Has Arlene Phillips Undergone Plastic Surgery? Did She Receive a Emface Treatment?


Arlene Phillips’ Plastic Surgery Includes a Emface Treatment, Botox & More! weightandskin.com

Arlene Phillips’ plastic surgery has helped her to look younger. She recently treated herself with the non-surgical facelift, Emface. She also admitted that she had previously tried Botox and fillers, which she found extremely painful. Even in her eighties, the British choreographer has an amazing glowing complexion and wrinkle-free skin which has led cosmetic surgery experts to believe she has undergone other cosmetic treatments like eyelid surgery, lip injections, and neck lifts.

No doubt, Arlene Phillips’ plastic surgery has helped her to look way too younger. She recently treated herself with the non-surgical facelift, Emface.

You surely remember Arlene Phillips from when she appeared in Strictly Come Dancing. She has worked in a variety of entertainment industries as an English choreographer, dancer, talent scout, judge, and presenter on television, director of a theatre company, and more.

Of course, Arlene needs to appear beautiful and perfect. However, now she is getting older, which means there would be a lot of aging signs which come up on her skin. However, people claim her face does not show any signs of aging. As a result, people wonder if she has undergone plastic surgery. Well, let’s find it out.

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Arlene Phillips’ Plastic Surgery: She Recently Treated Herself With the Non-surgical Facelift, Emface!

Arlene Phillips’ (@arlenephillips) plastic surgery has helped maintain her youthful appearance. She has opted for many non-invasive procedures but she didn’t look all that different when she was young. She denies having plastic surgery in the recent past. Arlene confesses that she hasn’t had implants or anything. However, in 2009, she admitted that she tried Botox and fillers in the past which she found really painful.

The British choreographer still boasts the most amazing glowing complexion and wrinkle-free skin in her eighties. Cosmetic surgery experts seem certain that she has been through a range of anti-aging treatments. Her forehead is smooth and tight and there are no visible signs of any wrinkles that we’d expect to see in a woman her age. This is why we suspect she still gets Botox injections to cope with the effects of aging.

Arlene Phillips before plastic surgery. weightandskin.comArlene Phillips before plastic surgery.
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You’d never know Phillips is in her 80s because her toned legs, enviable curves, and practically wrinkle-free complexion make her look at least 10 years younger. She recently treated herself with the non-surgical facelift, Emface. It is a skin-tightening treatment using lasers that target muscles and skin simultaneously to tighten, lift, and tone the face. According to Arlene’s doctor, Ana Sakinyte, Emface is the quickest, easiest facelift you’ll find in the market.

It takes only 20 minutes to treat the entire face and results will be similar to a facelift but without the need for surgery or needles. Emface uses radio frequency to penetrate deep beneath the skin, while electromagnetic energy strengthens and lifts the facial muscles. The results are visible instantly and continue to improve over 3 months.

The 80-year-old TV personality has done liposuction surgery too. That explains why she now has a flat stomach. This procedure is typically performed by a mother who has recently given birth. During pregnancy, the mother undoubtedly gains a significant amount of fat, which is distributed throughout her body, particularly her stomach. Arlene may have had several plastic surgeries to make her look younger and more vibrant. We all know that women who start to age are afraid of some aging signs, and it appears that Phillips has the same thought.

Did Arlene Phillips Have Eyelid Surgery, Lip Injections, Fillers, and a Neck Lift as Well?

Arlene Phillips is 80 but she still looks as though she is in her 50s. Her youthful appearance has sparked rumors about possible plastic surgery procedures. We all know that as celebrities get older, they need to stay active in the industry to keep their careers afloat. Phillips may be aware of the pressure, and as a public figure, she needs to seek help by undergoing plastic surgery.

Arlene Phillips' latest appearance. weightandskin.comArlene Phillips’ latest appearance.
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Eyelid surgery is needed to get rid of the eye bags which usually appear when someone starts to get aged. It looks like Arlene also uses this treatment around her eyes to remove the eye bags and wrinkles around her eyes. The 80-year-old presenter is also rumored to have lip injections because she now has a juicer and plumper lips.

It looks like all her efforts have successfully made her maintain a youthful appearance until now. Of course, the fillers make her cheeks look more fuller than before. Besides fillers, Arlene seems to get a neck lift because her turkey neck has gone and changed into a smooth and tighter neck skin.