Full Story on Matt Gaetz’s Weight Loss, Diet Plan & Fitness Routine


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Full Story on Matt Gaetz's Weight loss, Diet Plan & Fitness Routine

Learn all the facts behind Matt Gaetz’s weight loss journey as well as diet plan and fitness routine. Have a look at his before and after transformation.

Claiming Matt Gaetz is currently surrounded by controversies would be a huge understatement. The firebrand Florida Republican is alleged to have had an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

According to those close to the case, the Justice Department is looking into whether Matt Gaetz breached federal sex trafficking laws by arranging for the transportation of an underage teenage girl.

The inquiry, which started under ex-Attorney General Bill Barr and was headed by some Trump-appointed government investigators, is reflective of a broader probe into a close friend of Gaetz and Seminole County taxman Joel Greenberg.

Amid the scandal, many internet users seem more focused on Matt’s physical appearance, notably weight loss. Has he lost pounds? How did he pull it off? Let’s find out.

Matt Gaetz’s Weight Loss – What’s His Secret?

Matt Gaetz before and after weight loss.

Matt Gaetz before and after weight loss.
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Matt Gaetz usually wakes up in his House office’s “work closet,” where he sleeps during his stay in Washington, to brace for a busy day of conservative media appearances. Initially, it’s all about makeup.

Gaetz, 38, a two-term Florida congressman is understandably eager to look good in front of millions of viewers watching on TV or on the internet who post, like, and retweet the trending clips circulated by his media personnel.

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This means putting on makeup on his face for the camera and taking care of his physique on a daily basis. In fact, the 38-year-old tracks his weight every single day on a piece of yellow paper.

Needless to say, Matt’s been striving for weight loss for a relatively long time. Back in October 2020, he quoted a tweet from The Daily Edge who described his physical appearance as “sickly-looking.” Gaetz was swift with a witty response stating, “the diet is working!”

Likewise, in January 2021, Matt Gaetz took to Twitter to lament over the apparent “Twitter purge,” but he did so in his trademark manner. The U.S. Representative tweeted,

I wish I could lose weight as fast as I’m losing followers during this Twitter purge….

While Matt Gaetz – also the subject of plastic surgery – is yet to reveal his diet plan and fitness routine, one thing’s for certain – his weight loss aspirations couldn’t have become more of a reality since he looks much slimmer as well as healthier now than he did in the past.

Who is Matt Gaetz?

Matt Gaetz has served as the representative for Florida’s 1st Congressional District, which covers most of the Panhandle, since 2017.

Gaetz had previously worked in the Florida House of Representatives since the turn of the last decade. He grew up in a political family, so it comes as no surprise that he’s heavily engrossed in politics.

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Matt’s father, Don Gaetz, was the Senate President of the Florida State Legislature. He was also one of the co-founders of the hospice care company VITAS Healthcare Corp. He resides in Fort Walton Beach, which is close to Destin.

Gaetz is a regular figure on conservative networks and a huge phenomenon across social media outlets since joining national politics.

As a matter of fact, Matt Gaetz has become a prominent conservative figure among the Republican Party’s core supporters as a result of his profile.

Gaetz announced in June 2020 that he adopted a Cuban immigrant son, Nestor Galban, 19, who carries no biological relationship with him. He made sure to do this after a fellow congressman claimed his white peers had no idea what it took to raise a kid of color in the United States.

On a more personal front, Matt celebrated his engagement with Ginger Luckey, the sister of Oculus VR creator Palmer Luckey, in December of last year.

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Gaetz recently said – prior to the Justice Department indictment became public – he was considering leaving Congress to work as an on-air host for the television channel Newsmax.

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