Real Truth About Elizabeth Hurley’s Plastic Surgery Speculations


Elizabeth Hurley before and after plastic surgery.

Learn all the facts surrounding Elizabeth Hurley’s plastic surgery speculations, most notably lip augmentation, breast implants, and Botox injections, by contrasting before and after pictures.

Elizabeth Hurley looks as young and as beautiful as ever. The 55-year-old model appears to have worked out how to prevent aging, but how much of it is natural?

Fans are curious to learn if this gorgeous star has undergone plastic surgery. Did Elizabeth Hurley really go under the knife? Let’s find out.

Elizabeth Hurley’s Plastic Surgery – Lip Augmentation and Breast Implants?

Elizabeth Hurley's plastic surgery includes lip augmentation and breast implants.

Elizabeth Hurley’s plastic surgery reportedly includes lip augmentation and breast implants.
Image Source: Weight & Skin

Elizabeth Hurley, the British model & actress, had her first major break at the age of 29 when she served as the spokeswoman for Estée Lauder but achieved global fame when she landed the main female role in the film Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery (1997).

Although she is regarded as one of England’s finest beauties, people have started to question if all her features are natural. Hurley insists she hasn’t had plastic surgery in her life, but she won’t rule out going under the knife in the future.

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However, several experts suggest that the model has already received some procedures to preserve her look. We’ve got the details of cosmetic surgery and the non-invasive treatments that Elizabeth is alleged to have performed.

Images of Hurley from the past years show her lips, particularly her upper lip, have increased in size. Experts say Hurley had a form of injectable, most notably Restylane or Radiesse, inserted into her lips.

These dermal fillers add bulk to the applied region and can be used to fill wrinkles or to deepen the lips. In Hurley’s case, her lip augmentation culminated in a “trout pout,” a phenomenon in which the upper lip is thicker than the lower lip.

In the meantime, Hurley’s boobs are roughly proportional to the rest of her physique. In recent years, though, they have looked a little bit expansive and more exalted than they have in the past.

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This led to reports that the actress performed breast implants or breast enhancement operation. The breast augmentation process requires the insertion of silicone or saline-filled implants to substantially raise the breast size.

It is likely, though, Hurley’s breasts increased in size after birth, and as she’s grown older, she’s added a bit more weight.

The cosmetic surgeons, however, believe that the model received a breast raise operation to strengthen the sagging breast skin and alter the position of the nipple.

Elizabeth Hurley’s Secret to Smooth Skin is Botox Injections and Moisturizing

Elizabeth Hurley is the subject of Botox injections plastic surgery.

Elizabeth Hurley is the subject of Botox injections.
Image Source: Zimbio

Given her age, Elizabeth Hurley‘s skin is fairly smooth and free of wrinkles. Most people in her age group have mild wrinkles on the facial skin.

Since Hurley’s skin is still radiant, cosmetic surgeons believe the model has received Botox injections, dermal filler injections, chemical peels, laser skin resurfacing, or any other form of advanced, non-invasive skin procedure to retain the attractiveness of the skin.

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Botox injection and dermal fillers are procedures to reduce the presence of facial wrinkles, while synthetic peels and surgical skin resurfacing are therapies that stimulate the growth of healthy skin cells and collagen to limit the impact of lines, age marks, acne scar tissue, and other facial freckles.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth claimed her real secret is religiously practicing one skincare routine.

During an interview with Woman & Home Magazine, Hurley revealed the skincare measure she takes to keep her face radiant and youthful is moisturizing. She told the mag:

The one thing I swear by is a moisturizer—and a lot of it.

She isn’t kidding about using plenty of it either. She added,

I’ll moisturize my face about six times a day and my neck about 10 times a day.

The actress didn’t reveal what moisturizers she’s actually using, but the routine itself offers a little bit of something to hang on to.

Elizabeth Hurley Previously Said She’s Too Scared to Get Plastic Surgery

The 55-year-old Elizabeth Hurley receives lots of admiration for her gorgeous bikini body, which she supports with a balanced diet and daily exercise.

Yet The Royals actress draws a line when it comes to plastic surgery and facial fillers, which she claims scares her.

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Hurley told Grazia:

Plastic surgery? I’d be too scared [to get it]! Fillers? Forget about it! But I have had Botox in my forehead.

Elizabeth, who frequently sports bikini selfies on Instagram to entertain her legions of followers, says it’s crucial for people to know that women can still be attractive and sexy as they grow older.

Hurley said,

It’s really important for 50-something women to see other 50-year-old women [as sexy]. I don’t feel there’s a cut-off anymore when you’re no longer relevant and can’t work.

If anything, Hurley’s professional life took off after she turned 45. But she carries immense work ethic to preserve her age-defying body, with natural, portion-controlled nutrition and lifestyle, as the Inquisitr wrote.

Her beauty secret is moderation. The British goddess said:

I’m not a vegan who lives on green juices, I don’t go to the gym religiously. Yes, I do yoga and Pilates.

Hurley preserves her slender bikini frame by consuming high nutritious food and not eating excessively.

She said,

You have to watch what you eat. I don’t do all that green juice, I don’t really take vitamins. I buy everything from a local farmer’s market and health-food shops. I eat very little processed food.

Hurley also loves her beloved desserts and treats, but she’s reluctant to eat huge portions.

She said,

If my jeans feel tight I try to cut back a bit, and if I stay home in the evening I’ll eat a very light dinner.

Elizabeth, who has an 18-year-old son named Damien, refuted tabloid reports that her son was bothered by her provocative bikini selfies. Hurley owns her own swimwear collection, which is why she also models her own clothes on social media platforms.

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She said,

That’s all fiction! My son is incredibly supportive of me and my beachwear business and of me as an actor and the breadwinner of our family of two.

It’s nice to see Elizabeth Hurley deny these ridiculous rumors!

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