Real Truth About Aimee Osbourne’s Plastic Surgery Speculations


Aimee Osbourne before and after plastic surgery.

Learn the complete truth surrounding Aimee Osbourne’s plastic surgery speculations.

Born on 2nd December 1983, Aimee Osbourne, an American-British actress & singer, is the oldest daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne.

Although her siblings Jack and Kelly gained fame through the family’s MTV reality show The Osbournes, the more reserved Aimee refused to be on the program, fearing that doing so would typify her and harm her musical career.

Lately, Aimee Osbourne is the subject of plastic surgery speculations on the internet. So, without further ado, let’s cut to the chase right away.

Has Aimee Osbourne Had Plastic Surgery?

Aimee Osbourne is a largely secretive person. There are several unanswered things about Aimee concerning her private life, but it is understood that she’s never married.

The only thing people learned about her dating life was when she was in a relationship with Rai Thistlewayte, for a year, between 2004 and 2005.

Unlike her romantic life, Aimee’s appearance is pretty visible. Being the daughter of a couple of celebrities, she is often accused of plastic surgery, whenever she makes a public appearance.

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It needs to be said, Aimee has never admitted or talked about going under the knife. So, we tried to contrast her before and after images to come to the right conclusion.

Comparing her present look with her past appearance, our experts reckon she’s had Botox, nose job, facelift, and cheek fillers. So, it’s fair to say the singer’s had a fair share of plastic surgery enhancements.

Aimee Osbourne Was Rushed to Hospital to Remove Her Appendix in April

The former TV personality Sharon Osbourne announced her daughter Aimee was “recuperating” and doing “fine” following her instant surgery.

The 37-year-old Aimee was taken to the emergency care at the hospital for surgery to extract her appendix.

The retired judge of the X Factor stated it was the “worst time” to be in a hospital while the COVID-19 outbreak continues to rage. However, she revealed that Aimee is doing very well after the operation.

When she featured on The View, Sharon Osbourne said:

She’s fine now, thank God. She’s out of pain, and she’s recuperating.

The coronavirus pandemic has had an effect on Ozzy, the Black Sabbath star who is dealing with Parkinson’s disease.

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He was scheduled to go to Switzerland for surgery on 8th April, but they had to postpone the flight.

Sharon explained:

We had to cancel our trip to Switzerland. And we were meant to go the eighth of April, but we had to cancel for his treatment. And we’re just hanging in like everybody else.

Osbourne added,

You know, just trying to stay away, and be quiet, and just, you know, hold it in there. But I honestly find this such frightening times. I just think it’s a really, really frightening time to be alive.

The entertainment manager continued,

I am not one of those people who is like ‘I am bonding with all these people’. I cry every day when I watch the death toll go up, and more and more people catch this virus, and I’m just you know, devastated by it. For me, I’m like, you know, heartbroken.

Ozzy and Sharon announced preparations to travel to Switzerland earlier this year.

They were scheduled for a specialist facility in Switzerland, where expert professionals are working on enhancing the immune responses of patients prior to additional medications.

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Ozzy has even delayed his No More Tours II to America, but the UK and the European portion are still moving on in October and November, beginning in Newcastle.

Sharon and Ozzy’s other daughter, Kelly, recently talked of her pain that she was unable to see her parents amid the health crisis.

Kelly said:

I wish there was something I could say to comfort you all, some wisdom I could drop on you to relieve you from the fear that surrounds us all right now.

She added,

The truth is I am scared too. Both of my parents are high risk especially my dad. If I would have known 3 weeks ago when I sent them off to Panama that that was gonna be the last time I got to hug and kiss them for a while…

Kelly claimed she would have held on a bit more. However, some sacrifices need to be made. So, she stays home for her parents. “If you don’t have anyone to stay home for I beg you.”

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A Quick Glance Into Aimee Osbourne’s Life & Career

Although Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne‘s younger kids, Kelly Osbourne and Jack Osbourne, had attained Hollywood fame and success at a young age, their eldest daughter, Aimee Osbourne, had apparently fallen out of the limelight.

Growing up, Aimee — who was born on 2nd September 1983—was not too enthusiastic about the wealth and riches of her parents.

In reality, for much of their decades-long careers, Aimee had opted to pass on numerous chances for A-list celebrity status.

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Aimee longed to be out of the spotlight in her parents’ house as a teen girl. In an episode of The Talk, Sharon said Aimee came to a decision because she couldn’t bear filming the reality show of her family, The Osbournes.

Reflecting closely, Aimee said she had a compelling reason not to want to be a part of the project.

Everywhere you went, people wanted to know everything, and that when you’re growing up that can be kind of intimidating. The idea of kind of letting it all out there at that point, at around 15 … nobody at 15 wants anybody to see how goofy their parents are.

It wasn’t till she was older the charm of the brunette had opened her eyes to all the possible opportunities of Hollywood.

Not only did Aimee start featuring in TV shows and movies, including her appearance in MTV’s Wuthering Heights‘ in 2003, she also followed her father’s footprints and became an accomplished personality in the music industry.

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When talking to Nylon, Aimee was honest about her intention to continue away from the spotlight as a young child.

I think, you know, when people say, ‘Why the choice?’ … it didn’t even feel like, ‘Should I or shouldn’t I?’” she shared at the time. “It was just not my aspiration.”

And though people would have preferred to see Aimee grow up on TV, others just couldn’t be happier if she actually wanted to reveal her skill to the world to see.

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