Tameka Raymond’s Plastic Surgery: Usher’s Ex-wife Suffered Cardiac Arrest While Receiving a Liposuction!


Tameka Raymond’s Plastic Surgery: Usher’s Ex-wife Suffered Cardiac Arrest While Receiving a Liposuction! weightandskin.com

In 2009, Tameka Raymond went to Brazil to have plastic surgery that failed and caused her cardiac arrest during the process. She was hospitalized for weeks after the incident and claims to regret the decision. It was claimed to be a sudden decision without any research, and she admitted not having any other surgeries besides liposuction.

What is Usher’s ex-wife doing right now? Where is she now? Tameka Raymond has been in the news as she is now known as the top celebrity stylist. Many people now compare her with Law Roach, who has been playing the fashion game. Why is she named after him?

If you know Law Roach, then you must know he has recently announced of getting retired. After the announcement many were sad but some started looking at Tameka as the new stylist covering Law. Well, we think she is doing a great job for now and hopes to see her meeting the expectation of her fans.

After the news, Tameka’s life and rumors have been the most researched topic. Do you know she had a live-death situation once? What was the cause of the situation? In this article, we will be talking about her rumors and her plastic surgery efforts which went wrong. Let’s discuss it in detail.

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Tameka Raymond Faced Cardiac Arrest While Receiving Plastic Surgery (Liposuction) In Brazil!

Many people were worried to know about Tameka Raymond‘s (@tamekafoster) condition after she faced cardiac arrest while having plastic surgery in Brazil in 2009. Fortunately, she got fine after a week and took a healthy break for a while. She claims to regret the decision of getting plastic surgery and reveals that she will not repeat it ever again.

Tameka Raymond before and after plastic surgery. weightandskin.comTameka Raymond before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: Independent

Tameka Foster is an American fashion stylist. At the beginning of her career, she used to work as a sales associate and evolved to management positions. She dressed many celebrities while working as a dresser at the Giorgio Armani fashion shows including Jay-Z, Ciara, Nas, and Mary J. Blige. Her breakthrough came after working as a stylist on several television networks including, MTV, and E!.


Some people love being changed; we don’t think that’s the problem. People spend tons of money on having plastic surgeries and changing themselves, but some fail, and we have heard many incidents of failed procedures. Why do people take risks? What happens if your get surgery fails?

The most dangerous case of failure in surgeries we have found till now is people’s deaths. Similar to Tameka Raymond, a similar death-and-life situation was faced by her while having liposuction. Is she okay now? What happened to her? For how many days was she hospitalized?

What Happened to Tameka Raymond After She Suffered Cardiac Arrest During Her Plastic Surgery?

In 2009, Tameka Raymond‘s plastic surgeon gave some detail to People about her facing cardiac arrest. After giving birth to her second son, Raymond traveled to Brazil to have liposuction on her stomach. Liposuction is a type of surgery that uses suction to remove fat from specific areas of the body, such as the stomach, hips, thighs, buttocks, arms, or neck. When she went under general anesthesia, she suffered a cardiac arrest.

Tameka Raymond's latest appearance. weightandskin.comTameka Raymond’s latest appearance.
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After facing cardiac arrest, she was immediately revived and placed in an induced coma. The plastic surgeons claim that that was her first time going for liposuction. He also admitted how she was taken care of and was transferred to a larger facility for a better result. As soon as the news was heard by Usher, he was said to cancel a performance and come to Brazil to see his wife. At the time, Usher‘s rep, Simone Smalls, also stated;

Tameka Raymond is in stable condition after suffering complications from routine surgery in Brazil. Her husband Usher is with her at the hospital. No further details will be released, and the family requests privacy at this difficult time.

Why Did Tameka Raymond Decide to Receive Liposuction? What Other Plastic Surgery Has She Received?

During an interview with DJ Vlad, Tameka Raymond explained her story of having plastic surgeries. She admitted to wanting to look like a modified person, but after making the decision, she found herself dumb and regretted making a spontaneous decision. She also explained that she didn’t go to Brazil to have surgeries, and the trip was made all of a sudden in anger. She also stated the problem after the cardiac arrest and said:

I did all of the stuff, like blood work. You know, don’t eat after midnight. You know the rules they give you with surgery.

Besides trying to have liposuction, Raymond hasn’t admitted to having anything, but people have suggested that she might have minor cosmetic procedures like Botox and filler. The rumors might also be fake, as the result of her glowing face and wrinkle-free skin might also be the result of a good skincare routine and the best makeup product.