Toyah Willcox’s Plastic Surgery: Facelift, Botox and Others


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Toyah Willcox has denied the rumors of doing Botox but admitted to having plastic surgery for a facelift. She has been familiar with knives since her childhood days because of illness, which is still affecting her daily life. However, she seems to be happy with her husband, Robert, who suggests to her every decision.

Who is your favorite cover singer? Have you heard the songs from Randar’s Love? Which one is your favorite? Recently, Toyah Willcox and Robert Fripp posted a video of them doing the cover of Golden Earrings. Are they singers? How many likes have they gained on the cover?

Recently, Toyah Willcox and her husband Robert Fripp have been in the news after they did a cover of Randar’s Love Song. The song is posted on the YouTube channel Toyah, which has more than 118k views in 3 days. Many of their fans have sent their blessings and love to the couple, and some have also complimented them for their looks.

Toyah has always been in the spotlight, and people love to see her growth. Lately, she has also been noticed for her look, and some also accuse her of doing plastic surgeries. To know more about her stories of glowing skin and her current life rumors, read this article.

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Toyah Willcox Admitted to Doing a Facelift but Is Waiting for Her Husband’s Approval for Other Plastic Surgeries!

Toyah Willcox has denied using Botox, although she admitted to having plastic surgery for a facelift. She has also explained how her husband has been denying her more plastic surgeries. However, she seems to be very happy with her personal and professional lives with her husband.

Toyah Ann Willcox, aka Toyah Willcox, is an English musician, actress, and TV presenter. She was inspired by her mother from her early days and used to show interest in music, dance, and acting. She attended the Old Rep Drama School in Birmingham, which helped her get roles in local theaters, including The Alexandra, Birmingham, and the Birmingham Hippodrome. Her breakthrough came when she started appearing in the BBC’s Second City Firsts series.

Toyah Willcox admitted to getting a facelift but denied having Botox. weightandskin.comToyah Willcox admitted to getting a facelift but denied having Botox.
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Toyah Willcox has almost given her 40 years in the entertainment world, and she is still giving her best to this industry. From the beginning of her career, she has been very focused, and her fan base has always been enthusiastic about her new projects. Well, not only fans but after being in the spotlight, she has also faced many accusations. Do you think she has done something to change her face? How many years old is she?

Willcox has always taken the truth seriously, and she has always tried to satisfy her fans with her news. In 2008, when she admitted to having a facelift and hormone implants, many claimed she is an attention seeker, but it looks like plastic surgeries are very normal, as everyone is coming out of having one positively. She also revealed having more surgeries in the future and said;

I’ve had a face-lift, I’ve had a hormone implant and now I want a hysterectomy,’ ‘My husband doesn’t want me to, but I might just have one and not tell him. 

Toyah has been familiar with the surgeries from her childhood, which is still causing her a problem. She was born with a twisted spine, clawed feet, a clubbed right foot, one leg two inches shorter than the other, and no hip sockets. She endured years of painful operations and physiotherapy. Is she okay now? Why did she have a progesterone implant surgery?

What Are the Other Surgeries Toyah Has Done? Why Did Her Husband Deny Her Having Plastic Surgeries?

A progesterone implant aka contraceptive implant works to prevent pregnancy by releasing a low, steady dose of the hormone progestin. It’s a small, flexible plastic rod that’s placed under the skin in your upper arm by a doctor or nurse and releases the hormone progestogen into your bloodstream to prevent pregnancy. It lasts for three years. Many might be assuming, why did Toyah have this surgery without having a baby?

Toyah Willcox's husband Robert Fripp doesn't want her to get any plastic surgeries. weightandskin.comToyah Willcox’s husband Robert Fripp doesn’t want her to get any plastic surgeries.
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After a month of getting married to Robert Fripp, Toyah faced a complication and had to undergo sterilization surgery because she is medically incapable of carrying a child full-term due to her childhood illnesses. However, not having a baby doesn’t seem to be affecting their marriage, but Robert seems to be a very strict husband. Willcox also revealed how her husband denied her a hysterectomy and stated;

I had a progesterone implant surgically inserted and it has revolutionised my life. It has made me a happy human being again.’That’s why I’m begging my husband to let me have a hysterectomy because it would completely get rid of all the bad memories I have of my problems with my hormones. But he won’t let me.