irritating to her sometimes, the 54-year-old was grateful enough to have the love of her long-time partner, Tim Lewis, and their three kids.

They welcomed their fraternal twins in 2005. Two years later, she gave birth to their third child, a son in 2007.

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Camerota had a great deal to do with her physical fitness after giving birth. She also spoke about her miscarriage struggles on The Today Show.

This delightful pair resides in their beautiful mansion in Westport, Connecticut.

Alisyn Camerota Explained the Reason She’s Done Interviewing ‘Warped’ Trump Supporters

Following the U.S Capitol riot, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota stated she is done conducting interviews with “warped” followers of former President Donald Trump, saying,

There’s nothing anyone in this delusional group can teach us about being open-minded and tolerant.

In an op-ed posted on CNN’s website, the New Day host mentioned she had heard well to Trump’s thoughts and motives since 2015 in the expectation that the voting committees on the show she co-hosts with John Berman would assist her viewers to comprehend all possibilities.

She explained in the column:

But a week after the deadly insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, I’m rethinking my position.

Cameroon noted the domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol do not represent any of the 74 million Trump voters, but cautioned that the hardened base of Trump’s new followers had been blatantly deceptive and devoid of fact.

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She added,

Yes, I still believe in civil discourse and hearing all rational sides ― not the crazy, violent side, which is what my CNN colleagues got at the Capitol when their questions were met with threats from the mob last Wednesday,

Camerota concluded,

I think at this point the smartest thing the rest of us could do is no longer give warped Trump supporters a platform and no longer lend them our ears. It’s time to turn off their microphones.

It’s fair to say Alisyn Camerota is not fond of the motivations of Trump supporters.

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