Jennifer Hedger’s Plastic Surgery: Are the Rumors True?


Jennifer Hedger hasn't addressed any rumors of her plastic surgeries.

People have been eager to know if Jennifer Hedger has undergone any plastic surgery or not. Although it has been claimed that she has had minor surgeries, including Botox and a brow lift, she has not confirmed going through any of them. Respecting her privacy, we hope she will share her skin routine and address the rumors soon, and for now, whatever she has done is favoring her.

Who loves going to the bar? Are you a stay-in person or a stay-out person? Recently, Jennifer Hedge posted a series of pictures where she is enjoying herself in the bar. Who was she enjoying herself with? Is she a party lover? What was the occasion for her to go to the bar?

Jennifer has posted a picture with her friend, which also includes award-winning broadcaster, James Cybulski. She captioned the photo as a blurry thing but a fun night. Everyone in the picture seems to be happy and enjoying themselves. Many people expressed their happiness through the comments as they saw the group united.

In the picture, some comments are negative, while others are positive, and some also comment about her age and face alteration. Do you see some changes in her? Has she done something to her face? To know about Jennifer Hedger’s plastic surgery rumors, read this article.

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Jennifer Hedger’s Plastic Surgery Rumors Are Not Confirmed Yet!

Jennifer Hedger (@jenniferhedger) might have gone through surgeries like Botox and browlifts. Many people are wondering if she knows more about the rumors, but she is yet to confirm them and talk about them. However, it might be just rumors, and her changes might result from the best make-up or skincare routine.

Jennifer Frances Hedger is a Canadian television personality and the co-host of TSN’s nightly sports news program, SportsCenter. At the beginning of her career, she worked with the London station of Rogers Television, where she regularly contributed to the show Plugged In! and was the host of OHL Primetime. She gained fame after appearing on TSN’s talk show Off the Record with Michael Landsberg.

Jennifer Hedger hasn't confirmed any plastic surgery rumors. weightandskin.comJennifer Hedger hasn’t confirmed any plastic surgery rumors.
Source: Instagram

Jennifer has not only impressed her fans with her talent but has also been chased for her beauty. In November 2007, she was selected for Hello! Magazine’s Top 10 of the most beautiful women on Television. Do you think she is a beautiful woman on television? Have you seen her on television?

In 2021, Jennifer Hedger talked about how one of the guys had her on OTR 21 years ago and encouraged her to push for an audition at TSN. She describes how she got his help for so long, but some of her fans don’t seem to like the guy, as they find him rude and arrogant, and he also claims she has plastic surgeries. Did she have plastic surgery? What is her age?

It’s true that after having a baby everything changes, but her face looks a little artificial and glowing these days, pointing out that she might have done Botox to her face. It is common use to relax the facial muscles that cause frown lines and other facial wrinkles. 47-year-old Jennifer Hedger has been asked questions about her winless face but she never explained anything to her fans. Is she hiding something?

Besides Botox, she is also accused of doing an eyebrow lift, which might be true, as comparing her before and after pictures show some changes. It looks like she has improved the appearance of her forehead, the brow, and the area around her eyes. However, none of this claim has ever been confirmed by Jennifer herself, and the rumors might just be fake. The perfect look can be the result of the best skin care or make-up artist’s skill.

Who Is Jennifer’s Husband? Does She Have a Child?

Talking about Jennifer‘s personal life, she’s very happy with her husband, Sean McCormick. The couple first met each other during a marriage event of their common friend. They soon started dating after knowing each other for 48 hours. The pair got married on Jan. 12, 2006, at the same resort in Playa del Carmen where they got engaged, with family and friends, and spent their amazing week at the resort.

Jennifer Hedger with her husband, Sean, and their son, Jager. weightandskin.comJennifer Hedger with her husband, Sean, and their son, Jager.
Source: Instagram

After they got married, many people started adoring the couple. Sean McCormick is an ex-anchor of rival Rogers Sportsnet. They are both sports broadcasters who love to enjoy Yankees games together. The couple has a son together, Jaeger McCormick, who is 12 years old as of now.