Tyler Hynes’ Weight Loss: Why Did An Unexpected Christmas Star Lose So Much Weight?

Chloe Sanchez

Tyler Hynes' Weight Loss: Why Did An Unexpected Christmas Star Lose So Much Weight?

Tyler Hynes’ weight loss is apparent on An Unexpected Christmas. Fans wonder about the actor’s illness. Why does he look a lot different? Is he sick? Learn the reason Tyler Hynes lost so much weight.

A Canadian actor and filmmaker, Tyler Hynes is a known face in the cosmos of entertainment. Recognized from movies like Transporter, Star Trek: Discovery, It was always you, Hynes is an exceptional actor striving to be on the top.

Out of all the things surrounding Tyler Hynes, fans are eager to know about his weight loss. While many believe Tyler Hynes lost weight due to an illness which he is still going through, others reckon he just toned his physique for his new movie.

Tyler Hynes’ Weight Loss: Is the Actor Ill or is He Just Shaping Himself Up?

Tyler Hynes before and after weight loss.

Tyler Hynes before and after weight loss.
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The rumors of Tyler Hynes being sick is roaming around for a while now. The actor has neither accepted nor denied the speculations. His weight loss added more fuel to his supposed illness. However, this is all a hoax! Tyler Hynes isn’t sick!

Rather than losing weight, Tyler Hynes looks toned up. While he does look different, his physique appears to be more defined. He could either be preparing for his upcoming movie or just choose to live healthily.

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How did Tyler Hynes lose weight? The secret: Workout and Diet! Looking snatched in his pictures, fans are noticing how Tyler’s been blessed with incredible features and all they required was toning up.

A recent picture of the Canadian actor showing his toned abs and sharp jawline took the internet by storm. Fans can’t seem to get enough of the “new Tyler” and are eagerly awaiting to see him in his new Christmas movie.

Since his abs are pretty toned, it’s sure that Tyler hits the gym almost 4-5 times a week. Sit-up, Push-up, Bench press, bicep, and tricep toning and lifting, are some of the exercises in Tyler’s workout routine.

Along with working out, it’s important to take care of the diet too. As most celebrities now follow the Keto diet to count their calories and lose weight, the aspiring Candian actor too follows the Keto diet and cyclic keto diet to maintain his physique.

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Tyler Hynes managed to stun his audience with an astonishing physique and he too seems to enjoy all the attention he is getting.

Tyler Hynes’s Cameo in Hallmark’s Christmas Movie is Creating a Buzz

Hallmark’s crush Tyler Hynes‘s cameo is the topic of the talk these days. His appearance in Aimee Teegarden and Andrew Walker’s new movie as a waiter stole the scene.

Making his entrance with a toned body, fans couldn’t stop eye candying the spectacular actor. Apart from these cameos, Tyler’s Christmas movie An Unexpected Christmas released on November 26 also stunned the audience.

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Playing the character of Jamie alongside Bethany Joy Lenz as Emily, the movie features the story of the two couples.

As the plot follows, the pair break up during the holiday season and Jamie heads home to visit his family for Christmas. Amidst this, he still hasn’t told his family that he broke up with a woman they all admired.

Hynes, who has previously expressed his ambition to bring back the golden age of romantic comedies, recently spoke with Southern Living about the film and the joy of portraying a flawed character.

He quotes,” Jamie is like this guy who is just a dunce. He’s just messing it all up That’s the power of this character. Hopefully, we’re rooting for him.”

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In addition, the allrounder superstar is also set to appear in the RomaDrama convention. He is joining RomaDrama Live! in Palm Beach, Florida.

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