‘George Lopez’ Star Valente Rodriguez’s Weight Loss – The Complete Breakdown!


'George Lopez' Star Valente Rodriguez's Weight Loss - The Complete Breakdown!

Everything you need to know about George Lopez and Dad Stop Embarrassing Me star Valente Rodriguez’s weight loss. Check out his before and after pictures.

Academy Award-winner Jamie Foxx returns to television with a new sitcom, Dad Stop Embarrassing Me. The Netflix comedy that hit the streaming platform on 14th April is supposedly based on his actual relationship with his daughter Corrinne.

This is Foxx’s first small-screen adventure since his hit The Jamie Foxx Show. One of the recurring cast in the sitcom is none other than the well-renowned George Lopez star Valente Rodriguez.

Upon his appearance on our screens, fans were quick to note his visible weight loss. How did he manage to slim down? Let’s uncover the details.

Valente Rodriguez’s Weight Loss – Did the Actor Shed Some Pounds?

Valente Rodriguez before and after weight loss.

Valente Rodriguez before and after weight loss.
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Valente Rodriguez is at the forefront of weight loss speculations among curious fans on the internet. Did he follow any strict routine to slim down or is it all-natural?

When you compare the actor’s present physique with his most famous role as Ernie in the American sitcom George Lopez, there’s no doubt that he has drastically gotten leaner. However, that was over a decade ago, and Valente has looked more or less the same in recent years.

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As for whether Rodriguez went for some sort of diet plan and fitness routine to shed pounds, it’s anybody’s guess at this moment. At 57 years of age, he looks perfectly healthy, and that’s the most crucial part.

Whether the weight loss is intentional or not, one thing’s for certain – whatever Valente Rodriguez did or not do, it has worked like a charm. Needless to say, it’s not recommended to carry excess weight as you near your 60s.

As per NCBI,

One of the most significant complications of obesity in the elderly is the metabolic syndrome. This clustering of risk factors including increased waist circumference, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and glucose intolerance increases the likelihood of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

On the other hand, shedding pounds will result in increased lean muscle loss and a reduction in physical strength. While losing weight may help obese or overweight older adults, professionals insist it must be handled correctly and meticulously.

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Taking a quick peek into Valente Rodriguez’s Instagram, he does look worryingly thin in some pictures. While there’s no reason to assume he’s sick or suffering from some illness, fans are eager for him to address his apparent weight loss.

‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me’ Star Valente Rodriguez – Where Else Have You Seen Him?


Netflix and Jamie Foxx are reuniting once again. He is currently making rounds with the hilarious new comedy Dad Stop Embarrassing Me.

It’s a sitcom about a single parent and cosmetics owner who must learn how to be a daddy after his teen daughter moves in with him. Manny is one of the recurring characters played by Valente Rodriguez. He’s a Dixon family mate.

If you’re wondering where else you might have seen Valente, he depicted Principal Gutierrez in High School Musical: The Musical-The Series (2019-20).

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He is perhaps best known for his performance as Ernie on George Lopez (2002-07). As for the big screens, he starred in the films Erin Brockovich (2000), Gotta Kick It Up (2002), The House Bunny (2008), The Ugly Truth (2009), It’s Complicated (2009), and Instant Family (2018).

Additionally, Rodriguez has made guest appearances in Adam Ruins Everything (2019), Murphy Brown (2018), Cristela (2014), The Mentalist (2011), Shameless (2011), and Sabrina the Teenage Witch (2001).

Furthermore, he enjoyed a prominent part on Happily Divorced (2011-13) as Cesar, one of the staff at Fran’s flower shop.

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