Fans believe Celine Dion has undergone several plastic surgery procedures including a rhinoplasty, fillers, Botox, facelift, neck lift, and eyelid surgery based on her before and after photos. While most of the fans credited good doctors for her upgraded face, some said that the singer has good genes. 

Celine Dion has achieved massive success as a pop singer with hits like My Heart Will Go On, and Because You Loved Me. She has sold over 200 million records, won 5 Grammy Awards, and been nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Song. She continues to shine brightly in the music industry, but her looks have been a constant subject of scrutiny through the years.

The 55-year-old Canadian singer has been in the public eye for over 3 decades and her looks have changed quite a bit over time. Her before and after photos have led fans to debate whether or not she’s done plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. Some fans wonder if she has good genes or good doctors. Let’s find out the truth.

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Celine Dion Has Been Accused of Undergoing Multiple Plastic Surgery Procedures!

Fans believe Celine Dion (@celinedion) has undergone several plastic surgery procedures based on her before and after photos. In 2019, TMZ circulated before and after photos of Dion on Twitter and asked whether she has good genes or good doctors. Most of the fans credited good doctors for her upgraded face, with some saying it’s obvious that the singer has good genes.

Celine Dion before and after plastic surgery. weightandskin.comCeline Dion before and after plastic surgery.
Image Source: Twitter (@TMZ)

However, some of her fans took to Twitter to defend her from plastic surgery. They pointed out the things that contributed to Celine’s changed looks and how she is afraid of going under the knife.

According to tabloids, the first surgery she had is a teeth surgery. Her teeth were with prominent canines at the beginning of her career. She straightened her teeth, fixed veneers, and became the owner of a Hollywood smile. Since then, Dion has been very careful about her teeth. She even added a clause to her rider in 2008 requiring a personal dentist to accompany her on all world tours.

The beautiful songbird is also said to have a rhinoplasty. While the rumor has yet to be confirmed, looking at her before and after photos, it does appear that her nose has been altered. She used to have a wider nose bridge and a bigger nose tip. After the procedure, her face has acquired harmonious features and her nose looks more refined and slimmer than before.

The Canadian singer is also rumored to have had multiple plastic surgeries on her face according to RadarOnline. The procedures have helped to level out the massiveness of the jaw and chin which has made her face feminine and harmonious. She had a fat and rounded face before, now she has a chiseled chin. She looks completely different when you compare her before and after photos. She possibly had fillers in her cheeks.

We could see even at her current age, she is still able to maintain her beautiful skin. Some might think that it is the result of good genes that she has, or does it really because of her doctors? We suspect that Celine gets plastic surgery for her skin which has nothing to do with her genes. She is in her mid-fifties, and we suspect that she gets Botox injections to cope with the effects of aging signs. We could clearly see the result in her facial skin, where she appears to have beautiful flawless skin even when she has to have some wrinkles.

Celine Dion's latest appearance. weightandskin.comCeline Dion’s latest appearance.
Image Source: Instagram

If there is Botox, then usually they also use a facelift. It seems people who took Botox will not satisfy yet if they do not take a facelift. Fans and experts say that Celine Dion also has a facelift and neck lift to get rid of saggy skin. We can see that there are no fine lines or wrinkles at all around her forehead and neck. The singer has also done eyelid surgery to eliminate her eye bag. Her eyes are free of wrinkles and look smooth and fresh.

On the other hand, it should be noted that experts agree that all of Celine Dion’s plastic surgeries were flawlessly performed; they only harmonized the overall impression of her face, without erasing her uniqueness, recognition, and facial expressions.